Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I always thought it was a mistake when we took the death penalty off the table for rape. Now I know I was right.

For some jobs, only a rope works best.

My thanks to Irregular TypeAy for forwarding this. I'm with him when he says, "Wow, 'Robin of Berkeley' absolutely nails it."

April 07, 2010

The Rape of America

By Robin of Berkeley

Let's start by analyzing the mind of a rapist. His goal: Domination and absolute power, through any means necessary.

His motivation: punishing another, degrading her, feeling superior and God-like. Making her feel like an object, nothing, a no-thing.

What else propels him? Taking what he wants just because he wants it. Feeling the surge of power, the adrenaline rush, the thrill of stealing a piece of her.

Anything else? Feeding primitive, twisted impulses; expressing sadistic needs; the savage excitement of subjugating and controlling another.

Those most likely to rape? Someone who was sexually abused himself, an outsider, a person robbed of a normal childhood. A man who has carved an identity out of rage and envy and resentment. Someone who feels entitled to take whatever he wants.

What fosters rape? Parents missing in action. A culture that thumbs its nose at God.

And a society that minimizes crime, that even heralds certain criminals as heroes. (Some Black Panthers were rapists, yet they're revered as idols.) A culture where punishment is weak and politicians are moral cowards, fearful of the ACLU.

What else? A media that celebrates debauchery, that entertains through degrading and objectifying. Popular rap songs and cool hip-hop artists whose words slice and dice women. Films where anything goes, where hot lesbian sex scenes are as omnipresent as those boneheaded authority figures.

And the aftermath of rape? The destruction of something in the victim that will never return: a feeling of safety in the world, in her own body. The nightmare of being treated as an animal -- no, worse than this, since animals are now venerated. And from this nightmare she may never completely awaken.

This, in a nutshell, is how rape works. But words alone can never capture the enormity, the horror, the soul-crushing evil of rape. And not only females can be victims; men and little boys are violated, with women, on rare occasions, as perpetrators.

The word "rape" has an intriguing history. It originally denoted the violent seizure of property. I'm going to use the term in both the historic and modern sense to convey what is happening today.

This country is being raped.

It's no coincidence that the race for the presidency began with vile behavior against Hillary Clinton -- a high-tech wilding of sorts, with her body and sexuality defiled.

But the abuse of Clinton was a walk in the park compared to what has been done to Sarah Palin. Because she's a conservative, and an attractive, younger woman, the debasement has progressed at a fever pitch.

And just like in a gang rape, people who could have done something about it didn't. In fact, the liberal media and many Democrats have stood around watching, egging on the players.

Can someone explain to me how the Democrats' complicity is any different from what happened a few months ago at Richmond High School? There, a gang of boys raped and beat a girl as a crowd not only snickered, but filmed the assault.

We also have the economic rapes, the constant shrieks of "Gimme, gimme." Give me what you have because I want it. Whether it's the iPod torn from your ear, or a big chunk of your income, or your standard of living, no matter. I want it, I demand it, give it to me.

Or the intrusions into our very bodies by ObamaCare's Biggest of Big Brothers. Our medical records, our personal information, our physician/patient relationship, our DNA -- they want it, so they will take it from us.

And now that the Left has finally appropriated our health care and our student loans, our banks and newspapers and automobile companies, are they happy? Satisfied? Grateful, for God's sake?

No, the mocking continues, the outright threats and the violence escalate. Suddenly conservatives are not simply opponents exercising First Amendment rights. We're delusional, crazy, violent, not quite human.

This is what happens when miscreants get away with immoral behavior. In the criminal arena, when the bad guys are given a wink-wink, or a "boys will be boys," or, "He's a victim of white privilege," the perp becomes more emboldened. And he's even more contemptuous of a culture that lets him get away with, quite literally at times, murder.

Still not convinced that what's going on is a Rape of America?

What about the queering of children, our School Czar having a history of teaching kids about fisting and water sports? Or schoolchildren being subjected to graphic talks by transsexuals or transvestites or promoters of the sexuality du jour?

What about forcing their way into young, impressionable minds, teaching them to hate? Like Palestinian children programmed to despise Israelis, our kids also learn animosity -- but toward America.

Still not sure that the sexualization of children, the wilding of women, the looting of the economy, and the intrusions into our bodies constitute the Rape of America?

I have one final piece of evidence. A majority of citizens are shouting "No," from the rooftops. No! to ObamaCare. No! to socialism. No! to trashing the Constitution.

And yet, to Obama and the Left, the assertion of "No" does not matter. Smug and entitled, drunk with power and giddy when they see our fear, they take what they want anyway.


Taylor H said...

Great analysis. Exactly what happened to Austria.

Kevin Patrick said...

Interesting how the rapist the author makes is only male. As far as the death penaly goes, if you can trust the legal system implicitly, I suppose it might be all right. But only a fool would trust the legal system.

I don't trust the state enough to give it the power of life and death.

hamyheadmp said...

This should be on the front page of EVERY paper in the United States. No way the truth could be spoken plainer.

Kerry said...

Although spoken about fact-rapists, one is reminded of Kim du Toit's "Tree, rope, journalist; some assembly required".

Anonymous said...

