Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Council on Foreign Relations complains about generals complaining and not being with the Obama program.

When elites quarrel.


Josh said...

The 0bamaregime has done a sterling job of weeding out Americans from the top command posts. It would come as no surprise to me to find that those left are actually muslim like 0bama and the cia head.

Also, the cfr magazine is a good read to find out what the nwo is going to do next. For example, a few months before the "arab spring" hit Libya, the cfr rag said Gaddafi had to go. Likely because he wanted to create a pan african currency based on gold and was transforming his nation into the most advanced in Africa. Can't have a Rothschild central bank in Libya if it has the gold standard.

Anonymous said...

Dutchman 6 surprised u didn't post comment.Behind enemy lines. In Unconstitutional collectivist Ct.We will not comply ,nor stand down.AAA/O.11B20.