Friday, October 9, 2015

Living inside the SPLC's head rent free. Bill Morlin tries to discredit the Roseburg action by misquoting me.

The mugshot of a lying propagandist hack.
Bill Morlin used to pretend to be a journalist. Now he's a paid flunky propagandist of Morris Dees and Mark Potok's Lies-For-Money operation in Montgomery, Alabama. Witness this sloppy piece of "reportage": "Oregon Sheriff Focal Point for Anti-Gun Law Movement with Presidential Visit Looming."
Those new state gun laws prompted demonstrations earlier this year in the Northwest by pro-gun, antigovernment groups, including those planning to protest President Obama’s visit to Oregon on Friday.
Mike Vanderboegh, cofounder of the so-called “III Percent” movement, and several “Will Not Comply” leaders spoke at those pro-gun rallies where many demonstrators were armed, some in militia uniforms. On his blog, Vanderboegh already has hyped Friday’s demonstration in Roseburg – live theater pitting gun control advocates and the president against the Oregon sheriff and others who oppose gun control.
Vanderboegh said in a recent post that he wonders if protesters will be “either relegated to a ‘free speech zone’ or the participants face some kind of jackbooted action.”
“In other words, your presence is needed,” Vanderboegh urged his followers. “As I’ve written before, the potential for things to go bad is not a good reason to stay home,” he said. “It is, however, a pretty compelling reason to go.”
There's only one problem: I didn't write that, Kit Lange did. It forms the last two paragraphs of her piece. The post he's referring to is here: Rally in Roseburg: Patriots Plan to Tell Obama He’s Not Welcome. The quote, as is often the case as readers of this blog well know, IS used as a LINK to Kit's piece at the Patrick Henry Society, but anyone who clicks on it and reads her piece would know that.
Morlin's desperation to drag the infamous Vanderboegh into his hit piece is obvious. As always with the Southern Preposterous Lie Center, no distortion or fabrication is too egregious if they want to flog their donors out of more money.
Don't get me wrong. I support the Roseburg action and if I wasn't desperately ill from the chemotherapy, or if I lived closer and this wasn't the weekend my oldest daughter gets married, I'd be there. But when Morlin sold his soul to the SPLC Devil, he obviously lost the ability -- if he ever had any -- to discern fact from fiction, especially if the lie was in service to larger fundraising prime directive.


rexxhead said...

(Not necessarily for posting...)

Congrats to the Vanderboeghs on the successful launch of daughter #1. Enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

So you're telling me that after all of my efforts to get on their list, when they FINALLY quote me, they blame you for it?

LOL. That actually gave me a laugh. Good on you, Mike. Maybe they'll come over to PHS and see the article titled "SPLC is a Hate Group." ;)


Anonymous said...

Where can I get a militia uniform? :-)

Anonymous said...

Just about all mainstream journalists have become lazy over the past few decades. It's easier for them to just parrot directives than to actually do an investigative piece. On the other hand, some have intentionally given themselves over to evil; thinking that evil will be the winner of this grand war between it and good, and they want to be on (what they think is) the winning side, living a life of luxury.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious that they made such a basic mistake! And why do the photos of all these splc guys look like sex offender mug shots? They are seriously some creepy looking fascists.