Sunday, December 16, 2012

69th anniversary of the private war of Eric Fisher Wood.

One hell of an American Army officer.
MBV: Consider the difference one indomitable man made in this battle --
The three guns he saved (the only ones of his division that made it out) were critical in the "Battle for Parker's Crossroads," a delaying action on the northern shoulder of the Bulge that allowed the 82nd Airborne and other units to defend the Elsenborn Ridge. Unable to break out to the north or the south, the Germans were channeled into the delaying actions at St. Vith and Bastogne. With the holding of the shoulders, the German offensive was doomed.
Second, we can only speculate what effect his little guerrilla war had on German logistics, but if the Belgian witnesses are correct, it was enough to make Sepp Dietrich half-crazy with frustration. Of course, it was poor logistics that, as much as being channeled between the shoulders, was the reason the offensive failed.
Finally, there is the butcher's bill reckoning of the effectiveness of a soldier. How many Germans did he kill before he went down outside Meyerode? Whatever it was, it was a uneven trade for the Germans.
So take a few moments and ponder the incredible fight and sacrifice of Lt. Eric Fisher Wood, Jr. His story is an American inspiration for the ages. We are coming into another dark moment of American history. Let us hope the next Eric Woods are getting ready for the fight.


Anonymous said...

Very ready. I hope to survive it, though I do not expect to. I am prepared to sacrifice everthing I am, was or could be in defense of our Great Republic.

Anonymous said...

The sobering truth that MUST be recognized is the cost this man paid. I get a sick feeling in my stomach when I am honest about how I feel about me making the same sacrifice.