Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"I stand by my sources." Dave Workman runs story denying Boehner involvement in slowing of Gunwalker investigation.

Attorney General Janet Reno appointed the Missouri Republican to investigate the April 19, 1993, government assault on the Branch Davidian compound after years of charges that the FBI fired on the Davidians, igniting tear gas. The raid has become a rallying point for militia groups and the alleged impetus for the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building by Timothy McVeigh.
"Government agents did not start the fire at Waco," Danforth said in releasing his preliminary findings. He also concluded there was no misuse of the military and no cover-up.
"There was no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of Attorney General Reno, the present and former director of the FBI, other high officials of the United States," Danforth said.
"The Davidians set their place on fire. They spread fuel. They set it on fire," he said. "The other thing that happened was that they began shooting their own, including children. Five children were shot to death in the head, execution. One child under the age of four was stabbed to death."
In answer to a question, Danforth said his investigation placed the blame for the Waco tragedy "squarely" on the shoulders of Koresh and his followers, who refused to surrender.
He said the Davidians resisted a legitimate arrest warrant with gunfire and refused for 51 days to surrender to the FBI, setting the stage for the tear gas assault by federal agents.
Deputy Assistant Attorney General Eric Holder issued a statement praising the report on behalf of the Justice Department. Holder directly supervises the FBI as part of his duties.
"We are pleased that Senator Danforth has determined that the responsibility for the tragedy at Waco rests with the Branch Davidians, not the government. It is a finding entirely consistent with the decision rendered by a jury in Waco just last week," Holder said.
"Today's independent review sheds further light on the truth, and discredits many of the unsubstantiated allegations that have skewed the public's perception of the events of April 19, 1993. The events at Waco led to the deaths of at least 80 Davidians and four ATF agents. We join Senator Danforth in wishing that this report begins the process of restoring the faith of the people in their government."
"I believe this woman. Why would she lie?"
Dave Workman writes: "Issa spokesperson denies Fast & Furious ‘sell-out’ rumor."
Allegations floating around the Internet that a “sell-out” on Operation Fast and Furious is being engineered were flatly denied Monday exclusively to this column by a spokesperson for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.
The allegation, which appears to have been repeated by at least two different internet blogs, is that House Speaker John Boehner has hampered the congressional Fast and Furious probe, and that some kind of deal has been cut to derail or at least slow down the investigation.
Becca Watkins, press secretary to the House Committee, chaired by Congressman Darrell Issa, told this column via e-mail:
The Republican leadership has been supportive of the Operation Fast and Furious investigation since its inception. There is no truth to these rumors that the speaker or anyone in leadership is hampering Oversight or (Sen. Charles) Grassley’s investigation. . .
This morning’s Outdoor Wire by Jim Shepherd even carried a reference to the controversy, which apparently started with a column at Sipsey Street Irregulars by Mike Vanderboegh, one of the two people responsible for unearthing the Fast and Furious controversy more than a year ago. However, apparently without contacting Vanderboegh, the Western Center for Journalism and Coach Is Right picked up the story and added their spin.
For his part, Vanderboegh contacted this column late Monday afternoon and stated simply, "I stand by my sources."
Workman spends the rest of the article arguing that: "It's a little late in the game for Boehner or anyone else to effectively side-track the Fast and Furious locomotive. That train has left the station. Do the math. Boehner and Issa would have everything to lose and nothing to gain by selling out the investigation of a scandal against which Watergate pales in comparison, and not just for the fact that nobody was killed as a result of Watergate."
As I emailed Workman last night: "(W)hether it is, or is not, worth the risk depends entirely upon what they get for it in return. This has happened before you know. Cf. Danforth and the Waco cover-up. Just ask David Hardy."
The history of GOP handmaidens to the cover-up of Democrat administration crimes is lengthy and indisputable and no one -- NO ONE -- has ever paid a political price for such craven and cowardly log-rolling. From Ruby Ridge to Waco to Oklahoma City, so-called "Republicans" have assisted in deflecting the search for the truth, with Danforth merely being the most stellar example. I am not responsible for others who take my stories and rewrite them with their own spin. I am responsible for what I write. As I told Workman, I stand by my sources. I still do.


Anonymous said...

While examining motivation is a good thing, the key is what demonstrated actions are being taken. Workman's questions are fine but they don't prove anything and he doesn't know the answers.

Anonymous said...

"Do the math. Boehner and Issa would have everything to lose and nothing to gain by selling out the investigation of a scandal against which Watergate pales in comparison, and not just for the fact that nobody was killed as a result of Watergate."

First of all, I'm not a rocket scientist but you don't have to be to figure this out. It is pretty obvious what the facts are although we don't YET, have video and audio confessions, not that they would ever be shown by the worthless, corrupt, Marxist media.

Who knows what will be gained or lost in this situation because we KNOW that these people will blackmail, or at least threaten to blackmail anyone, including politicians who get in their way. They, or someone, seem to have no trouble at all figuring out when and where any politician, including democrats, accidentally boned their last 4 secretaries and always manage to have proof. This is how they keep everybody on the plantation. I would call that a gain because it is of great value once you've lost control of that type of information, or maybe there is money involved. We are talking about politicians here.

