Saturday, April 3, 2010

Goodbye American Exceptionalism?

My thanks to Irregular Matthew R. for forwarding this.


Taylor H said...

Only if we let it.

Anonymous said...

The third paragraph said;

"Americans are preparing to fight another American Revolution, this time, a peaceful one with election ballots...but the "causes" of both are the same:"

Rep. Ryan are you kidding me??? I had no reason to waste my time in reading the balance of the article.
Yep, this time the American Revolution is going to be peaceful, Kumbuya. When you grow a set of balls how about rewriting your article. The American people have been ignored, slandered and pissed on by every suit on the Hill.
One last question Rep. Ryan. Why was it okay for the first Americans to pick up their rifles to defend liberty and freedom. In 2010 we better not speak of such things???? Why??

Newark, Ohio

rexxhead said...

You can't say 'farewell' to American exceptionalism. That ship left the dock years ago.

Anonymous said...

'American exceptionalism' could be described as widely misunderstood, especially by lefties.

348 said...

The dead elephant party will never do what the article describes. It will be another 1994 where they get in power and continue exactly what the others did.

dennis308 said...

If anyone is foolish enough to realy belive that this comming revolution will be peacefull then they are only searching for compremise and not real Liberty. One the GOP will not gain enough seats in Congress or the Senate to get enough control to repeal the Bull Shit Health Care Act, Presidental Veto is still a powerfull too land we know Obumass will use it. Second if the GOP doe's get enough control to override Obumass Veto it will only mean another swing of the pendulium of Party Power and MORE Govermental control,the only difference would be Republican BIG GOVERMENT till the next election or the one after that. Un-till we as people accept that the Two Party system as we know now JUST DON'T WORK! And untill we accept the FACT that neither of these PARTYS are willing to realy be limited in what they can do by the constitution then we will have no true freedom. THe Political System Has To be Rebuilt,and before that happens you would more likly see the Dems. and GOPs joining together to OPPOSE the Citizens of the country labeling U.S. as Terorists. In clossing understand this in order to refurbish a house you have to teardown some walls,or to restore a automobile you hve to take it apart anything less is only half-measures.

Anonymous said...

Electing another batch of crooks will change things? Explain that to me. Speak slower and use smaller words. I'm kind of stupid. Now where's the remote?

Anonymous said...

Obviously, he knows the line has been crossed. He likened the health care reform bill to the Intolerable Acts, one passed amidst a citizen revolt then and now. He even called it an atrocity, a word which means appalling or a monstrosity inflicted with force upon people. Pretty strong language.

One might be quick to rightly conclude there could not be another act which offends on a greater scale than this health care reform bill which is now law. Indeed, if a second more severe act were to be written and become law, what stronger language could we use to express an even greater level of anger and disgust? I daresay there is no stronger language available. We are now using the strongest terms available to describe our situation. We need not hold out for yet another line to be crossed. We have reached our limits.

And the proposed solution is to... them out?

Listen carefully and you just might hear the sound of my disappointment crashing to the floor. How did that saying go: Desperate times call for...what was the word? Patience? Compromise? Proper and legal behavior? Corrupt elections? No...they call for Desperate Measures!

Obviously, this politician knows how to use inflammatory rhetoric, but he's talking to the wrong audience. Congress needs to hear these words.

Where is the politician bold enough to address Congress with the words, "Some Americans are ready to take up arms over this and I will be joining them if you don't repeal this bill within 10 days." We need a Patrick Henry speaking for us in Congress because they are obviously not hearing the shouts from the citizenry.

Anonymous said...

For me, peace, should a revolution be forced upon us, will be me dying in a field, a rifle in my hands, staring at the sky.

Should that time come, so be it.

We will not vote our way out of this.



Fire said...

patrick3 = You left out one key sentence in your description of your version of final peace -
"For me, peace, should a revolution be forced upon us, will be me dying in a field, a rifle in my hands, staring at the sky,
( and threescore of the bodies of our foes at my feet! )

Thomas Jefferson Wolff said...

My reply over there, though lengthy, should garner some smiles over here, I hope Ryan reads it. Feel free to forward it to him if ya wanna, he ain't my congresscritter.

(Mike, forgive me for this, but I feel it is worth the bandwidth! :D )

Mr. Paul Ryan,

Although you propose a plan that is "better" than the current crap sandwich being forced on us, that does not mean that it is GOOD. There is so much in your plan that needs to be reconsidered that I am sure you will find it all if you only go back through everything. A LOT of us do not want ANY Gov't health plan, we are self-sufficient in that respect among many others. Government on ALL levels should be rarely seen and never heard. If Gov't would just get out of the way, we would see massive prosperity in a few short years.
THEN, even the lowlife bottom feeders would want a piece of that endless pie. If they don't, let them die.
"Can't fix stupid, ya know?"

