Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The limits of a campaign based upon a cult of personality.

It was announced on Fox Business channel this morning that last night, in the aftermath of his second-place finish in Iowa, Donald Trump did not Tweet or Instagram once.


Anonymous said...

The Democrat plot fell apart.
It turns out that a bunch of online support was just Rubio subversives posing as Trump supporters. In the end, democrats voted for Trump and handed Bernie a great night as a result. Hillary now can explain a delegate win while a popular vote loss ha ha. Karma is all over this election.

Anonymous said...

... There is no 2nd Place ...

Ma Duce

Chiu ChunLing said...

Basically, Trump has never been serious about winning. He just wants to get out of this without looking like he backed down.

But his supporters are still serious about their 'toxic extremism', even if Trump won't lead them.

Bad Cyborg said...

Really? Not even once? Not even a single defiant post about how this is just a minor setback? Where is the old Trump swagger? The bravado?

harp1034 said...

Don't count the Donald out yet. He has money to carry on. After SC we should know if it is a two man or three man race. I look for Jeb Bush to stay in all the way to the convention.

Anonymous said...

For gosh sakes, it was IOWA! Hardly a true bellwether of the entire country.

Rather, as was pointed out two thirds of the Republican caucus attendees, were evangelicals. Even as a Christian, I find many evangelicals so self-righteous and hard to stomach for a few minutes, let alone an entire evening of caucus proceedings.

Further, as also reported, TRUMP had virtually NO ground game in Iowa, as opposed to Cruz and Rubio, who each had a sophisticated and expensive GOTV effort in place.

Finally, in a caucus, you express your preference in the open, no secret ballots!Before any hasty conclusions are drawn, let's see how TRUMP makes out in a real election setting, not the contrived BS of the Iowa caucus.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump served his purpose of showing our candidates that they don't need to be afraid of the media and the democrats (but I repeat myself), that it's OK to fight back, be anti-PC and stand up for the people. God Bless Donald Trump for that. But now it's time to back Ted Cruz all the way.

Anonymous said...

Don't count the Donald out yet. After Nh and SC we should be able to tell if it is a three or two man race.

Anonymous said...

I will repeat this Cruz and Rubio can NEVER win in a general. The Marxists will crush them.

Cruz'sown father stated he "was anointed like a king to be president." Yet, Trump is called a demagogue and a 'cult of personality.'

The problem with this argument lies in Trump's enemies. They are your enemies-the Left(go to communist website) the GOPe, Wall Street cronies, Dems and socialists, the state run media.

Of course, he will look like a over the top personality--how else to do it when you are facing an all out war on all sides?

Your own ex Marxists like Horowitz state no logic, no rational argument, no status quo rhetoric can defeat a third world dictator mentality and the last 7 years have proven it.

No compromising pols like Rubio from gang of 8 and Cruz handing out teddy bears at the border will defeat the Marxists. Besides the fact, they are both beholden to their donors.

The second problem with this is you are trashing his supporters.

I can only hope to God that America survives when another communist takes over in 2016. I think we are toast because Rubio and Cruz will soon be. When Murdoch, Jarrett and Bush sat down at that table in the now infamous pre election photo, the game was on. First knock out Cruz, then Rubio then get Bush in.

Trump was the fly in the ointment, but strategy is the same.

I would encourage you to keep calling Trump a cult of personality. It has to play itself out. Not until the boots are on your children's necks will America wake up.

Anonymous said...

Fox News has been crying & bad mouthing Trump since day one. I don't believe this either.

Nemesis said...

Trump disappointed? Yeah, I bet he is, as would be I in his position. One of the marks of a man is his fight back ability - let's now see what Trump is really made of.

Remember also, that Reagan did not contest Iowa, yet he went on to win 44 primaries.

And there was one candidate at that time that the establishment wanted to see fall by the wayside - Reagan.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I hope this finds you rallying--you're a highly valued important source of information and guidance for 3%ers and patriots everywhere. That does not make you or your work a "cult of personality." I argue the same is true for Trump's presidential campaign.

Especially for me, this is definitely not about his personality, which I find quite tiresome. What it's about is his single-minded focus on the USA and USA citizens first, rather than the utter capitulation to globalism that every other remotely viable candidate represents. As you and I don't fall for the MSM hysteria and disinformation about 2nd A issues and fed overreach, we should also not fall for MSM, bought and paid for BS about Trump, his positions on issues and the impetus of his campaign.

