Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rally in Roseburg: Patriots Plan to Tell Obama He’s Not Welcome

What will make it even more interesting is the 2012 law that makes it illegal to protest anywhere the Secret Service decides is off-limits. Now taking bets on whether their protest gets either relegated to a “free speech zone” or the participants face some kind of jackbooted action. In other words, your presence is needed. As I’ve written before, the potential for things to go bad is not a good reason to stay home. It is, however, a pretty compelling reason to go.


Anonymous said...

Since it is OBUMMERS goal to take all our guns then he should lead by example and confiscate all the guns of the Secret Service, and all others in government employ no matter which *agency* they work under. He needs to OBEY the GUN FREE ZONE at Umpquah CC. Let him lead by example - if not - then he should shut his lying mouth and stay home.
Jackie Juntti

Anonymous said...

Just Try and Take Our Guns Mr. President,This Is America’s Line In the Sand


Anonymous said...

How is asking someone what their religion is and then shooting them a gun problem?

Anonymous said...

Power grabbers are empowered only via supporters, an others task by job title to support the mouth piece. People have choices to support or not work for same. When the Reaper comes to collect, don't allow money to be your failing.

Informed42 said...

The citizens of Roseburg need Zero the half-breed and his entourage there like they
need square assholes and diarrhea !! What they should do when he shows up is turn
their backs on him or boycott anywhere he goes if they can.

Chris Mintz will hopefully decline to meet with Zero and tell him so.

This 'detour' from his 'fund raising' destination, to meet with and 'console' the
family members of victims, is as phony as everything else that fraud does, and if anyone thinks he's 'sincere' about any of it, they need mental counseling !!