Friday, December 7, 2012

Fast and Furious: Post-Election, Golden Parachutes Deployed

Still entangled with finishing Absolved, I have two observations on this.
First is, it ain't over yet according to my sources who may, or may not, be engaging in wishful thinking.
Second, we bought y'all essentially two years of disruption of the ATF and DOJ command structure where they were more interested in damage control than inflicting damage. I hope y'all used it wisely.


drjim said...

And I thank you for those two years!

SWIFT said...

Yes, thank you. Like all of my roller coaster rides, they end on the down side. No one's fault except the gutless, corrupt, limp-wristed turds in Washington.

Anonymous said...

I second that Thank You!

Anonymous said...

As much as my budget and the economy would let me.
Thank you.

B Woodman

pdxr13 said...

2 years when I was able to tell everyone who would listen that Eric Holder and the POTUS were aware of official complicity in arming Mexican 4GW narco-thugs. Tell early and tell often, adding detail as they become common knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Yes Mike, we did.
Many thanks for the additional prep-time.