Monday, August 10, 2015

Mad Men

“Ad of the Day: Here’s What Happens When You Open a Gun Store in the Middle of NYC,” Adweek contributor Tim Nudd reported to industry shakers, movers, opinion-molders and manipulators. The influential trade publication reaches everybody who’s anybody in the advertising world, and they look to it for client/agency news, technology and trends. As gun owners have been increasingly seeing, those include “AstroTurf” attacks on the right to keep and bear arms embedded in slick, professionally-crafted propaganda campaigns masked as “public service announcements.”

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Anonymous said...

Everything, I SAY EVERYTHING, on TV is "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!". That holds true for so-called "newscasts", sporting events (mostly fixed, especially big games like Superbowl), "reality" TV shows, game shows (proven to be fixed long ago). So if you're watching TV and take anything as a grain of truth then you're lost. Lost to the point that you just might still believe in Santa or the Tooth Fairy. Even well meaning people being interviewed for whatever reason can have their quotes manipulated in such a way as to sound like the opposite of what they meant. Commercials and PSA's are meant as propaganda tools to be viewed while in a trance like state that watching that rotten box produces in humans. If watched with all that in mind, and your favorite shows "DVR"'d so you can fast-forward through the commercials when watching them, then you might stand a chance of enjoying a little light entertainment without having our thought processes turned to mush..