Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Reality That Drove Kevin McCarthy’s Exit From the Speaker Race

"Rep. Peter King, a liberal Republican from New York, suggested America is now 'A banana republic.' That is a petulant, childish reaction intended to dismiss the serious nature of the party’s internal divisions."
"To be clear, the solution to overcoming that divide is not some moderate caretaker or an absurd coalition-style government with Nancy Pelosi. Instead, House Republicans need to unite around a speaker who will pursue a positive conservative agenda that promotes opportunity for all and favoritism to none. That means moving away from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s preferred agenda. It means embracing serious policy reforms and challenging the left on the merits of those policies. It means fighting Obama in a real, substantive manner."
LATER: See also -- Rumors of extramarital affair drove speaker’s race drama

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Anonymous said...

King is such an embarrassment. Not to the GOP, but to all freedom-loving Americans.