Sunday, October 4, 2015

Burning the candle at both ends.

Sorry for the delay in posting comments from yesterday, but I had a busy gun show, So busy in fact, I did myself in a bit and had Rosey come and get me early. I'll be there again today, at tables B 19-21. Sold some books and some brass and got to see a few faithful readers and long-time friends yesterday and was able to pick up some .38 Super brass (a friend is rolling some for his minister's carry piece) and a good used (and remarkably inexpensive) single-stage RCBS JR-2 press to dedicate to brass decapping (the Rockchucker I am using now will be used to load some smaller projects such as .44 Special).
I'll still probably go to the early service (8 AM) at church and then have Rosey drop me at the show. Ought to be there no later than 10AM, so drop on by if you can. I'm wearing my "All Lives Matter (that's why I'm armed)" hat. Got a lot of favorable comments on that yesterday and a few cold hard stares as well. Will do my best to finish Part Three of my reaction to the Oregon Massacre. More later, I hope.

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Uncle Elmo said...

You can't beat the old RCBS JR presses, Mike. I use two of them side by side for handgun (revolver) loading, set up to resize in the first press, then bell the case mouth in the other. After powder charging I seat the bullet in the first, then crimp in the other. That's my system and I'm sticking to it.

You might be interested to know that in the pre-Obama days you could pick up a clean JR2 or JR3 press on eBay for $35 plus shipping. Nowadays a guy is lucky to snag one for $75, minimum.