I don't know if Iowa will turn out to be a death blow for Trump's campaign, but I know I hope not, b/c if Bush, Cruz, or Rubio is the nominee against Shrillery or Da Bern, the USA will have effectively ceased to exist as a sovereign nation. None of them will ever secure the borders or make employers who create the market for illegals accountable; the influx of welfare migrants will only increase; and we will have a very great deal more even than we already have today to apologize to our children and their children for.

We have a 2nd A, because we have a nation with it in her Constitution. Without the nation and ceding sovereignty to non-constitutional, international plutocracies, there is no Constitution and no 2nd A, nor any other "bill of rights" either. We are fast approaching the point at which we have two and only two rights--submit or die. Yes, despite all his personality flaws, I think Trump will push back against that darkness, when the current POTUS and every other candidate has made it clear by their words and actions that they welcome that dark embrace, like the greedy and cowardly slaves they are.

Nightshade said...

Teddy: “God Save The Queen, no! Canada, oops! The USA”

Banana Republic Rubio: “I’m not a real televangelist, but I did stay in a motel 6”

Eminent Domain: “Vote for me, or fuck you!”

Rand Paul: “I’m the only one who believes in the constitution”

Baby Bush: “Me too, mommy”

Mike Shunabee: “You can’t fire me! I quit!”

Colonel Sanders: “Taxes are finger lickin’ good”

Hillary Clinton: “Thatwould depend on what the meaning of “server” is.”

ag42b said...

In fifty years as a registered voter, I am saddened to see the sorriest field of candidates that I have ever seen running for candidacy of the two major parties in our presidential election. The fact that a business personality like Trump even feels like he needs to run for election shows how poorly performing these two parties have become.

I need say nothing about candidates for the Democrat party. Their positions are both to the very far left, and very well known. I can not imagine that they would have much support here. When I look at Cruz and Rubio, I ask is that all the Republican party can offer? Really? They both were bought and paid for by their special interests long ago. Yet, if a potential new interest merely rears its head, one can see them licking their lips and weighing how they could fit that interest into their pockets, without getting caught. What have they really done for gun owners? For Americans? For people of their states? Have they drafted new legislation, or offered alternatives to millstones around Americans' necks? (And no, I am not talking about big business.)

One thing I can say for Trump. Big Media hates him. Why? Isn't he a "celebrity" in these days of celebrity culture? Or is it because he doesn't pay them to say anything nice about him? Who can buy the guy? He has his own money, paid his taxes, and hasn't gone to jail. That makes him a success, I guess. He says what many Americans would like to see happen. What issue is there you don't agree with him on? He says what he is going to do, if elected. Does anyone else? I haven't seen anyone run for president on a lark yet. This is a pivotal election. I am not voting minor party this time. Tell me who else I should support. And WHY. No weaseling or semantics. WHY should I vote for anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Ag, Trump is part of big media. Got apprentice? C'mon man don't fall fir that media hates him crap. It's a charade.

I agree the current camp is pathetic but there is a bright spot. Cruz candidacy winning the nomination is the best stick in the judiciary eye we can directly give it. And if the court punts, the worst case scenario is that a unapologetic Constitutionalist familiar with the judicial corruption can cram that Constitution down their collectivist throats.

Ironic, that.

Cruz really is our best bet out of the sorry field. And in some ways it is quite delicious. Nailing anchor babies and Obama by voting Cruz is a pretty slick situation. Showing the 9 robed kings their evil ways by confronting them directly with its outcome is a pretty special way to come through this mess wouldn't ya agree?

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that many among the gun-rights, constitutionalists, 3%'er crowd have been so anti-Trump lately. I understand it. I share many of those concerns of the populist from NYC.

Yet it seems to be the reverse of what we have seen with the pro open carry, open protest-we will not comply attitudes of the gun rights community versus the play it safe through the legislature/judiciary crowd. Namely, you're the wise elders in bow ties telling us fed up, burn it down types not to rock the boat and scare the moderates/fence sitters. Its just not gonna set well with those of us who are younger.

My best to you and yours Mike. I'm sorry I missed you when you were out my way last year.

Anonymous said...

