Thursday, February 9, 2012

My son is deploying to Afghanistan shortly, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to read this.

Truth, lies and Afghanistan.


Wolve Rine said...

Sorry to hear that, best wishes to you and yours.
I thought you recently posted that your son had just returned from
that thankless duty.

Dutchman6 said...

No, Matt has done three tours of Iraq, 2 with the 101st ABN (invasion and surge) and the last one with 1st Armored. This will be his first of Afghanistan.

Hefferman said...

I will be praying for Matt, and the men in his unit.
May God, keep them safe.

We the people... said...

Godspeed to him.

rumplestiltskin said...

Some things just never change. Same news, different timeline. I remember much of the same about Vietnam many, many years ago.

Anonymous said...

“Also, when a Taliban member is arrested, he is soon released with no action taken against him."

Compare and contrast: When a gangsta from teh Crips or teh Bloods is arrested, he is soon released with no action taken against him.

Look, everybody! We aren't only giving guns to the Zetas, we are exporting U.S. "revolving door" justice to the Taliban, too.

At the risk of sounding like a paulbot, I propose that we bring our troops home now, deploy them along our southern border and equip them with the armaments presently being given to the Mexican drug cartel.


Pat H. said...

Your son has all the training he needs to be a patriotic American, now he needs to leave the Yankee Empire's army and return home to raise his son.

That's the most important thing he will ever do.

Anonymous said...

It,s been about 2yrs now but I can hear that phone call like it was 2 minutes ago"Dad this place is nothing like Iraq was,this is a REAL war." You are both in our most sincere prayer,s.