Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another day older and deeper in debt. . .

You load sixteen tons, and what do you get?

another day older and deeper in debt

St. Peter, don't you call me, 'cause I can't go

I owe my soul to the company store. - 16 Tons, written by Merle Travis.

State debt rises.


Sean said...

Tain't likely I'll have to wait long to feel that bite. The schools tried floating that old " We have no money!" balloon last year and got stiffed. So this year the trusty County assesor raised my assesment by $12,500 in a rather DEPRESSED housing market, so that they and the school district and the punk-assed cities and fat cops can continue to live in the style they're accustomed to. Don't know why I'm so crabby about all this. The school district is constructing a multi-million-dollar FOOTBALL STADIUM as I speak. Molon Labe indeed. We sit here, and they come and take it.

Anonymous said...

"But despite the states taking on additional debt, they are in no danger of becoming the next Greece or defaulting on their debt, no matter how poor their fiscal condition, experts said."

Experts indeed! Do YOU believe the "experts"? It was "experts" and their intellectual progressive college professor cousins that got us all into this mess.

B Woodman

wv: "setioup" Set you up, indeed!

Dakota said...

Take heart Sean .... if they raise your taxes that just means that they are going to do that much better of a job working "for" you. LOL

PS or was that fleecing you?

Dennis308 said...

I notice something here if you look to the political map from the last election it is the Blue States that have the higher debts. And the Bluer the State the higher the debt.These are also the States with the higher concentrations of Populations. I think it might be interesting to see the ethnic composition of these Debt Ridden States. Also the States with higher debt are more restrictive on Guns. Massachusetts has it´s own Health Care bill, but then their is Connecticut, New York and New Jersey as opposed to Nebraska, Wyoming, Iowa and South Dakota. Am I making any sense here.
The Citizens are Paying More in Taxes for Less Freedom and Safty.
I mean how can you be safe if you can´t defend yourself.


Anonymous said...

I thought Tennessee Ernie Ford wrote this song he made it famous back in the late fifties.....

Anonymous said...

Please disregard Ernie Ford comment .You are right it was merle Travis in 1946.Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

At least Texas is only a tad ofver 5 bills. Bama is half-again that. I would've expected LaLa Land to be the worst but it's not. Isn't even New York or even the People's Democratic State of Massassachusetts. Freaking CONNECTICUT is almost FIVE GRAND in debt for each (legal) resident. Almost TEN TIMES what we got in Texas.

Course up in Nebraska those folks are only $25 in the hole.

I got 6 years till they have to FREEZE my assessed value. Law in TX is that after 65 they cannot raise your assessment. School district keeps trying to float bond issues and we keep telling them NO! (like 3 to 1 against).

Only good thing about taxes here is the name of the consolidated appraisal agency - Bexar Appraisal District BAD. How's that for trute in advertising?

My daughter - new first-time home owner - asked me why they keep raising taxes. I told her it was the same reason a hound dog licks himself.

Cause they CAN!

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

Sean there probably is a way to contest the new accessment. Check into your local tax code.

Dennis308 said...

This comment has nothing to do with the State debt issue,But I was reading @ MSN /Newsvine that 82.6% of Americans don´t want a Mosque built at ground Zero. It is being touted as being a good thing by MSN Journalist. They see it as promoting Diversification and Tolerance. Some people NEVER learn.

I don´t particularly enjoy reading the MSN Journalists or watching there Video Clip´s But it might someday have useful information or tools to use against them. Usually I get anywhere from upset or disgusted to REALLY PISSED OFF! So I don´t stay there long, Hell I can´t take that kind of torture.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Sean they keep raising your property taxes or adding other taxes to keep their little fiefdoms and fat cops. They are doing the same thing(or at least trying) here in the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon.
Now, how about our old friend George Hayduke? He was the proponent of MONKEYWRENCHING. Do a google search. Plan, organize, and execute(if you are so inclined).

J. Croft said...

In a way, related:


Anonymous said...

No doubt some of you have seen the "Two Trillion Bucks" video (to the tune of "16 Tons") sung by "The Ghost of Tennessee Ernie Ford that is around the web? Excellent parody, except the sad part is it's all the truth.


suek said...

It may not have been your assessor. I agree with the person who said "challenge" - even if it only means you learn more about the system in your county/district. Does the assessor actually make a change, or does he do as instructed by a county governing board?

In other words - who can you/should you vote out of office next time around?? You want to make sure you identify the right person - voting out the assessor won't do you any good if s/he doesn't actually make any decisions about the rates.