More important, you are very ignorant in one glaring way. You espouse "free market democracy" and "democracy" in general, both antithetical to a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. LOSE that terminology, it offends the conservative/libertarian majority of us in the united States. Get an education as to what our founders and many other contemporaries said about "democracy" and how it is a self-destructive system.

Please show me where the word "democracy" is written in the DoI, the Constitution, the Federalist or AntiFederalist Papers, or even the Articles of Confederation. "Democracy" is a concept that was always
scorned. Read up, son.

"Mob Rule" has destroyed every Republic in history. It needs to be eliminated in this country before it is too late. Otherwise, amid the imminent economic and social collapse that we face, we will also be looking at an armed RESTORATION of the Constitution. Of course, that may be inevitable, as well.

A quote:
"God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. … What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."
- Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Stephens Smith (13 November 1787)

It has been 150 years since the Confederacy fought for states rights, and they lost to Federal subjugation. And anybody out there foolish enough to believe that we are NOT in as dire a position as we were 235 years ago had better look at the DoI and compare the situations. History repeats itself with a slight twist each time.

Our current crop of statists and collectivists can choose from a variety of other countries to live in and control, they just can't have THIS one!

As has been posted in many places, if an immediate reversal of this current trend is not implemented, then there is only the following to consider as to the mindset of Constitutionalists and libertarians:

"We are screwed. There's gonna be a fight. We are going to win!"

That is not "sedition" or any other such nonsense, it is perfectly legal and Constitutional. I am too old to physically fight, but I can sure stand and cheer and support the younger people in our military and law enforcement along with at least 20 million or up to 100 million "civilians" as they reclaim our country.

Give us back our Constitution!

Thank you for reading, sir.

Victor Ragnarök said...

Gentlemen may cry 'peace! peace!'... but there is no peace.

Tom Wolff said...

A continuation of my comments, being a dumbassed redneck racist and all:

A lot of great comments, and some rabid ones as well.

I guess some people will not understand pure American individuality and independence until it hits them in the most literal way. I have no use for the moochers that suckle at the public teat.

Paul Ryan, wake up and speak to REAL American values, or just get outta the way. Seriously.

We DO NOT give a rat's behind about "health care reform"!

WE want to be able to expand our businesses without STUPID Gov't regulations and paperwork.

WE want to be able to be hired and perform without being taxed to death supporting the worthless among us.

WE want to be able to earn a decent wage or contract amount without being undercut by ILLEGALS!

WE want to know what you and the "dead elephant party" are going to do to let us make money, while
decreasing the Federal Gov't by 95% (The FedGov is useless, admit it!) and thus reducing our taxes that only go to an illegal and fraudulent Federal Reserve (cough) that has bankrupted this once mighty nation.

Do you understand fractional banking and derivatives and the end result of EVERY fiat currency?

I do. You buy the beer, I will sit with you over a week and educate you in those matters as well as the Constitutional ones.

IF you can address our concerns, go for it.

If not, you are just part of a system that we should ignore from now on, you and the donkey party alike.

The same corrupt system, just slightly different in their PR crap. What happens when 100 million Americans decide to STOP paying taxes and prefer to "starve the beast", no matter what their political persuasion?

You ready ta step up to the plate? You have some half-baked ideas that sound good, I wonder if you can carry them through to being really good plans.

I await your reply...


Oh, did I mention that we all need to make money now?

Thought I'd reiterate that, and how it is of MUCH MORE IMPORTANCE than some stupid "health care bill".

WE are losing businesses and therefore jobs at a rate that has not been seen since the '30's.

The REAL unemployment numbers are 22-25% nationwide. (


Tom Wolff said...

And my last post over there. Yeah, I am PISSED and I really wanna go purely medieval, but I want to warn with words at this point:

Wow, a few hours and no snarky little retorts from the lame brained collectivists that want to steal OUR earnings to support their food supply and drug habits? (Another separate issue in which I question the wisdom of punishing people for personal choices.)

The silence is deafening.

I laugh in defiance and it echoes in the halls of Freedom. The sound is amplified by compatriots...

May the reverberations shatter the fragile crystal palaces of the statist elites and crash upon their followers...

"May you live in interesting times"

Anonymous said...


