Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Foggy Bottom spin doctors dance faster to Mexican pressure & Hillary's demands. "There is no contradiction."

This just in: word from sources familiar with the inner workings of the State Department is that Hillary is, as has been reported here before, some kind of urinated off about the Obama administration's inability to properly execute a cover-up. However, when I asked "which way is she going to jump on this?" one of sources said, "THAT I don't know. There's hints both ways. She's playing her cards close to the pants suit." Meanwhile, the floggings have begun below decks, and the resultant spinning is classic:

From a story entitled US Embassy in Mexico Tries to implicate Mexican Authorities With The ATF operation “Fast and Furious”

The US Embassy in Mexico is on operation spin mode and thus is trying to deflect attention from the ATF .

The US Embassy in Mexico is telling reporters that Mexico knew about the thousands of guns that were intentionally let “walk” into Mexico. On January 25, 2011 the ATF arrested 20 gun runners , after the The ATF operation the U.S told Mexico about “Fast and Furious” , but they never told them about the thousands of guns that had and continued to enter Mexico.

In a statement from the US Embassy try and paint a picture as if Mexico had forehand knowledge of the ATF operation “Fast and Furious”. When , in fact documents point to ATF gun running since 2008 and not January 25, 2011 like the US Embassy has implied.

Below is the full statement issued by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico:

March 11, 2011 – Because of the attention given to this issue, the Embassy of the United States would like to issue the following clarification:

There is no contradiction between the statement of the Mexican government and the information provided by the United States concerning an operation that dismantled a major arms trafficking ring that has been called Fast and Furious. The operation took place on U.S. territory and arrested 20 defendants on January 25, 2011.

After the arrests on January 25, reports emerged alleging that the operation could have entailed a transfer of arms from the United States to Mexico. Attorney General Holder has called for an investigation. He has stated unequivocally that such actions, if true, “would not be acceptable.” He affirmed that he “made that clear to attorneys and agents in charge of ATF.”

The Mexican Government has stated that “it had no knowledge of an operation that might include the transgression or the controlled trafficking of arms to Mexican territory.” The briefings that took place between U.S. and Mexican law enforcement focused on operations on U.S. territory to crack down on trafficking operations. The alleged transfer of arms to Mexican territory at this point is exactly that – an allegation. Attorney General Holder has underscored that he takes “those allegations seriously.” He said “that is why I asked the IG (Inspector General) to report on it.”

The Government of Mexico has constructively “offered whatever support might be necessary in order to clearly establish the facts.” This type of mutual support is reflective of our common objectives to stop the illicit movement of arms, drugs and money that threaten both Mexican and U.S. citizens.

However, on, ATF agent Abe quotes both the above story and the official "clarification" and points out:

"March 11, 2011 – Because of the attention given to this issue, the Embassy [Mexico] of the United States would like to issue the following clarification:"

"The alleged transfer of arms to Mexican territory at this point is exactly that – an allegation."

Guess this pretty map is mislabeled? 195 "Fast and Furious" guns recovered in Mexico are actually allegedly recovered? --

"Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!"
Sir Walter Scott

And ATF agent Zorro reacts to the House letter to Holder by posting this video described as "Ken Melson and Eric Holder discuss the recent House Judiciary letter:"

Pretty funny.


Mark Matis said...

Filthy. Lying. Whore.

God damn the pigs to hell for what they have done to this country! God damn them straight to hell.

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

If you haven't seen it, CBS has this bit of hilarious spin from the embassy:

The U.S. Embassy in Mexico says there is no real contradiction because Mexico was aware of the general operation, nicknamed "Fast and Furious"; but not specifically aware of any alleged "walking" of weapons across the border.

"The only thing we didn't tell them about was the us-facilitating-cross-border-gun-trafficking part. What--you want us to tell them every little detail?"

W W Woodward said...

So... Let me get this straight.

If a government agency gang-rapes my daughter and then kisses her after the crime is brought to light everything's okay? Sounds like another Waco deal to me.