Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Weekend in the Gunwalker Scandal, Bigger Week Ahead.

For those of you who read us at work and are just now sitting down to your computer after a long weekend, you've missed a lot. Let me recap:

David Codrea broke an incredibly important story: "Project Gangwalker?" More gunwalking -- in INDIANA! FBI manipulated NICS system in favor of felons, AGAIN! What did Traver know?

The Wall Street Journal broke a story that David and I were aware of and working on for a several days, but were constrained by sources to hold off until today: Phoenix Fast and Furious Improvised Mexican Grenade Case Blows Up in DOJ's Face. Trying to deflect blame, DOJ blames agents.

I issued a call for a Second Front in the Gunwalker Scandal: It is time to open a second front on the Gunwalker Scandal. "Nothing concentrates the mind so wonderfully as the prospect of being hung in morning."

Phoenix Assistant United States Attorney Emory Hurley is another designated goat of a DOJ desperate to deflect blame: AUSA Hurley about to be hurled under the bus too. The "Let's blame Phoenix for everything" meme of the cover-up continues.

The Friday "modified limited hangout" of the White House on the Newell-O'Reilly connection continues to reverberate: More on the White House's "modified limited email hangout." "Validating" precisely DICK. (And I don't mean Nixon.)

There are other stories, including Part 5 of my "Meetings" series and my tongue-in-cheek email to ATF bigwig Teresa Ficaretta, so enjoy at your leisure.

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Dave said...

Called and e-mailed Committee on Foreign Affairs. I hope my letter made sense. Mike- How about some bullet points about ITAR to help us write letters?