Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Anybody know these guys? Be interesting who proposed making explosives, the accused or a federal snitch?

Feds charge 3 men accused of prepping for martial law


JohninMd.(Help!?!!) said...

Other than the allegation of supplying guns to a felon or explosives making, what laws were broken? A classic case of failed Op-sec?

Anonymous said...

What the fuck kind of charge is "stockpiling"? That's one hell of an arbitrary word. And no matter how much ammo they had, since when did that become a crime? Also the possession of hand-held radios and Kevlar helmets? So everything for sale on Sportsman's Guide is something worth getting busted for? This article was written for the average slave that wets his pants over a sling-shot and who's preferred weapon is a butter knife, to convince him of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

FedUp said...

The Branch Davidians made those 'take a number' plaques you see at gun shows where the number is attached to the pin on a dummy grenade. It was one of the 'crimes' that made Koresh so dangerous that they had to assault his 'compound'.

Anonymous said...

Two words the Gooberment most dreads to hear:

Lone Wolf.

'Nuff said.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Having pipe and or Dummy Grenades along with a container of Gunpowder...though Quite common to a shooter
Goes along the same lines as Having a AR15 and afew "M16" parts, or a short barrel lying around. Conspiracy to Manufacture!
Easy bogus charges, as far a Prostituter making Examples, a Name & Easy Job Jacket Enhancement is concerned.

Honestly to, these boys didnt sound to bright, strike one,two and three. Your Out!

Of more Interest....the "Quicky"... ye'ole "Federola" appear to have thrown together.
"FBI began its investigation in mid-June"
This appears more...."you have been made a Example" , Sending a Message.
And one should ask, Why, What has occured?

Best these fools can hope for....Jury Nullification folks

Anonymous said...

Anyone they want to get they can/will get; period...

Anonymous said...

US FED GOV doesn't care about laws except the ones they can exploit citizens for....Best corrupt govt you can have, so this is NO surprise they make this shit up as they go...

Do you LOVE your Anti-Christ in Chief and his minions yet?

Sign me, Neal Jensen

MikeH. said...

Well, we already know that the regime wants to demonize all of us who see the handwriting on the wall and are trying to prepare for the shit stormed that is looming upon the horizon. And of course, the media jumps on the bandwagon by spinning the story of legal ownership of ammo and firearms into something akin to becoming the quartermaster corps of homegrown terrorists and other freedom hating subversives.

I personally find it beyond interesting that over the course of the last fourteen years or so, the FBI has infiltrated and shut down some of the more dangerous homegrown terrorist groups... which usually number in the tens of... FOUR or FIVE. They totally dropped the ball on the large scale attacks against the World Trade Center, not once but twice, and the attack on the Pentagon. But, if there is a small handful of easily manipulated (read easily "set up") individuals with obvious special needs in the mental department, the feds have it all sewn up and "at no time was the public in any danger."

I could be wrong but I think this is a tactic of all communist regimes; make the lowly rank and file "subjects of the state" fear there are secret police hiding in every shadow. And worse, create a fear that any stranger, friend or even close family member is an informant. That could sure put a huge turd in the punch bowl when one is trying to enlist new forum members into a discussion of mutual aid during times of rebellious behavior.

Am I over thinking this stuff?

A Geriatric Threeper

Bad Cyborg said...

Ah, JohninMd, the article didn't say that the guy actually BOUGHT an "assault rifle" for a felon, it said he allegedly "planned" to buy one.

That's what bothers me so about so-called "inchoate" offenses. How is anybody harmed by someone "planning" or "conspiring" to do something? I may "plan" or "dream" or "wish to" shoot somebody but until I actually point a gun at somebody and pull the bang lever, ain't nobody bleeding! To my way of thinking, inchoate offenses are too damned close to "pre-crime". If I were sitting on a jury where somebody allegedly "conspired" to do something, unless the prosecution proved beyond a reasonable doubt that they actually DID something that got somebody hurt (in Jeffersonian terms their pocket got picked or their leg got broken) or materially aided somebody who did something that hurt somebody, there is no way I would vote to convict. PERIOD!!!