Friday, April 2, 2010

The Hutaree and the eternal wisdom of the Shawnee people. -- 'Scar My Tattered Body No More With Your Punishing Dildo Mallet'

You may recall CPT R.A. Bear's explanation of the word "Hutaree" meaning "stupid white man" in the language of the Shawnee.

Here we have proof positive of the eternal wisdom of the Shawnee people. Be sure and watch the video.

Getting these guys to do anything their Fibbie provocateur wanted must have been a piece of cake.


dennis308 said...

Something I must be missing these are the guys that were going to instigate a new U.S.Civil War,or some kind of Holly War? excuse me but,WHAT THE F%&K am I missing???

DMS said...

I wonder how the FBI happened to select this particular group for...attention. Surely they could have come up with _somebody_ with a more credibility as a threat.

Or maybe the lesson here is that it really doesn't matter, and the government could charge a dozen sock monkeys with "conspiracy" and the establishment media would just run with it.


Anonymous said...


Louisville, KY

Anonymous said...

Un... uh... Un...

There's so much about this that's Un... Un... UN-SO-MANY-THINGS.

This guy hardly seems likely to be a member of such an allegedly "Christian" bunch!??!

God help us...

Anonymous said...

"I wonder how the FBI happened to select this particular group for...attention."
My guess is likes attract...bwahaha!
Sorry, couldn't help it!
Wayne B

dakotas5 said...

They probably found the video at the ATF agent from Houston's library. The one with the kinky door in the motel.

Anonymous said...

Like a predator selects the most obvious target, I submit that the Ataris were targeted for similar reasons.

The political part of this is, "Who could argue with targeting this group? They're crazy!" If you get a nice bipartisan agreement on the affirmative, then you use that as a hunting license to go after others in the "herd" of militias who are not so far out.

And then when you go after people who aren't militias, but tar them with the same brush, those compromised, but bipartisan GOPrs will have no credibility to call for calm from either the militias or the government attack squads.

This raid serves The Regime's purpose of eroding opposition WITHIN government as well as foreshadowing elimination of opposition outside of it.

Mark my words.

III to get ready

patriot_ohio said...

All you can say about the Quack-ing Feebs is that they only seem to be able to arrest the kind of mental midgets that GW Bush was famous for executing as Governor of Texas.

When ALL YOU CAN CATCH are freaking retards, what does that say about your Law Enforcement Prowess?

How about catching a Fer Rill Terrorist sometime FBI???? Or is that TOO hard for you cry baby SOB's?

Sheesh. Who has the TIME to come up with this crap????

The FBI are the laughingstock of the USA. You people should go apply for jobs with Benny Hill.



Happy D said...

Best insanity defense ever.