Anon @1:37, you need to check your facts and especially Cruz's background. First and foremost, he's not a constitutional natural born citizen--born in Canada (not on a USA base or embassy), to a Castro-aligned Cuban father and a "maybe" USA citizen mom (she may have relinquished USA citizenship by registering to vote in Canada). If Rafael had a USA consular birth record to show that he was considered a USA citizen at birth, that would help, but he apparently doesn't and only relinquished Canadian citizenship like a year ago.

Cruz's senate voting record, on the rare occasions when he showed up at all, also don't line up with his "conservative" jargon. He voted for Corker Amendment, that unconstitutionally deprived Senate of oversight over 0bummer's Iran deal. He supported 500% increase in H1B visas--so foreigners could take the jobs our kids have been going to college and technical schools to prepare for, since there are no manufacturing jobs anymore. He's all about soccer balls and teddy bears for the illegals (and never 'fessed up that the infiltrators weren't children, but young adult men and family units), but no solid, functional border structure and yes to amnesty for illegals already here. He voted for the "enabling" legislation leading to the seditious Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, then no-showed for every other significant vote. He is a cuckservative who's being propped up by billionaire controlled PACs with the express purpose of misleading and fracturing the evangelical and strict constitutionalist vote. When the time comes, his funding and establishment support will get pulled and he'll throw his support to Rubio, an anchor baby, himself (born in USA, but neither parent a citizen, so also not a NBC).

As to Trump and gun rights, he's openly acknowledged that he personally carries and has a CCW. He also said at one point that he thought concealed carry permits should be honored nationwide. That's 1000% more and better than we've ever gotten from any other GOP candidate who had/has a chance of winning. Perfect? Far from it. Way better than any other option? Definitely.

Anonymous said...

Of course Cruz isnt a NBC, that is the friggin POINT!

Maybe you should start thinking longball instead of instant gratification.
TPPPPPPPTPPAAAAAACORKERRRRRRR yeah yeah yeah, we have heard it all before.

As for those visas, lets see you answer what everyone touting the talking points runs from. Toyota is a worldwide company that operates heavily here. Becaue you oppose those visas, all of a sudden none of the management teams or r and d teams can get into this country to WORK so Toyota has no mean with which to operate in this country. You just drove Toyota, and all other businesses with that reach out of the country. Happy now? Yeah, you like the manufacturer worker stick, but you ignore the REAL intended use for those visas. SO lets see if you have the guts to answer. I bet you don't.

Cruz is not for illegals already here. Sheesh. Why lie? He was willing to play the game the Senate is set up to be, take the heat for exposing the crooks for what they were - democrat vote base expansionists - and nailed em to the wall. And you chide him for it. That leads one to ask - just which side are YOU on, hmmm?

The establishment despises Cruz, because he busted their bubble, their illegal immigration amnesty bubble. In case you haven't noticed the estbalishment is lining up behind TRUMP. AHHHHH Skipped the HELLER factor with Cruz eh? Yeah, gee, I wonder why you did that? Troll much? But lets go further shall we?

Trump's Second Amendment policy position paper is astoundingly ignorant. Apparently so are you. To be here and claim that is "better" demonstrates quite a few things. Maybe you didn't realize that.

Trump doesn't know the first thing about the Second Amendment, the Tenth Amendment or the 14th Amendment. His own words PROVE it. Yet you advocate is "illegal immigration" stump speeches about that and gun rights? Seriously? Trump is all about permissions. not rights. His own words, as is so often the case, prove it perfectly.

You know not how badly you have exposed your trolling self. Donald Trump is a punk. A run of the mill RINO. A Progressive Democrat.

You go ahead and claim comparing the right to carry to a driver license as "better". Go for it. See, in these parts, away from BB, that dog don't hunt. Not by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

Trump must be very good on the second amendment because "Uncle" Ted Nugent is supporting him.

- Old Greybeard

Chiu ChunLing said...

I can be a 'toxic extremist' without Trump.

I'd guess that Nugent can do the same.

But those crawling after the political salvation promised by candidates still firmly ensconced in the Overton window could give thanks to Trump for managing to shift it as far as he did, whatever his motives (and I regard them as suspect). Though I guess honesty isn't much use to them as long as they're going to continue appealing to politics.

Anonymous said...

So Ted nugent is all of a sudden going to change his stance about permission slips huh? Ted nugent ought to read trumps policy position paper to that Trumps position is quite contrary to Ted's very publicly stated long standing position. (Where I come from, we call that selling out)

Nugent ought think that one through, or be exposed as someone who doesn't.

Or, somebody is pulling someone's leg.