Friday, April 2, 2010

Rachel continues to obsess about Sipsey Street

She has noticed "We Are Everywhere."

But she is not so much fascinated that she will take the chance of having me on her show for a sliver of equal time. Easier to continue to knock down the same straw man.


kylben said...

Every time I read one of these desperate screeds, the overriding impression I'm left with is that they really don't, perhaps *can't*, and definitely *won't*, understand what they are facing. They're fighting ghosts. That will be their downfall.

I'd suggest we refrain from educating them, but I don't think we could get through to them if we tried.

rah45 said...

Well Mike, I'm not sure if I helped much or not, but I couldn't just read that and the comments and stay silent. If they delete it, here's what I posted on their page. Hope I wasn't overreaching.

- Jonathan

He is advocating this to help prevent what he considers may be a major armed conflict arising as a result of corrupt politics in our country. Using healthcare as an example: I am against healthcare, but if it had passed with the support of the majority of Americans then I would have grudgingly accepted it. That's how our system works. However, the majority of the American people OPPOSED the healthcare bill, contacted their representatives about it and even shocked the nation via their protest by electing Scott Brown instead of the Democratic alternative. If our representatives do not represent us, ALL OF US, Democrats and Republicans, "left-wing extremists" and "right-wing lunatics", then we are ALL being done a disservice.

If the system is broken, it needs to be fixed. Mike Vanderboegh is advocating the "Window War" and the "We Are Everywhere" campaign to show the politicians, and the American people, just how many people are fed up to the point of civil disobedience. He is trying to show that many will be ready to forcibly right a broken system if the politicians responsible for operating it as it was intended refuse to right their wrongs. Forcing a bill that the majority of the American public clearly did not support is wrong and is a violation of the system. The healthcare law needs to be eliminated as it went against our system's requirements (passing laws based on what your constituents decide, not your personal views).

If anyone here is going to say "Well, they did it to us in (insert situation/date here)!", then do not bother because being childish about the past isn't going to help the future. Talk about it next time, have your own Tea Parties and let the public know that illegal passage of ANY bill is not acceptable. The fact is, if this illegal passage of the healthcare bill is okay with some liberals in this country, that is crossing a line. Are we really under any illusions about which party is going to have the majority after the November elections? Do you REALLY want to open that door of "accepted illegal passage"? It goes both ways, ladies and gentlemen. Sooner or later, liberal or conservative, people are going to get tired of the rule-breaking and will take physical action to rightfully restore our government as it was meant to be: a servant of the people instead of our "trusted leadership".

Mike Vanderboegh sees the overextensions of the government in regards to the Constitution, and looks farther down the line to a time when people will be fed up and will be willing and able to use force to take back the system. In advocating civil disobedience now as well as things like the "We Are Everywhere" campaign, he is attempting to alert the politicians, as well as the American people, that there are those of us who will NOT remain silent if our rights are further infringed upon. He is trying to PREVENT armed conflict through civil disobedience. You shouldn't be dismissing his civil campaigns easily or with an upturned nose. You should pay attention and look at the rest of the country. We're NOT a happy nation, and it is largely because our government no longer functions as it was intended.

Defiant III said...


It sure does look like Rachel has a bad case of "puppy love" for you. ;O)

Defiant III

Anonymous said...

Rally James here.

rah45: Well-written response - calm, sober, thoughtful. Your effort will do some good sometime for someone - law of karma. We may not be able to change the minds of Maddow or her followers, but we can influence those folks who are still struggling to wake up, and can encourage those who already see themselves as part of the "remnant." Good work. And thanks to you too, Mike.

Paytoriot said...

"I am against healthcare, but if it had passed with the support of the majority of Americans then I would have grudgingly accepted it. That's how our system works."

No, our system isn't collectivism. The Constitution is based on individual liberty and the Federal government having enumerated powers. Everything that falls out of those enumerated powers is reserved to the states and to the people.

