Sunday, August 9, 2015

"Police detective assaulted during stop in east Birmingham."

 We gotta get out of this place
If its the last thing we ever do
We gotta get out of this place
'Cause girl, there's a better life
For me and you. 
This happened along a route I travel every day.


Anonymous said...

That song brings back memories as it was the most favorite song of the GIs when I was in Vietnam 1970-1971.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for the cop, However im sure he was in violation of the law in making a stop in an unmarked car. There is good reason for this law. It is designed to protect both the cops and the motorists. If he suspected the driver of something he was supposed to call for backup and a patrol car to pull the other car over. I myself have twice been pulled over by fake unmarked police cars with guys with badges and guns who weren't cops and it ended badly for me each time.
It wont happen again.

Capitalist Eric said...

Attempted murder for piatol-whipping the cop...?

If the guy wanted the cop dead, he *would* be, due to the fact he HAD a pistol.


Anonymous said...

Big deal, one thug pistol whipped another thug. NHI.

FedUp said...

"He approached the vehicle, and told the suspect to stay in the SUV while he waited for a marked unit for backup.

The driver got out of the vehicle despite the officer's demands, and began to question the detective about why he was being stopped."

Oh, the horror! He asked a badge toter a question!!!

"A tussle followed and the suspect assaulted the detctive."
I'd bet any amount of money that it was actually the detective who assaulted the citizen for daring to open his mouth.

Jerry The Geek said...

I remember ... vaguely ... dancing on a table in an NCO club in either Dian or Cu Chi to that song. Maybe both places. We never failed to celebrate our time out of the bush, and the Animals were one of several songsters that sang to us in '69 and '70.

Anonymous said...

You know, they did the same for me when I was assaulted. They got the Marshall's out there and police dogs everywhere for the manhunt...NOT!!

Anonymous said...

Big yawn over this, it's bhm so who cares?
CCR's best one was "Bad Moon Rising" which is more correct for these times, an coming to a town near you soon. Beware of those who hunt at night, but the worst are those who hunt the hunter's an like it! Get some.

FedUp said...

Anon @ noon: you reminded me of an episode in the TV show "Chuck" where the "Buy-Morons" (workers in a store called Buy-More, modeled after Best Buy) barricaded the doors and staged a revolution, armed with nerf guns.

Their revolutionary anthem: "Fortunate Son", the other CCR song that makes me think of Vietnam.

Somebody put it on youtube, which I guess requires me to give up some of the back story if I link it here. While the green shirts are upstairs revolting against corporate greed while singing CCR, the bad guys are invading the secret CIA base hidden under the store.