Friday, August 6, 2010

Another country heard from . . . Getting in touch with his inner Aztec. "A strange ritual from their native Mexico."

A multi-cultural libation from ancient Mexico. Is it fair to knock it if you haven't tried it?

Man kills friend, drinks his blood.

Published : Thursday, 05 Aug 2010, 5:26 AM EDT

BARTOW, Fla. (AP) - Bail has been denied for a 42-year-old central Florida man accused of stabbing a friend to death and then drinking his blood.

A judge denied bail for Mauricio Mendez Lopez who made his first court appearance Thursday. In court Lopez said he had been drinking and had no memory of the incident which happened Sunday.

Lopez was picked up Wednesday after he was spotted by a citizen. He is accused of killing Macario Cruz in a house they shared in Bartow.

A third resident, Cruz's sister-in-law Mariella Mendez, told police that Lopez fatally stabbed Cruz because he was having an affair with her. Lopez is the uncle of Mendez and Cruz's wife, who lives in Mexico.

A police report shows the men had an argument in which Lopez struck Cruz in the face with a 15-pound dumb bell. He then allegedly threatened to kill them both unless the relationship ended.

Authorities say Lopez returned later and stabbed Cruz to death. Mendez told police Lopez left with a plastic cup in his hand that appeared to hold blood. She said he drank from the cup in a strange ritual from their native Mexico.

Several reports said all of the adults in the home are illegal immigrants.

Lopez is being held in a Polk County Jail. It was not immediately known if he has an attorney.


Defender said...

A machismo "honor killing."
Being an Aztec sacrifice was a great honor. It was thought that their blood persuaded the gods to send a bountiful harvest. This was just thug murder with a side of cultism.
He needed a hot lead injection.

Anonymous said...

does it not give you a warm feeling when this kind of thing happens....and involves those friendly people from the south, who have crashed the party? Good God almighty!

I guess the only good part is that he decided to kill his own countryman, instead of one of mine.

earthman92 said...

Import Mexicans, get Mexico.

Viva La Raza!

Taylor H said...


Concerned American said...

Yeah, like none of you haven't done the same....


Anonymous said...

What?! You don't enjoy a good cup of blood after killing a man? It is good for you, rich in iron.

Just kidding... ;-p


Dedicated_Dad said...

C.A.: Not without some Fava beans -- and a nice chianti...


Jimmy2Times said...

"You say you got a problem wit yo fuckin boss?"


Sorry guys, I've been drinking.


Allah Fubar said...

Well, now, who are we to judge, after all, their culture is far older than ours, and this man may simply be a very fervent believer. I mean, all religions are the same, aren't they? One is as good as another~
hmmmm... going down that long list of names, I wonder how many cups we will need, should we decide to convert to the noble religion of our Mexican neighbors?
A person I know was placing a III sticker in a bathroom at a large discount store in Hoover last weekend, and came across a piece of toilet stall poetry. It read,
'Here I sit with my butt cheeks flexed again, giving America one more Mexican.'
Now, before we judge the person who wrote that, or think him a racist, let's remember, that may be part of HIS cultural heritage. Who are we to judge?

Divemedic said...

They are only here to do the jobs that Americans won't do. They are just trying to support their familia.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to express my appreciation for his profound respect for the sanctity of marriage.

W W Woodward said...

“Lopez said he had been drinking and had no memory of the incident which happened Sunday.”

Well, of course not.

And people have been expressing concern that the US courts might begin enforcing Sharia law.

Cutting out hearts and drinking blood just might become accepted by the courts under Aztec law.

Just who is expected to assimilate whom?


Dedicated_Dad said...

@ Allah Fubar: CLEARLY you're in need of some remedial re-education.

All cultures are unique and must be appreciated -- All, that is, EXCEPT the culture of Europeans and Western society in general.

The latter -- being the source of all intolerance and abuse in history -- is to be despised.