Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The elite hedges their bets while Hillary looks increasingly like a political dead woman walking -- probably thanks to the White House. Will we hear more about Fast and Furious as the conspirators stick knives in each other?

We learn that the elites are hedging their bets on Hillary by also bankrolling Jeb Bush: Hillary Clinton’s Mega-Donors Are Also Funding Jeb Bush
And it looks like they're got good reason to: "Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin emerges as potential liability in 2016 bid."
Even the Fibbies have been turned loose on her: "FBI looking into the security of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail setup."
This doesn't happen without the permission, if not the connivance, of the Obama White House. And I'll tell you something else that I hear from a source in the District of Criminals: THE CLINTON'S WILL NOT GO QUIETLY AND IF IT LOOKS LIKE THEY'RE GOING TO BE DENIED AGAIN THEY WILL TAKE OBAMA DOWN WITH THEM. There is a possibility that we could begin to hear some interesting facts about what happened with Fast and Furious, since that originated in the White House and the National Security Council and NOT the State Department.
Buy some popcorn. This could get interesting. The pack dogs are turning on one another.


Anonymous said...

I have said all along that Hillary isn't really running- she is just laundering as much money as possible before her "career" is finally ended. In trade for the money, she takes all the flack from the GOPe - leaving unscathed the eventual last minute entry into the race. Recall please that slick willie came "out of nowhere". That same playbook is in use now. The eventual democrat nominee (from the den party lol) isn't even on the radar yet - and intentionally so.

Democrats fully intend to elect Jeb Bush. This isn't stabbing Hillary in the back - it is part of the plan. And THAT is why the Old Media so fears Don Trump. He is a wildcard the party hacks cannot control and this makes their strategic goal almost impossible to attain.

Anonymous said...

When the elephants are fighting, the mice should stay out of the field.

Anonymous said...

From Yeats,
"Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,. . . . "

Or, from another direction,
"May you be cursed to live in interesting times."

Yep, pull up the folding chair, popcorn, and cold beverages.
It will be interesting to see what intel shakes loose.

B Woodman

jrharvil said...

I prefer they take Obama out, not down.

Anonymous said...

The State Dept was involved in F&F. Did they or did they not issue an export license or a waiver for the firearms to cross the border?

Anonymous said...

Whether or not Obama is taken down depends on who MSM is more afraid of: Obama or Clinton.

My money is on Obama, otherwise why would we be getting the slow drip about Hillary's problem with alcohol, among other things?


Anonymous said...

Once Upon A Time.....

A person or persons unknown with the "stuff" to pull it off decided the first woman president could historically wait until after the first African American president. And the Arkansas Cartel didn't have what it took to veto that decision. So Hillary the front runner became Hillary the also-ran. Her consolation prize was rumored to be her Secretary of State posting and the payoff of her campaign debts. Certainly better than what Al Gore ended up with.

But I ain't heard no fat lady singing.

Stay tuned, Boys and Girls, for the next exciting episode of "Hillary for President!"

Jimmy the Saint said...

Hillary's money folks also backing Jeb?

Captain Louis Renault said it best: "I am shocked. Shocked.."

Anonymous said...

I hope those rabid dogs all kill each other once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Bilderberg's have chosen Hitlery[ Rug muncher] Clinton as the next Potus of the Corporation of America. She's had more woman than Slick Willie [SICK]... Last I heard woman out number men in this nation. Scores upon scores, of them are low information voter's. The same ones who elected a Chicago bath house whore ,community organizer, constitutional scholar and avowed Marxist. As Potus twice. What a fucken dog and pony show. Behind enemy lines. In Unconstitutional, collectivist ,Ct. We will never comply, nor stand down. AAA/O.11B20.

Anonymous said...

Never forget what this See You Next Tuesday has gotten away with....
Murder, Extortion, Flagsrant Destruction of a Nation, War Crimes on A Sitting Head of State, Genocide, money Laundring, Infuence pedaling...these are her direct crimes
Her Unidicted Co-conspirator crimes are everything from Mass Rape to Victim Intimidation to Obstruction of Justice

And continues to to this day...NEVER underestimate True Evil.. And it is Clinton!

pdxr13 said...

The big international money always backs at least 2 sides.

Bad Cyborg said...

"This doesn't happen without the permission, if not the connivance, of the Obama White House. And I'll tell you something else that I hear from a source in the District of Criminals: THE CLINTON'S WILL NOT GO QUIETLY AND IF IT LOOKS LIKE THEY'RE GOING TO BE DENIED AGAIN THEY WILL TAKE OBAMA DOWN WITH THEM. "

Sorry, Mike but this cannot happen absent ORDERS from 600 Penn and you know it. To paraphrase Fred Thompson in "Hunt for Red October", where people like Hildabeast is concerned, the DOiJ don't take a dump without orders from 600 Penn.

As for His Imperial Majesty going down, that could ONLY happen if Hollywierd and the LSM turn on the Kenyan. Everyone who expects THAT to happen is kindly invited to contribute to the Bad Cyborg Cushy Retirement Fund (PayPal details provided upon request) or to purchase some of that prime oceanfront property just 5 short miles due east from beautiful downtown South Padre Island I have for sale. Any takers? {que crickets}

FedUp said...

"I prefer they take Obama out, not down."

I hear Hillary knows a bit about assisted suicide.
Just ask Vince Foster.

Anonymous said...

You know, we could never get so lucky that these "rabid dogs" do anything more than tear each other apart using words only.....They really do need to start killing one another off, eating each other alive, for all our sakes...

Too much to hope for in a nation chock full of cowardly shit talkers and no all just pointless distracting Kabuki theater and the drowning out crescendo oral flatulence..

That loud thumping noise is the Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves....If only America had one tenth the character and bravery they had, then there would be a glimmer of hope.

Sign Me , Neal Jensen