Saturday, April 3, 2010

"An elite and dangerous gun."



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Say guys, how do you plan on recovering that elite and dangerous gun? Wait, I know, raid the local militia unit!!

III to get ready...

MamaLiberty said...

“It's very likely the suspect or suspects didn't realize they were breaking into a law enforcement vehicle,” Davidson said.

See, that's the problem! If those silly criminals had KNOWN they were stealing from a cop...

Like the "no gun" signs on disarmed victim zones... they must just need bigger signs!

AAAAGGGGG! I just can't STAND it any longer. :(

Taylor H said...

Uh...more like 'delicate and very expensive'

Steve said...

I'd be a little pissed if someone stole mine, but I'd also deserve it being stolen if I was stupid enough to leave it in my unlocked car. I'd probably also be under arrest for some type of negligence.

E said...

They did say it was automatic, I wonder if the media even know the difference between semi-auto and full auto? They probably don't, but if it was full auto, what a sweet weapon. Too bad its in the hands of some punk kid now. Nothing like some NFA fun!

Pat H. said...

Elite (translation): A gun only the centurions are "allowed" to have.

Automatic weapons are devices for turning money into noise(No, I wouldn't prohibited them, I speak strictly about tactical use).

As for dangerous, well, I certainly hope all my firearms are dangerous, I wouldn't own one that wasn't.

Iowa Patriots said...

How about searching everything this guy owns. And his buddies too. Sounds a little too conveniently missing. Of course, it may have been sod already.

Big D said...

Once again "the Ones" show their continued excellent control over firearms...........unlike we simple folk out here who can't be trusted with our firearms. What freakin', ongoing hypocrisy!

You do solid work Mike and all the other contributors!

"Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice, And moderation in the pursuit of Justice is no virtue" -- Barry Goldwater

Wild Deuce said...

How about a description of what the gun was wearing? .... Had to be something denoting the elite and dangerous nature of the weapon ...a little Black Beret maybe?

Anonymous said...

An M-4a is a "personal defense weapon" well-known as semi-effective (with one hit) on drug-motivated skinnies and paradise-bound muzzies at ranges beyond 75M. The official fix is to hit the enemy up to 8 times in the vital areas to stop him. With accurate shooting and 30-round magazines, up to 4 motivated BG's could be stopped "any time now" before reloading.

Wasn't General Petraeus shot in the chest at 40M with a 5.56N during training when a LtC? AFAICT, he's fine now. This is a testimony to non-lethality/non-effectiveness if I've ever heard one.

No doubt, M-4a's are light and convenient to carry. That's just-right for guarding AF bases in CONUS. They are probably perfect for small women, small-stature foreign soldiers, and 13 year old American boys and girls hunting small critters.

Full-size American soldiers need as much rifle as they can handle, and training of 1949-quality to help them place accurate fire on distant individual enemy targets. "Mass-fire" as a strategy is a waste of materials and mis-use of soldiers who can do much more.

American "Peace Officers" should have no use for an M-4A. The fact that they have them is a symptom of "me so tactical/fed-style" militarization of our formerly-locally-controlled police.

If someone comes through my front door with a gun and a mask yelling "police", they get the same treatment as any masked criminal: An unfair gunfight.

Legitimate police officers/sheriff's deputies knock at the front door during business/daylight hours in uniform with a marked car and show me the warrant, and will wait while I call the police non-emergency number to confirm the warrant. No hurry and everyone goes home tonight.

Anonymous said...

Lets review this example of 'professional' journalism;
Assault, automatic, elite.
They left out "man-eating", illegal,
explosive, wicked, evil, dangerous, etc.
Where do we get these buffoons?

Anonymous said...

Within about the last year the Wheeling, W.V. pd had 3 M4's stolen from officers cars/homes. They mostly kept it quiet.

Tom Wolff said...

OK, I just want to convey the LAUGHTER
behind these keystrokes!

I have a few Bushy's but to consider a MOUSEGUN (Or "poodleshooter", as Mr. Cooper referred to them) which was undoubtedly semi and NOT full auto, as an "elite and dangerous gun"? My neices shot with them at 10 yrs old! With impressive results!
Good genes, I figger... :D

I wonder what they would consider my FAL or M1A? A WMD? LMMFAO!

The Pussification of America is
rampant. As the old CSN&Y song goes,
"Teach Your Children Well".

THAT, my friends, is what will eventually make us free again.

Anonymous said...

Another "Only One" episode. This officer hardly sounds "elite" to me. As well as NOT taking the time to properly train and discipline his weapons. I have weapons, and whenever I leave them someplace, they just sit there. They have NEVER jumped up, run around, and behaved in a dangerous manner.

I know I'm mis-quoting, but here goes.
"There are no dangerous weapons. There are only dangerous minds. Everything else is just a tool."

B Woodman

Mike H said...

My fatass former bil had his 'service gun' stolen.

It has, of course, been used in a crime.

Then again, he is a crime himself