Thursday, December 6, 2012

Montana Outrage

Montana Courtroom Incident Proves Wild Fire Can Burn Twice.


Dakota said...

I see the "Writ Writers" are still at it. Talk about "BULLSHIT".

Anonymous said...

I see this Court room reaction by the Defendents friend's,becoming more common place and alot more wide spread and vociferous in other courtrooms and different venues,as the government statist's become more blatant in their unconstitutional action's and the people become more and more fed-up.

Anonymous said...

It may surprise some of you that many states required judges and politicians to sign their oath of office but they have not done so.

As in this case, no bond and no record of a sworn oath should make their position null and void.

A fitting (and very traditional Montana) way of dealing with this type of thing is to drag the bastards out of their (stolen) offices at the end of a rope!


Anonymous said...

Thanks. This kind of Court/gov corruption never ceases to amaze me. And the Tax courts and Judges are absolutely criminal, but here is one that completely shows how blatantly corrupt the Courts are.
But the attorney is astonishing. His handling of a citizen arrest of the District Attorney IN mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

Want to see unconscionable Judge and Court corruption? Look at these two links. You won't believe the blatant criminal and conspiratorial acts of all the Los Angeles county Judges. However, one man has found a way to sink the corrupt judicial system in Los Angelas. Unbelievable. I would submit..LA is about to go bankrupt once this man legally voids every single one of 450 Judges rulings. Simply astounding. But what is more astounding is the total blackout of this story by MSM. This says more than anything about how we are being deceived and controlled. And from digging deeper, it appears Google and Youtube are also co conspirators, as they have tried to remove these videos numerous no avail. This is why you need to see them.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching the carriers of the disease called progressivism spread the illness in what were onced viewed as bastions of freedom and independence like Montana for a while now. It makes me sick watching It's a spiritual disease that only has two cures: Jesus Christ or death. May they all experience the cure soon whichever it may be.

Anonymous said...

Outrage at the corruption in government cannot overcome it..because it is LEGAL. LEGAL CORRUPTION is real. Here is why. Read
Pat Hammer's comments at this site.

Absolutely astonishing. In the end, it confirms why..."I'll still get to vote" the only real answer. And they know it too. This is the REAL reason they want to abolish the Second Amendment. To keep the primary source of their corrupt power..the 11th Amendment. Sovereign Immunity from prosecution.
And this is WHY..NO ONE..ZERO..ZILCH NADA..will NEVER, EVER, EVER get "redress" from the government. The only redress is a bullet. PERIOD. I know it. You know it.

Anonymous said...

Mike..I don't know where else to put this. Came across this today. Seems like this happened before F&F was exposed by you. Don't know if it means anything, but maybe you can spot something.