Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another country heard from. "We will bury you!" Refreshing honesty: A collectivist declares his intentions.

"We will bury you!" (Russian: "Мы вас похороним!") -- Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev while addressing Western ambassadors at a reception at the Polish embassy in Moscow on November 18, 1956.
A murder-intent collectivist comments on "Solving" mass shootings by starting a civil war.
Anonymous said...
BY ALL MEANS, let's have your 'civil war,' so your tiny 3% can be plowed into the soil and we can civilize this country. We are much more eager for it than you are, you criminal, because we know we will bury you.
December 16, 2012 6:47 PM
Of course, he's an anonymous collectivist thug/coward, even if an honest one.


Sedition said...

Then light the candles and let's get this party started, twinkle-toes. Wake the sleeping giant and you'll find out just how eager we are.

Trinity said...

Actually, we now know that the journalists of that time reported this speech by Khrushchev incorrectly. What he actually said was, "We will Barry you..." While the end result is fairly consistent with "bury" you, this proper form of the word "Barry" denotes just how cruel the communists can be -- worse that a death by 1,000 cuts...

Happy D said...

All they have to do is start it.

Anonymous said...

LMAO...what are you going to do with it after you get it? Another California? Michigan? Atlanta? Cleveland? Detroit? Chicago?
History is full with your failures, you've proven everywhere its been tried socialists can run shit, ever! So again, I have to want it, you think you've won it, now, what are going to do with it after you get it?
Sue us to support your failed states? Cities? Schools? Military? Law Enforcement?
What are you going to do with it? The answer is simple, really...what you've done with it everywhere its been tried....FAIL!
Then, when you DO fail, and you most certainly WILL fail, you'll come crawling to us to dig you out of the mess you've once again dug yourselves into, but only this time, there's a difference...your Dear Leader has hidden the 5,000,000 shovels e're going to need so your simply shit out of luck!

Pat H. said...

All of Ireland is the same approximate size and population as my home state of South Carolina.

There, in the even smaller area of Northern Ireland, from approximately 1969 to 1994, a group of freedom fighters that numbered about the same as the average little league baseball game attendees kept the best military units the British government could field at bay, even smuggling in Rocket Powered Grenades (RPGs) and ground to air guided missiles to fight with.

In the entire United States there are from 100 million to 120 million gun owners, if even 1% of them resisted gun confiscation, much less 3%, that would present an untenable number to the US government. The US government would have to field an army of at least 25 million to fight them, keeping in mind that during World War Two, only 12 million were in uniform, that presents an enormous outlay of manpower, and a cash outlay that the US government cannot create.

So, Anonymous 6:47, your "killing of us all" won't last for even one second because it will never begin at all.

As to the "conversation about guns" meme we've been hearing, there's this.

We're done talking about guns with the Gun Confiscation Lobby. We're talking with our state legislatures about removal of all restrictions on firearms access, making guns for sale only within a state to eliminate the US government's tenuous authority over guns, and a plethora of other enhancements to our arms access. Essentially, all US government rules and regulations concerning guns will go away.

We're carrying the fight to state politicians who will not withstand our pressures.

Count on it.

My Little Armalite

Eleutherius said...

What's this "we" shit? It's a pretty safe bet this limp noodle actually means "they", that is, what he imagines to be some monolithic lefty horde of LEOs and soldiers he hopes will do his bidding. But what if it ain't so?

If he IS actually speaking in the first person plural, I think I may have seen his unit training in the woods the other day. I snapped a photo to pass on to the authorities:

Ed said...

"Мы вас похороним!"

A slight mistranslation there, as he was commenting on what the current situation was, not what will be.

"Мы" = We
"вас" = to you
[are] is implied, as the present tense of "is" or "are" in Russian is left unstated.
"похороним" = undertakers, providers of funeral services or burials.

So a literal translation is "We are gravediggers to you" and a better translation would be "We are the ones who will outlive and outlast you!"

Sounds like Doomsday Preppers to me.

Anonymous said...

Taking bets on when it starts?

Soon as Gentleman Johnny caves to the Occupying Regime and passes the bans, blood will be shed on this land.

Anonymous said...

Always ask for a name and address and tell them it is for future reference - the first place to visit OR better still to put up at the SuperMarket notice board to inform all the criminals where to go unmolested!

bondmen said...

These are the same girls Mike that would help usher in a communist government or an Islamic caliphate and shariah law thinking they'd enjoy the spoils of domination and power in the new regime only to wake up very early one morning and see long knives filleting them in their beds or a bullet just outside the door on the way to the victory rally. They are naive about who it is they support and promote and think they're part of the gang! LOL. Yet they can be counted upon to do some small part to aid tyranny in the beginning. Useful idiots and dupes they are in mass only to be led the the slaughter when the real power boys get serious. They have absolutely NO IDEA what they're really in for.

SWIFT said...

What? Has the Left finally started to purchase firearms? How else can you bury us? Certainly you'll never win by talking me to death. If you try that, be careful that I don't get bored, as I will shut your pie hole with a bullet.

On another note, I see the MSM is attacking Mrs. Lanza for being a prepper. Those evil preppers just had to be thrown into the mix.

Anonymous said...

Years ago there was a very good PBS series called "Connections". In one episode they followed a chain of connections that showed that the with of a Shuttle's SRB was determined by the width of two Horse's "posteriors".

