Monday, February 6, 2012

Southern Preposterous Lie Center has a new employee, and they gave him an assignment: me. He wants me to provide them material to twist into lies. My polite reply.

-----Original Message-----
From: Bill Morlin
To: Mike Vanderboegh
Sent: Mon, Feb 6, 2012 2:06 pm
Subject: requesting comment
Mike Vanderboegh:
I'm a freelance journalist, currently doing magazine work for Southern Poverty Law Center's "Hatewatch" news blog and "Intelligence Report" magazine. My current assignment is to write a half-dozen. 400-word profiles, including one on you, for the IR magazine.
Obviously I can find a lot about you on the Internet, but would like to extend this opportunity for you to say something about yourself -- what you represent and what you don't represent, some biographical background, place of birth, military experience, college, work experiences, political-religious philosophy, etc..
I'd also like to hear your thoughts on your novel "Absolved." Is it becoming the new "Turner Dairies" for the extremist movement and was that your intention in writing it?
Thanks for your time in responding to this request.
- Bill Morlin
So I wrote back:
Morlin. You used to work for a Washington state newspaper, right?
He replied:
Right. 37 years at The Spokesman-Review; now semi-retired. I think I may have spoken with you on the phone at some point. Covered Aryan Nations, Ruby Ridge, MT Freeman, militia movement, etc. etc. Now doing freelance work.
- Bill
So, I told him what I thought of him and his new boss:
Yeah, I remember you. From what I remember of your work, SPLC is a good fit for you.
Well, I'll tell you what. You get Morris Dees to confess publicly how much he knew about the OKC bombing in advance from his snitch inside Elohim City . . . and I'll give you my bio. But until then, you lyin' sacks of shit can do enough collectivist propaganda conflation on your own without my help. Hell, maybe you can screw up enough by yourself so I can sue you for your PATCON lies. Take yer "Narrative of 1995" and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. I'll stack my proven anti-Nazi credentials against any of you tyranny apologists any day of the week.
Now, piss off.
Mike Vanderboegh


TL671 said...

Come on Mike, what do you really think about him, and his employer? I feel you were holding something back.

Carteach0 said...

Well said. Sometimes crude is the perfect path to follow.

Cropduster said...

I wish you'd quit beating around the bush, and just say how you really feel!!!

greenmeanie said...

Good job Mike! We get their free rag in my office (fed law enforcement). It makes great reading in the crapper. I'd wipe with the pages but they aren't soft enuff!

J. B. said...

Mike, You sir make me proud to be an unapologetic American.


Anonymous said...

A bit subtle, don't you think?

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a money machine for Dees. He has to keep "finding" racism to maintain his luxury life style.

MAJ Mike

Anonymous said...

That was a fitting way to deal with the little shit.


Bushwack said...

I think the SPLC is a group who
Can'tmake up their mind on who to
Stand with.
Thepeople they go after are often
Communistsympathizers and Nazi
Lovingpolitical ideologues. The
Moronswithin the democrat party are
atthe very least complicit in
theconspiracy's that the
SPLC is supposedly going after...

(The above comment is in code) LOL

bondmen said...

I'm hitting the tip jar for your fantastic response to that new urnalist reporting on behalf of that sexual pervert running SPLC who's accumulated well over $80,000,000 in contributions from rich liberals across the country. What a collection of offensive and repugnant human offal that is in Atlanta. I'd like to help fund your law suit when they finish fabricating a new libelous or slanderous smear.

ParaPacem said...

To quote a line from Braveheart, I'd say that was rather less cordial than he was expecting...

SWIFT said...

Bill Morlin sure got some crust! The way he worded his request for an "interview", would have had me instantly telling him to bugger-off. Of course, being affiliated with the SPLC, he may have thought that a novel idea. Now that the SPLC is attached at the hip to the Homies and FBI, I find more truth than ever in the old saw: Snakes of a feather, bugger together.

WarriorClass said...

That's why I love you brother!


Anonymous said...

Maybe off topic....

Maybe not.....

Anonymous said...

That's good stuff, right there. Meanwhile - FBI Warning of Growing Threat of Anti-Govt Extremists. Convictions have skyrocketed from 10 in 2009 to 18 EACH in 2010 & 2011!

parabarbarian said...

Lice, cockroaches, digger wasps... I am not sure there is an insect analogy that quite captures the the depth of the viciousness and iniquity so characteristic of the SPLC. Dung beetles, maybe.

Anonymous said...

I'd say you were being unduly charitable with him,Mike...the Socialist Pissant Lame-o Center is a skid mark on the jockey shorts of life

Robbins Mitchell

Anonymous said...

"Amen Brother", Now pass the ammunition please.

Dedicated_Dad said...

That's what we LOVE about you, Mikey -- your gentle spirit, effortless kindness and boundless love and understanding for even the most misguided among your fellow man!


Personally, I love your unmatched ability to call a spade a spade and spit in his eye while you're doing it.

Anyone who hasn't seen Ann Barnhardt's bit on "nice" REALLY needs to watch it -- see

Keep on keepin' on, Mikey - we need another MILLION JUST LIKE YOU!

God bless!


eddymatthews said...

The absolute highlight of my day!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding,Mr. V! Stick it to 'em any way you can. Please, sir, do NOT let up on your pursuit of the truth regarding F&F! MANY people are watching and reading your relentless pursuit of JUSTICE on this matter. Don't let up and do not tire! YOUR EFFORTS ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE AND WE SUPPORT YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

Like Mike or not you have to admit the man has style. 8^)

Da Curly Wolf said...

Oh my.....ROFL...that was fun to read Mike.

Anonymous said...

You go boy! Wonder if he's wettin' his twisted panties yet. Call 'em how you see 'em

WarriorClass said...

