Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Hellooooo! Is anybody home?" I hand deliver Issa's letter to Melson to Fort Apache. Very funny exercise in big men with badges & guns hiding.

"Don't go out there! It's Vanderboegh and he's got us surrounded!"

So, I'm typing this late in the afternoon from the Trussville Public Library because I haven't yet been home, my morning and afternoon having been taken up with visits to the lawyer, the doctor, the library downtown to visit a live drop, and finally to the ATF headquarters in Birmingham with a copy of Darrell Issa's letter and my first Timeline, showing my fingerprints all over the early stages of this Gunwalker scandal.

You might want to Google Earth the address, 920 18th Street North. It is a compound surrounded by the latest in bomb-standoff design, blast resistant steel fencing, and other manifestations of extreme paranoia in building design.

You can't walk in the door, of course. You have to walk up to a huge gate in the steel fence -- very far from the front door -- with cameras, electronic locks and all, push the button, state your business, and then the Doorman to Oz let's you in if you're found worthy.

Well, I wasn't worthy. I walked up to the gate and pushed the button. Through the sound system I could hear the bell. It was working, at least. Nothing. I waited a little bit and said, "Hellooooo! Is anybody home?"


I waited some more. The sun was just right and I could see government employees looking out the windows.

I pushed the button again.




Well, okaaaaay, then. What to do?

I have to confess, it wasn't what I expected. I didn't figure they were so scared of me that they wouldn't even talk to me through a steel squawk box.

So, I just took the Issa letter and the Timeline and wedged it in the gate. Then, waving, laughing and giving the big bad boys with guns and badges at the windows two thumbs up, I got in my car and left.

What wussies.

Of course there is the fact that pursuant to orders from ATF headquarters they have opened a file on me and are going about northern Alabama leaning on everyone I have ever met even casually for information on my "law breaking." Of course, too, there is no "law breaking" nor probable cause of law-breaking so the entire investigation of me and my friends, etc., is a political witchhunt for someone they consider an "enemy of the state."

Now, given that:

a. The bosses who ordered them to do this have an extreme liklihood of not being their bosses for very much longer, and

b. That they can then be held accountable for any actions contrary to law that they have taken against me in furtherance of a cover-up, and

c. That if they keep on doing what they are doing after Grassley and Issa have already put their agency on notice, well, then,

d. Unless they too wish to subpoenaed to give testimony under oath, well then,

e. They've got every right in the word to be frightened like little five year olds, even of an old fat man with congestive heart failure and a cane.

I guess, in retrospect, there was only one thing I forgot to say to the silent steel box:


Maybe I'll put that in the letter my lawyer sends to them.

Mike Vanderboegh
ATF Scandalmonger, First Class and the alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters. ;-)

LATER: A friend called after I posted this and when I told him the story, after he finished laughing himself half to death, he said "yeah, they were hiding behind the curtains, calling out to one another: 'Don't go out there! It's Vanderboegh and he's got us SURROUNDED!'"



Taylor H said...

Ha, that's funny.

Dennis308 said...

Be careful Mike, too many of these people have no conscious,and now that You and David have caused them so much grief....Rabid Dogs Do Bite.


WarriorClass said...

First class, indeed!

I salute you, Sir.


Dick's Dad said...

Did the whine of the shredders and the smell of cold sweat travel as far as the gate?

Anonymous said...

Careful - they may soil themselves and then sue you for "mental anguish"

Dee Jay

Chef Jeff said...

Awesome. Mike, that is truly funny.
Sad....but funny.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the place on elm hill pike in nashville. An associate informed me it elint station and that it has a skeleton crew.

Anonymous said...

That was funny. Goliath is a chicken shit.

Got a fbi office down San Antonio way out in the burbs that is built like that. what the heck are they expecting? precedent shows jihad jamal never hits govt offices. thier siege mentality can't be healthy.

tom said...

You have them surrounded from the INSIDE, like Sgt. Jerry Shriver!

Nice work. Happy St P's day.

I shall leave you, now, with a fine rendition of Finnegan's Wake

Buck O'Fama said...

@@ ANONY 4:00 -
No, the reason the ragheads do not attack feds is that they are on the same side and both want the same thing, i.e., to subdue the armed populace, eliminate resistance and destroy the USA.
MIKE - yeah, it sounds like fun but don't push it - they probably have some brain-dead puppets like McVeigh to send out to do the wet work then sacrifice him 'for the cause'. Oh - and if you HAD said "Boo!" they would have arrested you for making a threat.

Stealth and silence are your friends ;o)

Scott J. said...

Alfred E. Newman indeed.

Anonymous said...

Mike's going to be arrested for littering. He left paper in ATF's fence! The horror!

Anonymous said...

"Mike's going to be arrested for littering. He left paper in ATF's fence! The horror!"

Not to mention, "...and creating a public nuisance!"

That's a must-have for street cred down in Group W.

Coming soon to the front page of the Birmingham News: "27 8×10 color glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was to be used as evidence against us,"


Anonymous said...

Horribly sorry to hear of their interest in you, to the extent that they find you worthy of investigation, without to my knowledge, even "reasonable suspicion" much less "probably cause." Do these concepts still matter, or did somebody change the law and Constitution, so that they can do whatever they want, to whomever they please?

Don't bother explaining it. I figured out the answer. As the gunny would say, "what are these, ^$%^*&*, m&%$#@, &&^%%*&, %$@$*&*, individuals doing to my country"?!!!

Whatever you want to do, they've made it illegal, along with your rights and freedoms. They are your enemies now.

Let Freedom Reign

Bad Cyborg said...

Check six, Dutchman. Be DAMNED careful about how/when/where you care that pistol of yours in your car. I don't reckon Deputy Bubba would turn down another chance to mess with you. And this time he knows you carry. He might just order you out of the vehicle and shoot you on sight.

I wouldn't put anything past these folks.

Don't reckon the shit is far from the fan now.

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

Does anybody really believe that anybody will be fired, except the whistle blowers, and/or the ATF will change in any way? Heck, the bosses will probably be promoted. Until we make ourselves heard, which is probably never, nothing will change.


Happy D said...

“You might want to Google Earth the address, 920 18th Street North. It is a compound surrounded by the latest in bomb-standoff design, blast resistant steel fencing, and other manifestations of extreme paranoia in building design.”

I am honestly confused, while this might stop ignorant home grown Anarchists, or uneducated probably stupid foreign terrorists, or the local recruit equivalent.
It obviously would not work on any serious potential opponent.
Bomb resistant stand off design will not stand up to artillery let alone flying an aircraft into the building.
If the building is not built like a fortified position like the Swiss build what is the point?

It can’t stop the Zombies they already work there.

The Spirit of '76 said...

The Jack Booted Thugs have good reason to be paranoid: They know the public will rip them limb-from-limb should the truth become known.

BATFE etal are nothing more than English-speaking (mostly) henchmen for the American Khadaffis who think themselves Our Royal Masters.

And a peasant rebellion is in the air.

So yes, paranoid government flunkies and apparatchiks - be afraid! Be very afraid! The evils men do live after them.