Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NRA AWOL: "Attack" of the gunweenies. Wayne LaPierre dances around the Gunwalker scandal subject in public, averting his eyes and stilling his tongue.

Wayne LaPierre, confronted with the Gunwalker scandal, reacts poorly.

So, the radio show went well, I thought.

My fellow guest (to my surprise) was Jeff Knox, and together we did a good job, I thought. We differed on one thing, though.

Jeff, having shaken the NRA bush himself, concludes that the Lairds are indeed serious about pursuing Gunwalker. So, too, it seems is CCRKBA's John Snyder who is fulsome in his praise of Lamar Smith.

Whatever. I stand by my sources in my essay of yesterday. I still think that at some level the fix is in.

As one of my sources observed: "Right after we talked earlier one of the (NRA) players was in a debate on FOX about guns and ATF and never even mentioned Gunwalker."

How do you do that, exactly? Unless, of course, you're trying to avoid the subject. Here's the "player" at work:

Why would you leave your biggest weapon in the holster and unmentioned? Why does he sound so ineffectual and defensive? The Gunwalker scandal gives him the biggest weapon ever devised to discredit the entire scheme of federal firearms control and he doesn't use it? Why? Why doesn't he just say from the jump that "the President's proposals further empower the ATF and until we get to the bottom of what really happened with the Project Gunwalker scandal, any other discussions are pointless"?

Unless the fix is in.

Kabuki theater indeed.

The NRA Lairds of Fairfax know that other folks are watching, however. The New York Times reports here that "N.R.A. Declines to Meet With Obama on Gun Policy."

WASHINGTON — More than two months after the Tucson shootings, the administration is calling together both the gun lobby and gun safety groups to find common ground. But President Obama has no plans to take the lead in proposing further gun control legislation, aides say, and the nation’s major gun rights group is snubbing the invitation.

On Tuesday, officials at the Justice Department will meet with gun control advocates in the first of what will be a series of meetings over the next two weeks with people on different sides of the issue, including law enforcement, retailers and manufacturers, to seek agreement on possible legislative or administrative actions.

The effort follows Mr. Obama’s call, in a column on Sunday in a Tucson newspaper, to put aside “stale policy debates” and begin “a new discussion” on ways to better enforce and strengthen existing laws to keep mentally unstable, violent and criminal people from getting guns.

But the National Rifle Association, for decades the most formidable force against proposals to limit gun sales or ownership, is refusing to join the discussion — possibly dooming it from the start, given the lobby’s clout with both parties in Congress. Administration officials had indicated they expected that the group would be represented at a meeting, perhaps on Friday.

This tracks with the rumors floated before yesterday. The NRA, like SAAMI and NSSF, was going to participate in a new Munich Conference on firearms. But in this case Neville Chamberlain decided, apparently at the last minute, not to sit down to negotiate other people's surrender.

“Why should I or the N.R.A. go sit down with a group of people that have spent a lifetime trying to destroy the Second Amendment in the United States?” said Wayne LaPierre, the longtime chief executive of the National Rifle Association.

He named Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has almost no role in gun-related policies, and Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.

Here again, in smarmy NYT-speak, is one of the effects of ignoring the Gunwalker scandal, for Hillary sure as hell was hip-deep in foreign policy aspects of that monstrous policy. But how can she be indicted without mentioning that little fact?

Why should he go? Wayne asks. I'll tell you why. To take the fight to the enemy on his own ground, to rhetorically "slap his jaws and force him to resent it" in the words of Nathan Bedford Forrest, to rock him back on his narrow-assed manipulative heels.

Now if it were me (and the chances of me becoming a Laird of Fairfax are something approaching less than zero) I'd walk boldly into meeting, and blow it up at the first sentence I got to speak with the declaration above: "Mr. President, your proposals further empower the ATF and until we get to the bottom of what really happened with the Project Gunwalker scandal, any other discussions are pointless." Then I would get up and walk out. And that would be the headline in the next day's newspapers.

But then that would be the act of a leader, not a compromised gunweenie. Even the NYT picks up on how unprincipled LaPierre's stand is:

“It shouldn’t be a dialogue about guns; it really should be a dialogue about dangerous people,” Mr. LaPierre said, adding that his group has supported proposals to prevent gun sales to the mentally ill, strengthen a national system of background checks and spur states to provide needed data.