Love your question, brother:

Why was it okay for the first Americans to pick up their rifles to defend liberty and freedom.

In 2010 we better not speak of such things???? Why??

Newark, Ohio

Great Question !

What might be the cause ?

I think it's because we seriously mis-understand the nature of God & mis-judge the nature of evil, and therefore it hampers our ability to deal with evil men,
their motives & actions.

Reason with me here:

Consider that America is full of Christians who are 'nicer than Jesus' - no joke.


Prior generation revered Jesus as King of Kings & Lord of Lords, now most call him their 'personal savior'.

Talk about being stripped of One's rank & de-moted!

Now, you don't have to change or repent, just be fulfilled' (while your love of injustice and greedy gain thru taxation & regulation continue unabated !!).

Yes, He truly saves sorry sinners - then enjoins them to repent (the original word meant a picture of 'About Face' - a 180 turn by a marching army.)

Our Colonial forefathers asked: 'what does God require of me ?',

Today many ask: 'what's in this jesus thing for me ?'

See the problem ?

This false picture distorts God into a heavenly bellboy & us into opportunists devoid of character

Whom else are 'opportunists, devoid of character' ? :

- Virtually all of Congress, (save Ron Paul)

- Pastors who KNOW God's Word, demands justice, but hold their tongue for the sake of peace - a false, uneasy, delusional peace.

They are well aware that our Rights are under attack, but they dare not even issue a mild rebuke, as they only know a cartoon jesus, who cannot deliver us from or defeat evil.

From this continual compromise, we now stand on the precipice of possible civil war.

Consider how it was once upon a time:

In colonial days, Pastors played the man, preaching "election day" sermons, to every elected official - messages of the need of the Civil magistrate to obey King Jesus or perish - Psalm 2:9-11, and of their DUTY to safeguard the citizens rights.

They knew that 'the Fear of the LORD, is to depart from Evil'.

They knew not to trust them with the power of elective office without that stern warning.

WOW - haven't done that in our lifetimes have we - and it shows !

King George III (him, too ?!) feared such preachers as the 'Black Regiment'.

Today the average Pastor is a Statist Lapdog,comfy with Caesar & his henchmen - they golf together.

Rep. Ryun has drunk this same Kool-Aid. and mis-judges this evil, assuming it is going to disappear by VOTING - REFUSING to call evil by it's proper name -

"Woe unto those who call good evil & evil good."

How shall we rise above this corrupted thinking ?

Do & Be the opposite ! Emulate our forefathers deeds !

We must be in watchful prayer about all this: LORD, please forgive, lead & empower us.

Read the Scriptures: Psalm 2, 78, 110 & 149 are a must read.

Dr. Patrick Henry & Dr. Samuel Adams have much wise counsel to give - read their every word.

Read the stories of God's miraculous, Providential leading - Washington & the Battle of Long Island, Washington at the Battle of Monongahela, New England's salvation from the French Fleet, Patrick Henry's speech, Valley Forge, - teach them all to our children.

The LORD is described as the LORD of HOSTS - 'God of the Armies'- such an army advances on our knees !

[Which is helpful as prone is my most accurate position - you ?]

For King Jesus & Liberty,

Chaplain Dave
Texas Minutemen
III - We Are Everywhere

Anonymous said...

What Ryan, the dead elephant doesn't connect with is right in his article. When you have a plurality of people who, in some form or another, are sucking at the govt teat, these tax termites will not willingly consent to have their freebies turned off. So, if congress becomes a majority of dead elephants this November, there will be no entitlement rollbacks or anything similar. Once again, you have a talking baloney-and-cheese-with-mayo-on-wonder-bread sandwich trying to ingratiate himself with some of the "little people" these hacks need to pay their salaries and keep them in power. Life is a vale of tears.

Patrick Henry said...

Continued from previous comment


Neither I nor any other Patriot I know wants civil war - we understand better than most what horrors it would bring - but we'll also not stand for further expansion of tyranny. Unlike the enemy, we know that there are causes worth killing and dying for if necessary. We also have the tools necessary to complete the task - unlike the lefty weaklings who are a'skeered of 'em.

Most of all, we know that we'll have the blessing of divine providence behind us in our righteous cause.

We're not the "extremists" - as claimed by the Demmunists and their Leftian sycophants and lap-dog/Demmunist-controlled media - THEY are. We are not the ones who want to forever change our system of government - THEY ARE. We want nothing more than for Government to live within its proper bounds as defined in the Constitution. In short, we aren't willing to fight in a "revolution" - but rather - if forced - in a struggle for RESTORATION. We're simply humble men who know our history, and know what this will all lead to if we don't stop it, and willing to make any sacrifice necessary to do so - and by any MEANS necessary.

