Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Its baaaaack!": Disinformation so bad I'm ROFLMAO.

OK, guys, my favorite "NWO conspiracy" story from the 90s was the "train-load of guillotines." It was seen here, there and everywhere. Hundreds, thousands, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of GUILLOTINES were coming to get us. COMING! TO! GET! US! AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGH!

Well, the trainload of guillotines is baaaack. And it brought friends.

"Koernke? Is dat du?"

One wonders how stupid you have to be to believe that the "sinister NWO" would actually invest time and money in a means of execution so inefficient, so bizarre, and impossible to keep quiet if it were true. Which, of course, it isn't. True, I mean.

Would someone please throw a net over these disinformation artists? There is a lot of real work to be done and little time to waste. And the purveyors of this ludicrous disinformation call themselves "patriots"?




I think he means "separated" but you get the point.


Kaiser Bill said...

no, really, wait, you know my, uh, Uncle saw them, he was driving, ahhh, an eighteen wheeler, you know?, out to San Diego ? and saw these other, ah, truckers, heading toward, uh, Canada I think, or maybe Idaho, I dunno, but anyway, they had all these big wrapped things on the trailers and also these square concrete cubes big enough to be, like, single person prison cells, so he, uh, CB'd the guys and asked what the wrapped up things were, and they said, like, they were two thousand specially made guillotine blades shipped over from Germany, or Switzerland or something.

Bad Cyborg said...

I watched the video. It sounded like the narration was a text to speech program. The whole thing is preposterous.

Just goes to show that sense is the least common thing in the universe. Or maybe COURTESY is the least common and sense is the next least common. I never can decide which of the two is less common.

Anonymous said...

What was that? The battle of the links, or something? Youtube is blocked at my current location, so I'll have to look later.

Sigivald said...

Actually... I've never managed to see that particular one.

I've heard the "zomg detention kampz!" meme (ie, train repair yards are all evil plots to kill us all).

I've heard "black helicopters from the UN".

But... what? Guillotines? Trainloads? That's just STUPID.

It doesn't even make sense if you grant a mass-murderous conspiracy in the first place!

Mike in KY said...

Gosh. Sounds like the narrator of that video is the same guy who does the seven day extended forecast on my NOAA weather radio. That's how they talk, I tell ya! It's part of their programming!

I KNEW the National Weather Service was in on it! Heh.