Monday, February 6, 2012

An ex-federal law enforcement agent says other agencies stopped gun shipments linked to Operation Fast & Furious. When they questioned it, they were told Arizona's U.S. Attorney was aware of it.

Source: Gun Walking To Mexico Known Outside Of ATF.


SWIFT said...

Why now? Why didn't he come forward at an earlier stage? Or, did he? Did Issa's committee know about this former agent? Did they ignore his damning testimony against Burke? Did any of Issa's or Grassley's staffers talk to him? This murderous, ugly, illegal policy of gunwalking is the dirtiest scandal I can ever remember and I've seen a lot of 'em!

Millwright said...

WTF ?!!!

Seems like everyone in the USG - except USAG Holder and POTUS Obama knew what's going on !!! >Jeff

Anonymous said...

Why now? Why didn't he come forward at an earlier stage?--SWIFT

It was too risky. Did you notice what happened to Jay Dobyns? Retaliation against whistleblowers is routine and almost never punished.

Darren Gil was free to talk largely because he retired and similarly, it is most likely why Tony Coulson came forward at this time.


Longbow said...

My question is, where are they? Where are these agents all over Federal Law Imposement who knew it was a lie? Where are all these "really good guys" we keep hearing about. I hear almost NO NOISE coming from that arena. Just a handful out of hundreds who know the truth! DEA and other agencies were interdicting guns headed south, which shipments were facilitated by ATF and US Atty Burke, and they have said nothing until now?

The 90% mantra was being used to further an anti-constitution political agenda, and all those "really good guys" thought it was a joke?

Damn! I mean, just Damn! Are there really so few who were sincere when they took their oath? Things are much worse than I thought.