Despite his opposition to joining the administration’s table, by his comments in an interview Mr. LaPierre sounded at times like the White House.

Indeed he did and indeed he does.

GOA's Larry Pratt, in contrast, brings up Gunwalker every chance he gets. Remember his contentious bout with Megyn Kelly? Indeed. Let's see that footage again:

That's what an interview looks like with a real leader who is on message and unafraid.

Wayne LaPierre comes out of the closet: "Yes, I'm a gunweenie! Okay? I admit it! So, there!"

No wonder LaPierre hides from the Gunwalker scandal. He might actually have to DO something for all those bucks the NRA membership pays him to represent their interests. You almost have to wonder what pictures Obama and his minions have of LaPierre. Fun with farm animals? Or just Chris Cox?

I'll believe that LaPierre and the NRA are serious about the Gunwalker scandal when they insist that any future campaign dollars will only go to national legislators who demand hearings now.

Everything else is just kabuki theater for the credulous and gullible Fudds in the cheap seats.

Until then, it is just the same old NRA weeniemobile, shuttling around, avoiding the issue.


Scott J said...

LaPierre has never been the same ever since getting into so much hot water over the "jack-booted thugs" comment back in the 90's.

I was so disappointed he folded on that so quickly and he's just not been much of a fighter ever since.

That comment was the pinnacle of his "taking it to them" you long for. I wonder what happened to him after.

Anonymous said...

Not so fast:


NRA letter: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/page?id=13136055

Money quote:

"We Suggest that you bring an immediate stop to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives‘ “Fast and Furious” operation, in which an unknown number of illegal firearm transactions were detected – and then encouraged to fruition by your BATFE, which allegedly decided to let thousands of firearms ‘walk’ across the border and into the hands of murderous drug cartels.”

Still lots of weasel room in this letter, but much better that I expected.


Dedicated_Dad said...

I came here just to read the comment that existed - but then I saw the word-verification crap.

It's a subject of debate in my head as to whether the words are random or chosen by some algorithm similar to google's "adwords" based on article or other comment contents.

This one may well have settled it!

If you think I'm lying, send me an e-mail and I'll forward the screen-snap I just took!

WV == "gyptard"
This REALLY needs to become The Peter's new nickname!


"Gyptard"??!! I LLOLed!!

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

I'm about the last person to defend the NRA, but LaPierre isn't being completely silent on this. From the NRA's letter to the Anointed One, about his Arizona Daily Star op-ed piece (pdf file):

Unfortunately, your Administration is currently under a cloud for allegedly encouraging violations of federal law. We suggest that you bring an immediate stop to BATFE's "Fast and Furious" operation, in which an unknown number of illegal firearms transactions were detected--and then encouraged to fruition by your BATFE, which allegedly decided to let thousands of firearms "walk" across the border and into the hands of the murderous drug cartels.

Of course then he goes on to undermine any respect he might have earned, by bringing up "Don't Lie for the Other Guy."

Anonymous said...

As one of my sources observed: "Right after we talked earlier one of the (NRA) players was in a debate on FOX about guns and ATF and never even mentioned Gunwalker."

Logical fallacy: Argument from silence. ;^(

Look at the recent NRA press release concerning BHO's editorial.

1.) The Second Amendment is an individual right.

2.) Guns are primarily kept to defend against criminal attack.

3.) The Second Amendment recognizes the right to keep and bear arms.

Thirty years ago, when I advanced these same arguments, I was considered to be a "kook". Now they are mainstream ideas. (This does not suggest I am *not* a kook, though.) ;^)

Does LaPierre employ the "guns are for hunting" argument the NRA commonly used in the 1980s? Does he limit gun ownership to the militia? Does he suggest that the Constitution "grants" us rights?

No. The NRA has been brought along (kicking and screaming, to be sure)by the determined efforts of libertarians and hard-core conservatives. The moral high ground is secure.

Now, rushing headlong into battle without a preliminary skirmish is foolhardy. It's hard to formulate a battle plan in the absence of concrete intelligence concerning enemy troop placement and strength.

