Monday, December 3, 2012

Kurt Hofmann: CSGV again endorses government's 'nuclear option' against American citizens

Nuking the American people to achieve collectivist goals.


Badger said...

CSGV... ok, it was pointed out to me by a sage individual that the medulla allows people to breathe without actually thinking. Next.

Let's continue moving on, and embrace the Rudyard Kipling Memorial Hedge Fund (see "Bulk Ammo").

Nice pick on that one. ;)

Anonymous said...

In the 19th century the Do-gooders said that doing away with drugs and booze would end crime forever. Insted it gave us a 90 year long "war on drugs" (anti-drug laws were writen by the same people who wrote the Bolstead Act). Do-gooders(liberals) never learn-'cause they CAN'T! The only thing we can do is kill them before they kill us. And if given the chance they will kill us "for our own good". They did this in the late 19th century(sex laws) the early 20th century (drug/booze laws) The 30's (guns, money right to work/forced unions) And the endless control freak crap from the 60's till now. Do- gooders Belive that they and only they ,can EVER be right. Call them Nazis or Communist, Democrat ,Republican or What ever else suits you. Its allways the same Idea; that they are right you are wrong, and If you refuse to "see the light " you must be wiped from the earth

William Flatt said...

Leviathan lovers once again showing their anti-Americanism and hatred of us all. Unless they plan to kill ALL of us in ONE pre-emptive strike, they're gonna later wish they hadn't opened Pandora's box of whoopass.

Paul X said...

"Hmm--"nuclear weapons"? Whitlock is apparently claiming that if resistance to the government's edicts ever becomes strong enough, government officials--the ostensible servants of the people--would resort to nuclear genocide to hold onto their power--and he apparently has no problem with that."

I'm not one to defend gun banners normally, but this is dishonest reporting. Saying "The government probably would nuke the people," is far different than saying "I hope the government nukes the people."

Come on, folks, we are better than that. We should not use the same lying tactics our opponents use.