Thursday, August 20, 2015

When flame throwers are outlawed, only outlaws will have flame throwers.

Detroit-area mayor seeks citywide ban on personal flamethrowers due to safety concerns


Anonymous said...

Oh thanks for that one! Didn't know that was available, but I do now! I see a Christmas present in my future..

Anonymous said...

Next up: We must close the Bic lighter and aerosol can loophole!

What are we doing to our children? ;)


ag42b said...

Flamethrowers have been used for years in northern New England to remove ice from walkways and paved areas, quite effectively. Most of the ones Ive seen use kerosene as a flame source, with compressed air for propulsion.

Chiu ChunLing said...

There are any number of off the shelf CO2 powered pressurized liquid sprayers available. Just ducktape a wand lighter in the right place and fill with kerosene or whatever instead of paint/pesticides.

Alternatively, you can rig up something which uses propane as a propellant/fuel. I can attest that it doesn't take a lot of fiddling to turn some cheap heaters into effective (if unwieldy and potentially dangerous) flame throwers...without even trying.