Saturday, October 10, 2015

Kit Lange reacts to SPLC's confused troll.

SPLC Quotes PHS on Roseburg, But Blames Mike Vanderboegh

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Unknown said...

My comment over at SPLC. Doubt it makes it past moderation:
“In other words, your presence is needed,” Vanderboegh urged his followers. “As I’ve written before, the potential for things to go bad is not a good reason to stay home,” he said. “It is, however, a pretty compelling reason to go.”
This quote is attributed to Mr. Vanderboegh, but was not said by him. Mr. Vanderboegh is quoting another source, Kit Lange.
If Bill Morland cannot even perform the due diligence to confirm the source of the quotes in his story, how is anything else he says supposed to be taken seriously? Has the SPLC gotten so lazy from it's scare mongering monthly newsletter money train than they have discarded even basic journalism standards like proper source attribution?
It would appear so.