Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dems to Issa: Screw Gunwalker. That only involves hundreds of dead bodies. Investigate FOX instead!



Mickey Collins said...

Congress should investigate fedgov crimes.

Crimes committed outside of government should be investigated by law enforcement.

Torts should be decided in the civil court system after the victim files suit.

Ashrak said...

Issa got a good shot in about the Democrat controlled Senate. However, he could also, and more effectively imho, opined about how his Democratic colleagues in the House should press Barry and Eric and Hillary and and and and to release information they are stonewalling, so that the House oversight committee could continue on to other instances that need investigation, hearing and possible action.

He turned it on the Senate and its Democrat Majority well, but he missed an opportunity to turn it on to the Pres__ent as well.

TL671 said...

Mickey, cut that making sense stuff out. How do you expect the dems. to cover their golden child's ass if they didn't try to obfuscate the investigation process.