Off comment, but please indulge:

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Thanks and shalom.


Anonymous said...

I love it! Tear em a new one Mike.

oldfart said...

Aw, c'mon Mike, why beat around the bush like that. Go ahead and tell him what you really think of him and his "employer."

Anonymous said...

Bravo, sir!

You've nailed them perfectly.

aughtsix said...

That's giving it to him, Mike!!!

Bastards need to hear the truth and defiance of their echo chamber dissonance even if they can't rub two functioning synapses together.

Maybe some of their misguided readers will get a hint of Clue.

As ever, Good On You, Mike.


psychic wv: edsight


what you just gave the cretin.

Anonymous said...


Got to thinking, as you know I'm sure the SPLC is a wholely owned Sub Chapter "C" Corp. "C" for Commie part of the Democrat Party.

More likely that question was direct from the DOJ and worded by Holder and his top staff.

Be careful you do not give them a law tool to use on you.

This bunch will have a tire iron behind their back, be careful

Jensko said...

Wow! Great response Mike.

Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger said...

Those clowns never learn, do they?

Hey, Mike, if he wants "anti-government" novels, tell him to buy my Net Assets and Bargaining Position (he'll love the "IRS Memorial Crater") and tell 'im to interview me. I can use the PR. And the couple of sales.

True Spence said...

Gosh Mike! You really need to stop beating around the bush and tell people how you feel.

Thanks for the chuckle!

Anonymous said...

So when are gonna give them the "NASTY" reply?

tsiya said...

Reporting facts is hate now, it's frowned upon!
They won't be able to challenge you on facts so they'll just have to play one of their favorite "hate" cards.

Bad Cyborg said...

I read Morlin's original e-mail to my wife. She agreed with me that Morlin has one shitload of gall.

After I read your "polite reply" she quipped "But what does he REALLY think?" ;-)

Max Friedman said...

Mike: Now tell us how you really feel about this SPLC slime-slug?

Don't hold back. Let it all out baby.

I love a good rant that cuts the balls off the target, esp. those of a leftist. However, he was at least professional polite to notify you that he was going to write a smear piece on you.

I once made Group Research's newsletter. They actually got the one sentence correct.

Oh the horror of it all!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he cried when he got that note?

Anonymous said...

Best laugh I have had all day, excellent!!

Anonymous said...

Folks like Bill Morlin are akin to ghost hunters and Sasquatch hunters. To them, there's a ghost in every dark room and a Sasquatch behind every overgrown bush. Except with Mr. Morlin, there's an insidious right-wing "Aryan" conspiracy afoot to destroy anyone darker than chalk. And naturally, it just happens to be Mr. Morlin's calling in life to make sure that doesn't happen. His latest gem of evidence of the coming Aryan Invasion consisted of an errant noose found in Wisconsin tied as a prank. (Liberal sensibilities dictate that this one has "Pulitzer" written all over it.)
Mike, you shouldn't have replied at all to him. His delusionally driven sense of worth and importance in this world guarantee that nothing you say to him matters - all that matters is what he imagines you must be saying "between the lines" - which will always be what he desires it to be, regardless.

RegT said...


Next time, tell him how you _really_ feel :-)

Good reply. Succinct, pithy, and direct.

Leonard M. Urban said...

Perhaps we should mail a shoe to this gentleman and his illegal-alien-in-chief on the whitehouse...

Anonymous said...

Loved your reply! LOVED IT.

Anonymous said...

:iceburn: i doubt this fool thought you would even remember, what with the selective and revisionist memories of the LIEberal

Mt Top Patriot said...

Right on Mr. Mike!

Lyin' sacks o shit is most descriptive.
But Tyranny apologists takes the cake.

Thanks for putting into words so succinctly what these traitors need to hear every day every hour.

Bob said...

Did he really misspell "Diaries" as "Dairies?" I wonder if his fact-checking is as careful as his spell-checking is?

Torque said...

Well, that was a good release. Only to find a way to send off many a Politico in D.C. with that style of blessing.



Anonymous said...

Gee, why don't you tell him how you really feel.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, the SPLC doesn’t give a Rat’s rear end about President Barack (Downgrade) O’Commie’s funneling of weapon’s to the Criminals in old Mexico and the resulting deaths thereof?

Anonymous said...

Black Pastors Confront Southern Poverty Law Center for Smearing as ‘Hate Groups’ Pro-Family Organizations Opposed to Homosexual Agenda

Anonymous said...

Great Response.

I wonder, did you consider having the "journalist" submit his specific questions shits and giggles? Could have been similar to toying with the Nigerian scam artists. I'm thinking you did consider this tactic and decided that your time was too valuable for frivolity. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

photos of Morris Dees's mansion in Montgomery Advertiser, March 2010:

Pat H. said...

In addition to generating a lavish life style for the depraved, dissipated Morris Seligman Dees; the organization is on the payroll of the US government to gin up agitprop for every collectivist program conceived by progressive/fascists.

Anyone may read more in the article in Harper\'s Magazine.

Tobias said...

As an aquaintance of a friend of Mr. Morlin I say cut him a lIttle slack. He's just an old news guy recently retired and looking for a little spending money.(early retirement package) He wasn't a bad journalist back in the day (google Spokane mayor Jim West). I think I would have made it a little clearer that the SPLC was the real problem and ask him about who he was getting his 30 pieces of silver from. Funny thing is that he has the skills that 15 years ago he might have been helpful getting the fast and furious story out.

I really did like your response though.

Happy D said...

You sweet talkin example of eloquence.

National Help Center Law Group said...

Wow, great article, I really appreciate your thought process and having it explained properly, thank you!

Anonymous said...