The NRA is not an attack agency. They often utilize the strategy of "fighting in reverse." It looks like cowardice, but CSA Generals Jackson and Lee often used this tool when they were outnumbered and outgunned.

Understandably, you want action on the Gunwalker scandal. I do, too.

First, let's secure our flanks against counter-attack, O.K.?


Dennis308 said...

Mike, I just called Lamar Smith's office and was directed to go on line @ judiciary.house.gov
and look under latest news for the press release and the letter from the Judiciary Committy to AG Eric Holder. I sent you a e-mail with an Attachment of the same letter.

I also called my Congress Critter Blake Farenthold AGAIN but hung up after being put on hold for 10 min.


Dennis308 said...

Could it be that Wayne LaPierre lacks the Courage and Conviction of Larry Pratt?
In one word,YES.

I have had the Pleasure to meet Mr.Pratt. He has spoken at two RTC Rallies, First at Gravely Point,VA and then at Brownsville,TX.

And Mr. LaPierre was where?

Join Gun Owners of America, THEY WILL FIGHT, unlike the nra who at best only plead and beg.


TPaine said...

Wayne could have really opened tha can of worms had he opened his mouth during that interview (which I watched live). If I had something on the local LE-man, I wouldn't send him a letter warning him to be nice. I'd expose him during a nice million+-watching audience.

The public has to be told about this, and the NRA is NOT opening its mouth to their own public, let alone the general population. The NRA is persona non grata in my house now, though I used to be a member. GOA and CCRKBA get my attention (and funds) now.

J. Croft said...

BUMPED: http://freedomguide.blogspot.com/2011/03/sipsey-street-1000-dollar-shotgun.html



Unless there's a mass street level viral campaign to shame the thousand dollar skeet shotgun shooting Elmer Fudds of the NRA about their complicity with ARMING THE MURDERERS OF AMERICAN BORDER PATROL AGENTS WITH ARMS STOLEN FROM PEACEABLE AMERICANS UNDER THE FLIMSIEST OF PRETEXTES BY THEIR WORST FOES THE BATFE... then the Gunwalker Scandal WILL be swept under the rug.

Make videos, picket and protest the traitors at the NRA. Be brave and vocal and SHAME any thousand dollar skeet shotgun shooter who puts on the official NRA Fudd hunting cap and goes along with their silent consent to the MURDERS of AMERICANS.

Bring up the slain blood. Bring up the dead bodies. Bring up the dead of both Americans and Mexicans-people already victimized by their government and ruling class into abject poverty who live in constant terror of being randomly tortured and murdered.

SHAME THEM. Take your video cameras, make like you're a Fudd until you get into Wayne LaPierre's fat face and then you ask why he supports the continued arming of murderers of Border Patrol Agents and Americans jet skiiing.

Call in to Fox, CNN, MSBNC, CSPAN. Call all their shows, act like a brainless cheerleader of whatever political leaning that particular network has, then when you get on the air, AMBUSH!

It would be wise to reach out to the Latino community in America, let them know just how their psychotic criminals are being armed by the psychotic criminals at ATF. Blood is blood, and those who want to sweep this under the rug need to have their collective noses rammed into their racist indifference they give license to.

WE have to get the word out on the attempt to sweep the Gunwalker Scandal under the rug.

Ken said...

Next T-shirt: Hand clutching an NRA-labeled bottle of wine. Legend: FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS.

...I dunno. Probably get a chuckle or two at the gun show, but maybe it's too inside baseball.

Anonymous said...

You want some action from the NRA (and it could make them crap in their pants)?

Every time a plea for money comes to you, write "No Gunwalker actions? No money." and send it back in their envelope on their dime.

I'm a Life Member, but this is making Neville Chamberlain look like Audie Murphy.


Justthisguy said...

Oh God I miss Neil Knox. I have corresponded with his son Jeff, who seems quite cool&manly.

Mark Matis said...

For J. Croft:
Your assumption is that anything will be done about this if enough people raise hell. My assumption is that "Law Enforcement" will do WHATEVER their Masters tell them. As they are doing right now. The Federal Law Enforcement Officers organization knows full well who enabled the murders of those two Law Enforcement officers. Yet they only wail for the ability to carry weapons in Mexico. Not for 1st degree murder charges against those who sent the guns south.

The stench is overwhelming.