Sunday, October 4, 2015

Oregon Massacre, Part Three: Things to Remember When You Are Face to Face With Evil.

We are beginning to get a sense of the shooter in the Oregon Massacre and it seems to me to be as clear a case of demonic possession as you are likely to find. The little pissant who couldn't get a date lived with his momma and craved attention, saying "The more people you kill, the more you're in the limelight." He reportedly was "filled with hate" and executed Christians after identifying them with shots to the head.
We also now know that all his weapons were purchased legally and that he wrote that he would be "welcomed in Hell and embraced by the devil." Additionally, we know that despite claims of heroic intervention by the cops to save the situation, in fact he died by suicide when they arrived. and that, predictably, the massacre took place in the laughably cruel confines of what the collectivists are pleased to call a "gun free zone." We also have the statement from the college leadership that they have no intention of changing and that the welcome mat is still out for any mass murderer who wishes to take advantage of such a "death zone."
The talking head shows are filled with discussions about "mental illness" and the need to disarm the citizenry a la Australia and Britain in some sort of Soviet psychiatry meets the Department of Pre-Crime scheme to make us all "safe." Of course such safety is illusory and merely a con job to rob the rest of us of our God-given and inalienable liberty. For just as with every collectivist tyranny, mere opposition to the regime is accepted as an obvious case of lunacy. Why do you think they call us "gun nuts" and "religious fanatics?"
Yet as Jack Kerwick wrote at the time of the last slaughter of Christians in Charleston,
"Either a person is evil or he is 'mentally ill.' He can’t be both. Either his actions are evil, or they are symptoms of an illness. They can’t be both."
(A)llusions to “gun violence” and “mental health” are especially pernicious inasmuch as they obscure the evil nature of the deed being explained. To see just how egregious an offense this is, consider some analogies. Imagine if, while discussing the Holocaust, we spoke about “gas chamber violence,” or while discussing Islamic State mass beheadings, we talked instead of “machete violence.” Or suppose that discussions of the lynching of blacks were peppered with references to “rope violence.” None of this would sit well with decent human beings, for it is clear, or at least it is thought that it should be clear, that such descriptions miss entirely that which is fundamental to the phenomena being described—the perpetrators responsible for these wicked deeds.
As I wrote then, commenting upon Kerwick:
(A)dmitting that there is unrelenting evil in the world leads back to the Devil which leads back to God, and overarching moral authority other than their (the collectivists') own cannot be conceded or tolerated. It was not accidentally that Obama criticized people who "cling to their Bibles and their guns." Collectivists view both as deadly dangers to their appetites.
And here I arrive at the central point that many folks who approach this problem from a mere secular point of view not only fail to grasp but reject out of hand. You cannot successfully confront evil without considering where it comes from and recognizing this basic truth: evils in all their forms are merely permutations of the eternal struggle between good and evil, between God and Satan, and you cannot win against it on your own. You must rely upon faith in God to win the battle against evil, which is both within and without you. Indeed, as Christians the rest of us understand that the final battle of this war will be won by God alone, no matter how successful we are in the skirmishes leading up to it. God doesn't command us to win in these fights, but he does command us to fight. He commands us to stand. Both in our daily activities in the world and in our own internal struggle against the "powers and principalities" that seek to corrupt us to the Devil's purposes.
As Ephesians 6:10–12 says:
“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”
These are crucial truths, for we can only stand strong in the Lord’s power not our own alone, that it is God’s armor that protects us, and that our battle is ultimately against spiritual forces of evil in the world.
This is indeed spiritual warfare on all its fronts. For those of you who are put off by the task of seeking answers directly from the Bible, I would commend to all of you a slim volume recently published that explains this in detail: A Hobbit, a Wardrobe, and a Great War: How J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis Rediscovered Faith, Friendship, and Heroism in the Cataclysm of 1914-18.
Together, Tolkien and Lewis took their shattering experiences of the evils of the "Great War" and charted out a middle ground between the unremitting nihilistic despair of many of others and the collectivist errors of Bolshevism, Nazism, eugenics and a plethora of other collectivisms that some turned to. What is central to both the Narnia and Middle Earth tales is the understanding that only with the overarching power of God to help us take up the battle can we win the many fights against evil both within and without. Only within this framework can true peace and liberty be achieved. In both tales we see that it is the inner struggle against the corrupting influence of evil that makes even tactical success against in our day-to-day external lives possible.
This is not a call for a theocratic state. I am, as I have said many times before publicly and privately, a Christian libertarian. With all my faults I trust my own faith to inform and protect me, not to dictate to others (particularly with the force of government) how they must believe. But what I'm saying is that like Tolkien and Lewis, I have come to understand true happiness and liberty only comes from accepting that you can't do it on your own, that you must allow God to shoulder the burden.
So what are we to do when confronted by evil face-to-face as the Christian martyrs of Charleston and Roseburg were? The first and most immediate task is to kill the evildoer with any tool at your disposal in order to protect the innocent. Secondly, it is vital not to let your reaction to such evil corrupt you to do evil yourself.


daniel said...

Outstanding post, sir.
The battle lines are indeed coalescing...

Anonymous said...

Possibly same demon at work in Seung-Hui Cho and Adam Lanza.

Anonymous said...

Your last sentence ties back to - bitter clinging.
Collectivist liars are trying, and somewhat succeeding, in convincing people that fighting back, especially using tools like firearms is, in and of itself, an act of evil. They claim that it amounts to fighting evil with evil and that "there has to be another way". Then, they provide the "other way", the alternative. Of course, we know the alternative is infringement but do do they. Their aim is to convince people to accept, to want, to literally demand infringement.

