Monday, September 5, 2011

The Great Pinson Flood of 2011.

What a pain in the ass. Understand, we are not in a low area where I live, but my gutters are shot, my foundation has a crack in it and whenever we get these "once in a lifetimes," each one worse than the last, which so far has been about a dozen times since I moved here in 1986, my garage and basement office floods. There isn't a spare towel or blanket left in the house that isn't sopping wet and stacked up outside the washer waiting for processing. Carpet soaked in places but managed to avoid major damage to books. The local high school fared worse:

Heavy rainfall across the Birmingham area caused by Tropical Storm Lee will slow in the next few hours, but streets will likely remain flooded, the National Weather service reported at 8:30 p.m.

Between midnight and 8 p.m., the Birmingham Shuttlesworth-International Airport today received 6.69 inches of rain, washing away a record of 2.1 inches that was set on this day in 1949, according to the National Weather Service. . .

The auditorium of Pinson Valley High School collapsed tonight and three to five feet of rain is standing in the building, said Jefferson County schools spokeswoman Nez Calhoun. No one was injured. . .

The 7.85 inches of rain that fell today in Pinson shattered the 24 hour rainfall total record for the city, set back on March 19, 1970, said weather service meteorologist Jessica Talley

Funny thing. That auditorium was just finished last year at great expense. Brand spanking new and now, in a county that is -- thanks to corrupt politicians now wearing federal prison uniforms -- bankrupt but won't admit it, they'll have to rebuild it. Glad my daughters are out of it.

It'll take weeks to dry the basement out.

But, of course it could be worse. I'm counting my blessings.


Anonymous said...

Keep counting those blessings. And be thankful for the rain that helps make plants grow & be green.
It could be worse. You could be along the Texas coast where there's a severe drought.
Pray to God to send some of that wet their way, solve both ya'all's problems.

B Woodman

Mark Matis said...

This is all clearly the result of Global Arming. If the government would just confiscate all guns, except for those belonging to "Law Enforcement" or Unions, the bad weather would all disappear. See how simple the solution is?