There is a clear divide between collectivists and individualists, and it is the herd mentality of, "well if everyone else is doing it... I'll do it too." It comes from an inner helplessness and it is disgusting to watch grown adults think like traumatized preschoolers!

Dedicated_Dad said...

Sorry - MadCow clearly has a set of manly-hydraulics just as big as anyone here - if she's still pre-op in any case. I'd bet she also needs to shave 4x/day to avoid the 10/2/5-o'clock shadow.

Kylben -- you're suffering from the same delusion as far to many others on our side of the spectrum: the belief that they're speaking from a position of ignorance.

They're not fools - they're LIARS. They know damn well what the truth is, but said truth doesn't fit their agenda or mission -- to delude the Sheeple.

To believe that The Enemy is pure in its intentions, but misguided, is a fatal error. They're clearly misguided in their INTENTIONS but they know damn well what they're doing.

As I keep saying about TPTB: "They're MARXISTS, not MORONS." The same applies to their lap-dog media propaganda-ministers.

They KNOW.

They LIE.


rah45 said...

No, our system isn't collectivism. The Constitution is based on individual liberty and the Federal government having enumerated powers. Everything that falls out of those enumerated powers is reserved to the states and to the people.

You know, when I was commenting I completely did not think about Americans being forced to accept this bill, otherwise I would have added some words to it. I think that it still holds true, though. Most Americans didn't support the bill because it violates what I believe our rights are. The government does not have the authority to force me to pay for healthcare for myself, and I have a constant inner struggle about healthcare nationwide. I understand that some people just cannot help themselves, and I'm not an a-hole, but I'd like to think that if someone is going to take money from me for the preservation of their health then it should be of my free will and not by threat of force from the U.S.

With that said, I think that even the words I did use in the comment will probably be hard for a lot of libs to swallow. I suppose that time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Loving this megaphone they are giving you. Publicity you couldn't possibly almost wonders, are they doing it deliberately? Is it possible they are trying to slow the collectivist train down without seeming to turn on their Messiah? Or having to admit they were duped by him, and failed in their duty to inform the people? Maybe what's happening actually reaches them on some level. It surely scares them.

I know, I know, ice cubes, hell, etc.

Anonymous said...


Had to back date the registration on this COINTEL op,..reason for the delay in WWW propagation.


kylben said...

@Dedicated Dad: I know they are lying, I know they fully understand the consequences of their preferred policies, and I know their intentions are nothing but malicious. None of that is mutually exclusive with failing to understand their enemies.

If I thought their intentions arose from ignorance, I wouldn't have suggested refraining from educating them, now would I? It's their risk assessment that I believe is in error. As well, their defensive preparations, political and otherwise.

Certainly some among them are aware of the fire they are playing with, and the true nature of the opposition. But their lies go out not just to us, but to their own rank and file, including those talking heads who merely regurgitate talking points. That ignorance will hurt them in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Fusion: Not sure what you're trying to tell us about the whois info - there's nothing of use there that I can see save their domain was registered on 2/5/10

Was there more there before?

Anonymous said...


The restore Duhmerica plan

Fusion III

Anonymous said...

2 points:

1. After reading the comments on Maddow's blog I noticed that about 1/2-2/3 of the way down the only Obamunist left was the clearly deranged troll "nickwolf". Funny that. Perhaps the others realized how bad he/she/it was making their side look & split before someone called them on it & forced them to his/her/its defense.

2. "Nickwolf" also exemplified the Leftist tactic of using Scripture to make/validate a contention, then using "science" (Darwin in this case) to denigrate &/or dismiss whatever theologically framed rebuttal is used in response. rah45/et al should've used that lil' oopsy as a goad to force "nickwolf" into even greater fits of self-defeating schizophrenic gibbering as it's more than likely such a disturbed personality would snap @ that bait like a hungry gar. Ah well, maybe next time.

Cassandra (of Troy)