And they start marketing their wares in a environment they now control by default. They go after children's minds the same way pedophiles go after their bodies. At school, collectivist bastards instill in kids that fighting back is a punishable offense. They plant the seed that fighting back is wrong.... Setting up the "fighting back is just answering evil with more evil" meme. I have trumpeted this for many years but it is just dismissed as irrelevant. Far too many do not see that those screaming "separation of cutch and state" are the very people pimping the church of satan to those least capable of recognizing it or defending against it.

It is time to open eyes. It really does begin with kids, with what we teach them. Guess what - just teaching them proper at home isn't enough. We say we want to take back our nation?! Well it ain't gonna happen unless we take back our schools.

Anonymous said...

Karl Denninger has some useful observations, as well.


Aaron said...

Evil has never shown up on a NICS check or permit application. Never will.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
"Roger That!!!" 10-4.
"Praise the Lord..........
And Pass the Ammo!!!!"

Doug said...

That is one the finest things you ever wrote Mike.
That fact is saying a lot too.

Bad Cyborg said...

In the same vein, a Pre-K teacher's thoughts about lockdown drills. You ought to give it a look.

CzarChasmIII said...

This piece describes exactly my journey from agnostic-bordering-on-atheist to committed Believer and lover of Jesus for life. The clarity with which you write, Mike, is awe-inspiring. Notwithstanding that this is the third in a three-part series about the UCC killer and killings, it is my hope that this piece find its way to Christian and Christian-tolerant, or maybe even not-so-tolerant, sites around the world for the edification of those like I was, in search of something to believe in, but simply unaware and uneducated about the fact that Jesus was Who and what I was searching for all along.

Thank you, Mike, and may God bless and heal you as you get ever closer to walking with Him.


Nemesis said...

A good post Mike that is so very relevant in countering today's negativity that can only end in failure. The 20th Century has proven to those who know their history that socialism in its many guises is just a veil that hides true evil, and an evil that is based on a God-less humanist system specifically designed to place apart spiritual Man and his God.

And that is why all socialism fails in the end.

A nit pick if I may.

There seems to be much ignorance concerning the availability of firearms in Australia and what led up to the 'Gun Buy Back Scheme' after the Port Arthur massacre of 1996 that saw 650,000 long and short arms, mostly old relics from World War One, surrendered in for cash paid by the federal government.

I was a serving police officer at that time and none of the guns that I took over the counter were semi or full auto firearms. Most were old .22 single shot rifles, some old six and five shot revolvers, and some that simply had seen better days as a weapon. It was much the same story with the police I worked with.

Prior to that massacre, which IMO had all the hallmarks of a false flag operation, people were importing semi-auto long arms - one needed a license and a permit to buy a revolver or pistol - into the country legally, but without any type or numbers being recorded.

It has been estimated that in 1996 there were upwards of two million firearms in the hands of Australian shooters. Many of those firearms would be the old Lee-Enfield .303 bolt action rifle that were virtually given away to ex-soldiers after the end of the Second World War. Their number alone runs into the tens of thousands unaccounted for and probably hidden firearms that have been estimated to be still in Australian homes.

IMO the gun buyback was a failure because it failed to produce the result that the then government wanted - to disarm the Australian public. Since that time the
Shooters and Fishers party - of which I am a member - has grown as a political force throughout the country covering all states and territories. This party's sole aim is to prevent various federal and state governments from enacting further anti-gun laws and to have the shooter freely buy the ammo and other items that goes with owning a firearm.

Since 1996 some three million bolt action long arms have been registered by their owners - now that number is a known quantity, what is not a known quantity is just how many 'illegal' firearms are hidden around the country.

We are a population of 23 million so do the math and you will find we have not been disarmed, but we are in fact a well armed citizenry.

Anonymous said...

Mike, am I the only one to read Double Tappers blog "WTF"? If this is true why aren't you and others of this community all over it. I understand MSM ignoring it...

Doug said...

The great Christian Heroine Ann Barnhardt has had some sublime things to say about The Whole Armor of God.
Ms Ann has Armor go God like no one I ever seen.

These are two posts worthy of every Christian's attention. The bishops pulled off a Marxist sodomite coupe on the church. Ann is going after them:

"...Still glaring at me, the bishop then launched into the first of his two defenses of the September 8th catastrophic Motu Proprio. First, he complained about the “stack of paperwork” backlogged on his desk from all of the annulment requests he had to deal with.

I interrupted him with, “Yeah, that’s just awful – almost as bad as being nailed to a cross….”

Jimmy the Saint said...

Sad that the reporter and editor of the subject article don't know basic English: "He reportedly was 'filled with hate' and executed Christians after identifying them with shots to the head."

If he identified them with shots to the head, it seems that subsequent execution was unnecessary.

Kenneth Moore said...

Very well written Mike. One thing I remember from my upbringing is the Bible teaches light came into the world at creation. People loved darkness instead on light because their deeds were evil and hate the light. Light is always the good that is opposed to evil. In the End God does win!

Anonymous said...

Very well said, sir.

drjim said...

Thanks for writing this, Mike.

Seems more and more The End Times might be just around the corner.....

Dutchman6 said...

"Mike, am I the only one to read Double Tappers blog "WTF"? If this is true why aren't you and others of this community all over it. I understand MSM ignoring it..."

I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. If you want to draw my attention to something, send me an email.

Allen said...

mike...I think this is what anon 5:32 was talking about

apparently the MSM made the shooter look a lot whiter than he really was.

race is irrelevant here so honestly who cares. the shooters conversion to islam which hasn't been talked about much...that interests me.

Anonymous said...

Allen, I think this is what he means, First I heard of it.