Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Latinization Of U.S. Cities

Gosh. I sure am glad that this doesn’t effect SNAP payments, taxes, medical care, social security, emergency room protocol, or especially gun rights. The government is in charge, so I’m sure everything will be okay.


Anonymous said...

I am currently having wood floors rehabbed in a house to prep it for sale. The floor company was recommended by the real estate agent. Not one person who showed up to work on the job spoke more English than "good morning" and "no problem". And this with the real estate agent knowing my Spanish is limited to "buenos dias". Yet this was not seen as a problem. Miami is starting to see just the bare beginnings of newly arrived Venezuelan money starting to compete for power with the entrenched Cuban power base. How is this going to turn out? I'm not sticking around to find out. This particular gringo is moving out of Miami, the city of my birth, and back to the United States ASAP.

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, "I didn't leave my country. My country left me!"

Latinization of U. S. Cities? Surely you jest!

Anonymous said...

Also, aren't they Hispanics and not Latins?
Latins are Italian, not Spanish or Amerindian.
Also, good luck on taking over America.

Anonymous said...

Most "hackers" are not computer criminals and the residents of South and Central America would be perhaps more correctly referred to as Hispanic Americans. But the misuse of "Hacker" and "Latin America" are too deeply imbedded in the language to make much progress on any correction on that front.

I'm sure the resident of Haiti (Creole), Aruba (Dutch) and Belize (English) view the term Latin America with a certain amount of puzzlement.

Bad Cyborg said...

I grew up (age 13 through HS and college) in a city that back in the mid 60s was 65% Hispanic. For a couple of years I lived/worked in San Benito, Tx which is down in what they call the "Rio Grande Valley". When San Antonio was 65% Hispanic (Mexican, really) the Valley was predominantly Anglo (what they call us "whites" - when they ain't calling us gringo or bolillo or worse) back then - at least the class pictures from SBHS were. Now days not so much. They celebrate "Cinco de Mayo" and "Dies y Seis de Septembre" (two of the Mexican "independence days") for days on end while hardly giving a nod to the 4th of July. For Anon @ 4:17 PM's information they are well and truly on the way to taking over. Their birthrate alone would ensure that WITHOUT undocumented immigration.