As for Agents Terry and Zapata as well as all the Mexican and or other nationals, they are the broken eggs of the omelet, as will we become if we get in the way or don't move fast enough to get out of the way. These people mean to have what they want and killing people to get it is simply incidental to that activity.

While we're at it, there is one other issue and that would be, if some of the party leadership, supposedly on our side, was actually a member of the other side...
Either way the control apparatus exists.

rdf67 said...

I will never forget the FBI guy with the microphone. As the tank pierced the side of the wooden fortress, with the first flicker of flame, he announced to everyone watching in horror, "They are setting themselves on fire." I had said earlier, watching the flags stretched out by the wind, "If anything catches on fire, they will never put it out." And so, on a day they should have stood down, they attacked. The fire was inevitable with that horrible, murderous decision. By placing the blame on the Davidians, the decision to attack was forever made blameless. And that decision came from DC - and if I am not mistaken - the point man, Eric Holder. Janet Reno took the heat like a good puppy dog - but the guy who said go had to be none other.

Anonymous said...

Boehner has to walk a fine line. Sure, he'd love to sink Holder, but not at the expense of weakening the government.

Look at it this way - one remora might try to push another off the side of the shark, but not if it risks hurting the source of all the delicious scraps it depends on for sustenance.

Ashrak said...

This from the same cat who endlessly wrote "bothced" in article after article after article....

Yeah, he was wrong about that too.

The proof is in the pudding. The Silent Speaker has indeed been silent. He certainly wasn't the train conductor screaming "All aboard!"

And history proves that beyond any legitimate doubt.

Now, wehn it comes to Republicans covering things up, they do so not just to cover Democrat behinds, they do it to cover their own and both as well. An example of covering both? 9-11.

Establishment Republicans don't even have the courage to say out loud what the base cause of that attack was. Islamic Zealotry. Religion of peace my hind end. Religion of pieces.

Hezballah. Southern Border.

I eagerly await Workman's lengthy pieces demonstrating all the leadership of The Silent Speaker. I look forward to the spelling out of just how he led the way exposing The GuWalker Scandal and holding accountable the guilty who perpetrated it. That we haven't seen that yet must mean he needed more space, maybe he is writing a book..... uh huh. Ri-iight.

Mt Top Patriot said...

So...is it me, or are courageous writers in the new media right in putting forth the facts that add up to a whole lot of truth, that my government, in particular the many self interested political power brokers who infest it, do more in one day to cover up their "high crimes and misdemeanors" than they do to fulfill and uphold the oaths of office and trust placed upon them, over their entire careers, by the very people that is their job to do whatever it takes to protect?

So am I a fucking idiot, or is there a clear and present pattern of treason and felony?

I mean to hear these handmaidens of the ludicrous, from "the potus" to the lap dog press, there is nothing but angels and Lilly white innocent men and woman who dedicate their entire beings to upholding the rule of law equally across the entire sphere of our great nation.

It's like a chorus of "Not Me's!"

Not Me!
Not Me!
It's not Me!
Not Me Either!

Nobody did a single thing wrong at Waco? Nobody did nothing wrong at Ruby Ridge? Not a single person violated their solemn oaths over the entire tragedy of Oklahoma City?
In the countless events of tyranny involving one American here and one there, over the last 3 decades beginning with the Clintonista's, leading up to Gunwalker, the same cast of sleazy characters keeps appearing, from Holder's henchmen, Hillary's apparatchiks, to obama's shadow government, the same meme and narrative keeps recurring, the only difference is the intensity and gross violation of the rule of law increases and escalates with every passing day.

Again, am I a total fucking moron, or is there a pattern here?

It is one or the other. There is no middle ground in all this. It is not coincidence, or happenstance, fate or karma. It is absolute cold blooded calculation of usurpation of power and the wealth that comes with that power.
It is now at the point where outright murder is justifiable as a means. How much longer before, in order to cover up the uncover-able, how much longer till the disappearances and murder begins wholesale of Americans?
Its a totally pertinent question!
This is one crazy assed group of very bad demented people in control of a system of tyranny completely out of control. A system of corruption of every more and principle known to man. So corrupt, it is unfathomable to suppose that this system of tyranny will stop. Stop at nothing to achieve its agenda.

Anonymous said...

Mt Top,

You are a moron. But it sure sounds like you noticed the same things that the rest of us morons did. The media are a bunch of morons too because they noticed the same things we did but being morons, they didn't know what to do with the information. The government is FULL of morons but they keep pumping out crap information that the rest of us morons KNOW, isn't true but the morons in the media, pretend it is.

So on the moron scale, I'd say we are some kind of royalty because we don't even pretend to believe any of it, or any of them, anymore.

Anonymous said...

Their party labels are meaningless,these cocksuckers all serve the same master.