Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Veteran Wounded By Iranian IED Rips Nuclear Deal in Tough New Ad

"I was blown up by an Iranian bomb…that's who we're making a deal with. Every politician who's involved in this will be held accountable…A vote for this deal means more money for Iranian terrorism. What do you think they're going to do when they get more money?"
And then there's this about Shitbird Schumer's "courageous" opposition: Don’t Be Fooled By Chuck Schumer’s Opposition To The Iran Deal


Anonymous said...

Iran is not a nuclear Threat!!! This is all attempted Pre-Conditioning of the American people by our government, so when Obama has a nuclear weapon detonated in the United States or hits the "Kill Switch" on our Power Grid and Internet and Tries to blame Iran,China etc., the American People will ( In theory at least ) more easily go along with Martial Law and Gun Confiscation and Our own Enslavement, believing that Iran,China are the ones behind it and not our own government!

Anonymous said...

Iran most certainly IS a nuclear threat....your tinfoil is too tight....the conspiracy theory you're espousing may well happen....but it won't be because Tehran isn't looking to get a nuke.

Anonymous said...

Iran and China are our friends and they only wants what's best for the sheep of America, don't ya know!

Anonymous said...

Better dead than Red ! behind enemy lines. In Unconstitutional , collectivist Ct. I will not comply. Nor stand down. AAA/O .11B20.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @12:43 PM and @Anonymous 1:25 PM Really?

Our government has labeled:"Christians, Liberty Lovers,Veterans,Those who criticize government and Second Amendment supporters" ( In other words Law abiding God Fearing Americans as the Enemy!...They have actually put that to paper.That same government and lamestream that labels US ( Hold up a mirror ) as the main Domestic Terror Threat!

That same government, is Trying to slowly effect our Genocide through: Obamacare,Gun Control, Business regulation, a foreign invasion of tens of millions of illegals on our southern border, Fees, fines and taxes, immigration of muslims particularly Somalis in Minnesota, Militarization of police etc.,etc.,etc., and you want me to believe that Iran and China and Russia are the biggest threats based on that same government who has labeled US as the number one Domestic Terrorist Threat and you would like me to worry more about Iran and China instead of our own government?

http://quotes.liberty-tree.ca/quote/marcus_tullius_cicero_quote_b6ea Cicero on why Treason is the greatest Threat to a Nation. That's what I and you should be more concerned about and not Iran!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:35am: I'm the poster at 12:43....I NEVER said China or Iran was a bigger threat to our liberty, did I? No, I said Iran wants a nuke.

I mistakenly believed you'd be able to ascertain that a country such as Iran making public threats about its use of said nuclear weapon against its neighbors does indeed make it a "threat" to someone; and to the Middle East region in particular. If you think that a nuclear war between Israel and Iran wouldn't draw the US in, you are gravely misinformed about geo-politics.

Nowhere did I insinuate that here, at home in the US is anyone more a threat to our liberties than the US government. We are in agreement there....but Iran getting a nuke is likely not a "goodness" thing.

That said....who are we to tell a sovereign nation what weapons it can have? If we expect our sovereignty to be respected, shouldn't we do the same? The difference in this instance, is the very public threats to use weapons like these as offensive measures.

It is similar to gun control for individuals on a national/global scale. Every man/country should be allowed the means/weapons to defend themselves....but when the man/country threatens to offensively use those weapons, not in righteous self-defense, but merely to unethically, immorally or illegally gain possession or subjugate his fellow man...he is a threat to us all. Iran is just such a threat, not based upon supposition, but upon the Iranian government's own public statements.

Josh said...

If you listen to Iranian leadership you will hear their plans to take over the world in the name of allah. However, Turkey and several other islamic nations also want to rule the world in the name of allah. The point is they wish us unwell. Be that as it may, I am certain it's far easier for Iran to buy working nukes from their friends than to build their own. I'd be surprised if they didn't already have them.

Anonymous said...

But Valery Jarrett deems I must have my Legacy, legacy, legacy. Can't wait till this inept, collectivist , Muslim , puss bag just fades away. Along with his Executive Orders ,his blackberry and phone. He makes Jimmy Carter look like a statesman.