It's long past time for all of us to begin speaking plainly of what *WILL* happen if we continue on this course.

Let me also make clear: We WILL NOT be the ones to start it, but if we're forced into this fight we WILL finish it.

One last point: Much has been made of the armed/open-carry rally scheduled for 4/19 in VA's Fort Hunt park. You've been told we chose that date because it's the anniversary of the OKC bombing, and/or because it's also the date of the WACO massacre. As usual, THEY LIE.

It's the anniversary of "The shot heard 'round the world" - the first battle of our Revolution - at Lexington MA. Any child would probably know this, or if they simply checked any "this date in history" reference/website or even Googled the date they'd know. The Enemy DOES know - and they want to smear us with evil anyway.

G*d Save Our Republic - at this point it seems he's the only one who can.

If this be treason, make the most of it.

I know not what course others may take, but as for me - GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!


Patrick Henry said...

Here's my comment left for comrade ryan:

"We *ALL* need to pray without ceasing that SCOTUS overturns this illegitimate travesty, and that the Ballot Box does the job in November.

I no longer fear speaking what I know to be truth: Without something akin to Divine intervention, true, violent "civil" war is almost inevitable.

Our Founders (Peace Be Upon Them) gave us 4 boxes to use to resist government tyranny:
(1) The SOAP box
(2) The BALLOT box
(3) The JURY box and
(4) The CARTRIDGE box.

At this point, #1 is essentially moot. The Demmunists and their leftian sycophants hold total and complete control over all mass media. It would be shocking if it weren't so much a part of the repertoire of ALL tyrants throughout history.

#2 is - frankly - a joke. We do not have a 2-party system, we have a ONE party system - he Government party. It has two branches - at least in public - best defined as "Stupid" (AKA Republitards) and "Evil" (AKA Demmunists.) It's essentially impossible for anyone to gain any electoral seat above local dog catcher without approval of and help from one of these branches - the laws are written by them to favor them, especially any incumbents.

#3 - the JURY box - is almost as bad as the first two. That "Heller" was anything less than unanimous is worrisome, that it was 5-4 is simply incredible -- and this was *BEFORE* the (hack-spit) "wise latina" was layered on. This one presents SOME chance, though I'd never bet the odds of them overturning it.

#4 - the CARTRIDGE box - is the only one whose utility has continually INCREASED in recent history. Dear Reader did more for the gun-business than any president in history, selling as many as a million guns a month. Ammunition is even more dear, with the exponentially-increased demand creating major shortages at retail and even wholesale levels - and the exponentially-increased prices are STILL not creating much of a quelling of demand.

If you believe all those people are buying all those guns for investment or other peaceful purpose, you're as dumb as those who believe Dear Reader's every lie.

At this point - while those in power fiddle, the fires of all-out revolution continue to smoulder, and their every lie, their everyslander and libel of, and every steam-roll over the will of their RIGHTFUL masters (We The People) is akin to trying to put out a real fire with gasoline. In sum, each act of arrogance an tyranny brings us one step closer to the lid blowing off..."

Continued next post

Anonymous said...

Like the "dead elephant party" or not your choices are very limited. Many politicians on both sides are "crooks" and The is our number 2 problem. Our number one problem is the far left agenda that has total control of the "dead ass party". Lets get together to solve problem number 1.
In 1992 many independents and disappointed Republicans voted for a third party candidate and gave us Clinton!! He only got 42% of the vote but we got him anyway. If you allow yourself to be split by the "dead ass party" we will get far worse then Clinton gave us. Most of us are beginning to open our eyes to what the left wants and it isn't pretty. The Democrats intend to win in November (or at least not lose too badly) with a very simple plan. They will discredit the tea party and other independent groups, they have already done it in fact with the tried and true method of declaring you all racist. And they will split the right into two groups of voters. Their long term plan is to give illegals amnesty and over time gain 20 million voters. This will guarantee them a majority for the next 100 years. If we allow ourselves to be split simply because we cannot agree on everything then we will get a government which we will disagree with on everything. Obama and his Chicago gang intend to destroy this country and our constitution. November 2010 is your last best chance to stop it. It is not a perfect chance and even if we win we are probably stuck with socialized healthcare, but make no mistake it can get worse. We either need to hang together or we will hang separately. This is no time to get wobbly...