Well....its not just the left, the scaffold is a fitting place for all of them with the sole exception of Dr. Paul, look at the voting records.

Anonymous said...

That is some powerful writing!

Qi Ji Guang said...

I am thoroughly impressed, and DAMN RIGHT is the writer absolutely on the point.

Anonymous said...

three nooses... they could be used to suspend effigies of any three major commie tyrants in our current regime...

drjim said...

Wish I could write like that!

shiloh1862 said...

Very well written. The imagery is nice. Hits the females, which need to be brought into the fold. Be nice if this went viral.

Sent it to a female statist friend of mine. She was very unhappy but conceeded most of the authors points.


dennis308 said...

This writer has truly "HIT THE NAIL on THE HEAD" with this story. And we the victims the American people still do nothing,we wait for the next intolerable act. How many times is the victim raped before She either accepts Her fate as it is to be, a virtual if not actual slave to sercumstance. When doe's She either rise up and destroy the perpertrator of Her subjectude or selfdetruct by commiting suicide or looses Her mind and concisness of self.

My time is limited like that of all Men and I know that time is one Commodity that we have to little of, if we as a free-country have not already run out of.

If the Goverment will not be the one to fire that "first shot" then I fear that some one else will take it upon them-selfs to do so. I pray that this does not happen, that we can continue to find the pacients to wait for the Goverment in either their stupidity or their arrogance do indeed comitt that final act that would Justify Us In Rising Up Against this Oppressor,Our Rapist,this Goverment that takes our freedoms more and more each day and burdends us with labors that we cannot compleat in the form of taxation and fees to suport their programs and services that are insuportable and unsuportable and then lash out at us with their progressive "free-press"and ridicule and menace us and call for the "authoritys"to put us down and resubject us to ever greater abuses.


Are the dreams of my grand-children to die by my own hand while I wait for the next intollerable act to be committed against my way of life,In the words of one of our native peoples TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE!!!

Guide me Oh Lord I pray to Thee.


aughtsix said...

Absolutely correct, and a devastating analogy to explain the devolution of our once great culture.




Longbow said...

Are we, as a nation ready to give up our "kinda-sorta-maybe a little bit" clinging to Socialism?

Are we ready to get rid of, and I mean permanently get rid of...

Socialist Security
Food Stamps
School Lunch Program
Department of... (too many to list)


Yes or no?

If yes, we may be able to restore the Republic. Take the red pill and wake up. See the world as it really is.

If no, then we might as well admit defeat and go home. Take the blue pill, go back to your dream world.

The Socialists, Communists, Blood-Suckers, Parasites, Control Freaks will not stop until YOU and I are completely subjugated.

Folks, We CANNOT leave the Socialists partially in control. We cannot beat them back HALFWAY! We must rid our nation of the very notion that a little bit of socialism is OK, that we can live with a little bit of a choke-collar around our necks.

Life! Liberty! Property! To achieve these ends, governments are instituted among men...

Wyn Boniface said...

I angered my American History II professor so bad for calling rape to be a capital offense again. Funny thing was the entire class agreed with me.

Knuck said...

It is a slow and tedious process,this thieving of of a nations prosperity and soul. We have waited long enough,been paitient long enough,been disguised long enough. The hell with it! Let's take evreything we want now; we might not get another chance. That is what is going on right now.A political solution would be desirable, if possible,to stop and reverse this damage being inflicted upon us. When I was sixteen, I witnessed something that I will never forget. A guy I grew up with was bothering a girl and her father told him to stay away from her. He disregarded what the father said and basically raped the girl. A few weeks later,the guy was dragged out of a car,laid out on the street and had both of his hand turned into Jello with a ballpean hammer. Clear message! Are we going to rely on the political and/or legal system to halt this rape of our country? I for one don't think these rapists have any fear or regard for the consequences that the political or justice system could bring down upon them. Maybe it is time to get out the hammers. Knuck

Dedicated_Dad said...

The analogy is a good one.

Rape is NOT about sex - it's about POWER.

So is everything else they're doing - none of it is really about (pollution, medical care, WHATEVER) - it's ALL about *POWER*!

As to the "headline" - this is EXTREMELY dangerous. An FBI study in the late 90s found that a full 1/3 of men convicted on her ID did not match the DNA collected from her... er... "Crime Scene".

A full ONE THIRD - at least 334 innocent men in prison in this one 1,000-man study.

Naturally the FBI - paragons of truth and justice - let the innocent go free, right?


They wouldn't even tell the innocents that the DNA proved their innocence. Every one had to try to get a new appeal based on new-found DNA evidence, and pay the thousandS-of-dollars for the testing. Last I heard, only a few had been able to gain release.

Now THINK: If 1/3 were not even involved, what percentage of the others didn't know they'd been "raped" until he didn't call as promised? How many were malicious charges by a scorned woman? How many had been caught cheating - or by Daddy - and screamed "RAPE!"??!!

No doubt SOME - and likely a significant percentage. Some studies have found a large number of charges are spurious.

For the real monsters - the unquestionably evil and guilty - I'd agree, but not for everyday-Joes who are as likely to be falsely/maliciously or mistakenly charged as they are to be guilty.