At the last meeting of the SDS that Bill Ayers was allowed to attend he advocated that the SDS make plans to become more violent. His argument was that until American families saw their children murdered in a similar fashion to South Vietnamese children being murdered by American forces, they would never truly understand the Vietnam War or support SDS's effort to get the fighting stopped. His suggection was that SDS begin targeted bombings of American elementary schools. The short story is that, as a result of the horror felt by the rest the organization at his suggestion, his faction was expelled from SDS and and went on to form Weather Underground. Needless to say Mr. Ayers didn't get to commit his chain of school bombings. If he had, this week's shootings in Newtown, CT. would not have made anywhere near the impact on the public that they have.

Fast foreward a few years and you find Barak Obama starting his first political campaign event: a fundraiser in the living room of... Bill Ayers.


Is there any connection between the current POTUS and a former bomb throwing anarchist who advocated the murder of American school children and the internment of 25 million Americans in re-education camps?

Of course there is.

What is that connection? And does it shed any light on things like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, or recent mass shootings in America?

I don't know. And it's for sure the press isn't going to find it for us if it does exist.

Such a connection certainly wouldn't be any harder to believe than the connection between an SRB and the width of two horses' butts.

Maddawg308 said...

Hey Anonymous 6:47, you know how hard it is to find out who you are and what your address is, by hacking your IP address that logged the comment?

Not hard at all.

Just sayin'.

AJ said...

What I want to know, and the MSM isn't saying, is who actually shot and stopped the killer in the Connecticut incident? A teacher? A parent?
The local news let slip that he was stopped before he could complete his plan, but never did elaborate. If an armed teacher or parent stopped the shooter, that certainly will not play well with the victim disarmament narrative.

Anonymous said...

BHO would have tried something last term if his botched false flag operation had not been uncovered by Mike and others. Now is the crisis which they will not let go to waste, and they may have the support for it after this tragedy. Funny how they fail to mention that the AWB didn't stop Columbine, or that the most lethal mass murder in a school in the US was committed with a bomb.

Anonymous said...

Happy D said...

All they have to do is start it.
December 16, 2012 8:02 PM

Maybe you were napping. They have already "started" it.

Perhaps you can hear their laughter as the re-install their leader after stealing the election from a bunch of"OWNED" republicans.

J. Croft said...

Someday this vast herd of coddled, addled sheep are going to quake in terror they couldn't imagine.


Because when we march through their enclaves after their thug protectors have been systematically and happily exterminated they will know...

...that they bet on the wrong horse? Yeah, but it will be much more. That all the ratting out of people with hunting rifles, the marching in lockstep with tyranny so they can feel cozy while sipping on 20 buck lattes while getting felt up by another gay dude or... butch... that their systematic betrayal of what being an American is, destroying Our America-that's all going to be paid back.

Perhaps the worst payback for such adult children will be that they will know what Freedom is. Yeah, responsibility's a bitch, the sister of Karma.

Joel said...

"We will bury you."

By "we," I presume he means "a bunch of heavily-armed tax-eaters - who are not me - will bury you."

Anonymous said...

J. Croft sounds like he's desperately in the closest.

Anonymous said...

As a child I never forgot the headlines from that speech and it has stuck with me all my life. I was 5. It was because of that speech and that bald asshole that I refused to give 1 cent to the UN charity with the milk containers.. they scared the bejesus out of me, when the teacher asked my why I wouldnt give even a penny to help the poor europeans I told her "Communists!" and quickly got marched down to the principles office.. she was a beatnick.. that was my first taste of the insurgency into our educational system and I have watched it get worse all my life.

Today we have those communist seeds planted by the likes of Kruschev and his NKVD and KGB in unions and universities running the nation calling themselves Americans, progressives, liberals and a few other names like third wayers.. what this all boils down to is they are not about gun control they are about domination control and tyranny and if we dont stop the slimy bastards now we condemn our children to live as their slaves forever.. forever because there wont be anyone like what we used to be to help us out... we will all be in the shit together..pissing and whining.

Thats not the heritage I want to leave my children.. not at any cost.
These scum are now playing their hand that will either get them a nation of serfs or put them back 50 years.. If our fellow citizens refuse to stand with us they are no longer Americans, there can be no undecideds or fence sitters.. if they send out the union mutts to push the issue they must be shut down, if they send their enforcers they must be stopped too. We have nothing left to lose if we lose this.
Decide now where you stand because when it comes you wont have time.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

BY ALL MEANS, let's have your 'civil war,' so your tiny 3% can be plowed into the soil and we can civilize this country. We are much more eager for it than you are, you criminal, because we know we will bury you.

Who, exactly, is "we"? That's not a rhetorical question, I want a legitimate answer.

I also like how this bedwetter is "eager" for my extermination. We're the violent crazies though, right?

Eager. Eager. I doubt that very, very much sweetheart. You're going to not feel so eager when your understand the real capacity for human violence in a war for existential survival.

J. Travis said...

Funny thing about the collectivists...
(don't EVER call them "progressives"!

After they steal an election, they manage to delude themselves into thinking they REALLY have the majority opinion on their side.

They will believe this til the moment the chair is kicked from under their feet.

J. Travis said...

It's the new CIVILITY!

Anonymous said...

Let's hear more about your fantasies of gay guys feeling each other up in the coffee shop, J. Croft. Is that you, Ted Haggard?