Friday, April 2, 2010

Window War continues, this time a stupid congresscritter's SUV window.

''I don't worry about the constitution on this to be honest.''


Taylor H said...

I'm not surprised.

Steve K said...

I saw this video the other day. The basic gist I got was this guy is completely overwhelmed with what is going on around him. His Freudian Slip was just the shell cracking from too much pressure. He just wants people to like him and really can't deal with all this criticism. You can tell how affected he is by the sad stories people tell him about owing medical bills. He really is just a big softy inside. I'm sure he cries at emotional movies and gets choked up at weddings. And thats the problem. All he acts on are emotions, because he doesn't have philosophical beliefs that have been tempered by internal stewing or debate.

He only has good intentions and they have led him to Hell and the nation will soon follow unless the healthcontrol bill is repealed.

Anonymous said...

And this, in a nutshell, is why petition and peaceable assembly have failed and will continue to fail. This individual, on camera, states point blank that he doesn't care what the Constitution says and that's really the bottom line here. You can't reason with a man like this. In his mind he has the power and the money and the say so and we had better just move out of his way. We exist to dance to his tune. We are beneath contempt to him. Notice that he talks about the panic of a parent with a sick child not knowing how to pay for treatment. Nowhere does he mention the panic a parent feels when his business goes under and he can't feed his family because taxes and regulations drove his company into the ground.

Anonymous said...

there you have it


Patrick Henry said...

He deserves much more than a broken window.

The gall!

He doesn't care about the Constitution?! HE cares about spouting some random talking point.

Where in his oath of office did he swear to uphold some random talking point?

Pelosi: "Are you SERIOUS??!!"
This clown: "I don't CARE..."


As far as I am concerned, this is TREASON, and deserving of the well-known penalty thereof - after a fair trial, of course.

Lamp-posts. Gallows are too good for such tyrants.

As Kim duToit used to say:
Some assembly required."

Anonymous said...

What makes this really appalling is the fact his "I don't care" comment was made 6 days after a rock was thrown through his SUV window. Those words come after he has gotten threats as well. It just goes to show you how hard-headed these people can be.

Anonymous said...

I still like CONSTIPATION where one finds the outside sewer clean-out-plug where the plug can be removed and the contents of a couple of 2-liter bottles of dry ready-mix concrete is dropped down the clean-out plug (chop off some of the top of the 2-liter bottles to make a 3 inch opening) it takes just a few seconds and the Congress Critter will soon have a Constipated sewer drain line which backs up into the house. Nothing like backed up turds for a Congress Critter Turd. Just my 2 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about this video is the sheer look of terror in his eyes in the news footage. His face plainly says "I was told they would LOVE me for this! I fear for my seat now!"

Anonymous said...


jselvy said...

What the hell is wrong with Illinois?

Every time I read about political repression, corruption and police brutality, it seems that the epicenter (that's how you spell it) is Illinois.
Are there any Free Men left in that pseudo-socialist rat-hole?

Anonymous said...

jselvy at 11:25-- Just an FYI

South of I-80, with the exception of Springfield, Champaign, and a couple of other urban areas is respectable country. Some county election results swing 60%, 70%, even 80% Republican. But then along comes Cook County which votes 70% Democrat. Chicago has a population large enough to cancel out the votes of the rest of the state. Therein lies the problem.