Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tampa Tribune: Federal gun investigations draw Congressional scrutiny. SSI: Tampa agents ready to come in from the cold.

Howard Altman's story here.

Mr. Altman and I chatted back and forth by email before he ran with this story. I cautioned him: "Don't get caught up in what is, or isn't, Castaway. That way lies obfuscation and confusion."

At ARFcom, Nolo Contendere, who does heroic work mirroring all the news reports of the growing Gunwalker Scandal writes:

To all the agents that are wrestling with what to do, whether to become a whistle-blower or whatnot.... do it. Come forward. WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER. If you want, I can get you in touch with the right people, or you can go straight to Grassley/Issa's committees yourself. Do not wait, do it now. You owe it to Brian Terry. Your higher-ups WILL turn on you, and you do NOT want to be carrying the water for these people.

These sentiments, or others like them, are being repeated to Tampa agents by a variety of means and our sources say that some are even now making arrangements to come in from the cold and speak to "competent authority."

One of my DC sources tells me: "The Tampa . . . (story) can break the whole thing wide open. They just discovered that this is a multi-front war and they don't have the reserves of plausible excuses to fight it. If it was in Tampa too, it was everywhere."

Right. Now we're just waiting for the street agents in Tampa to prove they have the integrity and guts of John Dodson.


Anonymous said...

The "Tampa Too" defense...can't wait to see the DEAFBIbATFetc and their bosses try to weasel out of this.

Like most predators, they are at their deadliest when backed into a corner.


Anonymous said...

It is everywhere. It is not going to stop until the people or 3% thereof, stop it. Smile and say cheese for the nice officer as he take your picture with his FR software app on his brand new Obama IPHONE.

Ohhhh, they've got plans for us and our children....

Freedom? You don't need that anymore. You've got them!

burbanite said...

David and Mike, ARFCOM has your back...together we can 87 these guys. That's one better than being 86'd...

Mark Matis said...

To that I would add:
Members of the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, the Orange County Sheriff's Office, the Osceola County Sheriff's Office, and the Miami-Dade Police Department ought to be forthcoming to Congressman Issa, Congressman Bilirakis, and Senator Grassley as well. We can be reasonably confident that this activity did NOT originate in those organizations, but they will have significant knowledge of what really went on that may not otherwise be available.

Do what is right.

Anonymous said...

"They just discovered that this is a multi-front war and they don't have the reserves of plausible excuses to fight it."

This is a clever mixed metaphor. :^)


Ashrak said...

"Right. Now we're just waiting for the street agents in Tampa to prove they have the integrity and guts of John Dodson."

Along with the integrity and guts demonstrated by Mike and David and as yet unnamed others who have continued to talk and write about this from the start whhile the so-called "mainstream media" has tried its best to hush the whole thing in order to protect not only Barry and Eric and Janet and Hillary, but also the usurpatious corruption that is like a cancer eating our Liberty from the inside out.

At this point, there cannot even be "reasonable doubt" that this "program" was nationwide and that literally dozens, if not hundreds, of operations just like it exist. Likewise, there can be no reasonable doubt as to its intended purpose - the generation of statistical ammunition meant to support increased infringements known as gnu control laws, policies, rules, requirements mandates and prohibitions.

I implore all government agents, local, state and federal alike, to come forward with their stories about all straw buying operations. Mayor Bloomeberg, that means you too.

The usurpers cannot hide everything as they think they can. Budgets are pesky things and all operations, even the smallest, have some kind of trail on that level. Stand up LEOs, and even folks like me who hammer the JBT's religiously for their corrupt ways will respect you, stand with you and go to bat for you. We know you are not all JBTs and that a great many of you are full well worthy of trust, support and defense.

Please, stand up to the biggest criminals of all - the corrupt politicians who think they are above the law and have gone so far as to tarnish the reputation of Law Enforcement Officers everywhere by ordering them to do what they know is wrong.

Stand up, speak out and reinvigorate the respect and admiration your very worthy profession deserves! Stop letting "higher ups" trick the people into hating on you, do what is right and put an end to this circle jerk that has you folks risking your lives every day only to be used and abused for doing so.

Show everyone that you really are Law Enforcement Officers dedicated to the Rule of Law, rather than the Rule of Men. Show everyone that you do indeed believe that the Supreme Law applies to everyone and that "higher ups" are not so high up as to avoid being held to account for their actions.

We The People want to stand with you instead of against you. We want to champion you, rather than fear the sight of you. We want to help you, we want you to help us. We want you to succeed in holding criminals to account and see you return home to your families at the end of your shifts, just as we want to do the same thing.

We want you to defend the Constitution, and right now, defending us from out of bounds government and its attacks upon it as your oaths require. Honor them. We will honor you for doing so and that is a relationship that will change this nation's course in ways not witnessed in generations.

Remember, you are to preserve and defend the Constitution, not a government full of hacks controverting or subverting it. We believe in you, so show us, in no uncertain terms, that our belief is neither unfounded nor errant.

Old NFO said...

Concur with Ashrak!

Anonymous said...

Top headline for Fox online tonight

Michael Pelletier said...

They keep calling it "botched" in news reports, when it seems to me that everything was going exactly as planned.

I mean, why else would an ATF honcho reportedly giggle like a schoolgirl each time an F&F trace came in from a murder scene in Mexico?

Mark Matis said...

For Michael Pelletier:
It obviously was botched because they got caught. Or do you think THAT was part of their plan? My bet is that they were relying on the usual honor of the BATFE agents. After all, just HOW MANY have actually come forward with information? And how many do you think REALLY have details which could clarify what was actually being done?