Sunday, July 3, 2011

Left-collectivist anti-FOX blog takes on Vince Cefalu.

Fast And Furious: The Latest Fox News Hunt For Eric Holder’s Scalp


Anonymous said...

You know after reading this I thought who cares if you lean to the right or left. Wrong is wrong. Illegal is illegal. How can you defend holder and co. Come to think of it why have both side wiped their backsides with the rule of law. I just can't stand the lies anymore.

Marine Doc said...

How do you subscribe to the Sipsey Street Irregulars?

pdxr13 said...

I'm taking bets on if this survives "newshound" moderation. I'm expecting a searing wall of absent text.

Quoted below as posted at


When FOX gets it wrong, NEWSHOUNDS fails to get it right.

We are not talking about a "sting that went wrong". There was no sting planned, and sales were made to "straw buyers" EVEN THOUGH THE GUN STORES CALLED ATF District supervisors to tell them that buying 35 WASR-10 rifles for $17000 cash from a brown paper bag is highly unusual for a young woman who has bald tires on her 16 year old hooptie car. ATF supervisors told them to go ahead with the sale. ATF Field Agents wanted to apprehend the hooptie in the parking lot and were called back by their supervisors. US Border Patrol ESCORTED the car to the Mexican border where it "disappeared" both from the jurisdiction of US Law Enforcement, and had the weapons transferred to Cartel vehicles. How could this turn out well?

But wait, it gets worse. Thousands of weapons are moved this way and that, 20 or 150 at a time. Agents who complain that putting effective military small arms in to the hands of drug cartels will only end in blood are transferred to Alaska and North Dakota. Tens of thousands of Mexican citizens (townies, farmers, truckers, cops, mayors, etc.) are killed in what can only be described as a drug-funded national insurgency. Two US Border Patrol Agents were killed, and it is suddenly worthy of Con. Issa and Sen. Grassly official attention.

If you want to know the truth, you have to watch the testimony of Mr. Holder. Make note that Mr. Holder is basically a decent person who is in a state of panic at going to prison for following orders from the POTUS. He's lying, and not very well. He knows that if he tells the truth, he's dead. Not "metaphorically dead", but "unexpectedly burned alive in vehicle" or "malfunctioning home furnace emitted a high level of Carbon Monoxide and he had old batteries in the detectors" dead.

If you want a whole bunch of detail with ongoing commentary starting in October 2010 (from a born-again bomb-throwing Commie, now fat old man who walks with a cane), stop in at

This is not "a mistake". This is, at best, "an error". Anyone with half-a-brain recognizes it as 1st degree premeditated treason against the American people, and WAR against the Mexican people and the Mexican State. The USA still makes plenty enough rope to hang traitors, and plenty of good citizens to sit on that jury.


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pdxr13 said...

trying to get banned:

Even if AG Holder had a clean record (and he does not!), claiming that he had knowledge of F&F only for a few weeks is either 1. A pure falsehood, 2. An admission of dereliction of duty. The suggestion that he is poorly served by his staff was merely bait. Lying under oath to a Congressional Committee is sufficient for dismissal, and prosecution, but it is small-time, compared to Gunwalker.

You want facts?! How about Mexican corpses and serial numbers of weapons shipped by US Gov't shills for the purpose of making an outrage against the availability of lawful arms in the hands of US citizens? The purpose of this is the Gun Control Act of 2013, supported by war-weary American voters (now plumped up with many ID-less foreign-born ballot-submitters). That last part is my speculation, but what else ties so many deaths, movements of hardware into hostile hands, and coordinations of widespread US Gov't Officials of different Departments?

Mr. Obama made an announcement that AG Holder didn't know anything about F&F/Gunrunner before the Holder testimony. How is this possible, unless they had both been briefed and been in communication with each other? Can't Eric make his own announcement of ignorance? It would be more impressive if AG Holder announced that he had kept knowledge from the President until something significant transpired. That would have at least allowed the possibility of re-election in 2012 and a Presidential Pardon for a disgraced former AG.

Then, there's the question of who knew what and when at State. Guns running into Mexico is some important stuff that Mrs. Clinton was certainly briefed and memo'd on. We are rapidly coming up to a time that the American people can keep a thought in memory for. 15 months is not too long to remember a rapist who started with sweet talk.

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DC Wright said...

Hey, Doc... I presume you're one of my Corpsmen, like of Vietnam vintage?

Just check back several times a day. That's what most of us do, unless you post a comment and check the box to be notified of other comments...