Saturday, August 8, 2015

More on Faux News' handling of the GOP debate. I'm no fan of Trump, but the GOP elites may come to regret their handling of the guy with the squirrel on his head.

FOX sucks up to the collectivist press and, oh by the way, simultaneously does the bidding of the GOP elites.
On Friday, (Limbaugh) began by telling listeners how, on the day of Thursday’s debate, he had learned “that big-time Republican donors had ordered to take out Donald Trump in the debate last night.” “We all made a mistake,” he explained. “We assumed that the orders went out to the candidates. But the candidates did not make one move toward taking Donald Trump out. The broadcast network did; the candidates didn’t.”
LATER: The tragicomedy continues to play out: Banned Donald Trump says: I was talking about Megyn Kelly's NOSE! Tycoon declares war on 'politically correct fools' who kicked him out of GOP conference for his 'sexist' attack on Fox host.
"Comment was widely interpreted as a reference to the menstrual cycle."


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. The Donald doesn't seem to be a marionette .That needs to pander up to the party bosses .And the men, behind the curtain who control the purse. Both parties have totally failed." We The People" miserably. That political class .In the District of Criminals. Do two things only. Line their pockets. Sell America out . Bottom line. Donald the outsider has thrown a monkey wrench into their machine. For that alone he has my support. We gave the Republicans'. The House and the Senate. We got nothing in return. NOTHING! Behind enemy lines. In Unconstitutional, collectivist, Ct. We will not comply. Nor stand down. AAA/O. 11B20.

1776vtgmb said...

You said everything I was going to say!

One thing... what if that first question
were reversed??

Would everyone (9) here vote for Trump if
he is the nominee? Hahahahahah....

Would anyone here run an independent
campaign against him??? %^&%*%* RINO bush

Arkindole said...

" the sense that the network may have blown its credibility with conservatives..."

Nope. It was the Pam Geller event. EVERY FOX talking added that "but" part to the first amendment right. Megyn Kelly held out until Thursday when she and her pals screwed the pooch. So, even those that were still withdrawing from the blue pill were waiting for her attack--Geeze, she announced it for a week as a double dog dare.

I'll also remind folks that Trump also said Gellar's convention/contest was a "stupid move", so, he's equal opportunity rouge with his comments.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a self important douce.
Like Perot, he is a spoiled rich kid who had
life handed to him on a silver platter.
The only reason he has traction is that everyone is sick
of the sellout republicans. SICK.
He's not a good business man, he's not particularly bright, he's not honest,
he's not a decent person.
Born Politician? Yeah.

Pat H. said...

The debates about the US presidential election are only marginally interesting to a southern nationalist. The whole dog and pony show is about electing a puppet for the banksters and their close associates. You can learn a lot by finding out how many of the candidates are former Rothchild bank employees.

Secession is the only answer. There is no recovery available via voting.

Anonymous said...

ALso note the subtle placement of the facebook "F" logo next to some candidates and not others. Subliminal association with "F" grade FAIL?

HappyClinger said...

Donald's "sexist comment..." Well, how would any decent person interpret Megyn's banter with Howard Stern included in this story? (It's audio only.)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't vote for Trump in a primary. By his answer to the first question in the debate, he proved that he is not a Republican and is not interested in helping the Republican Party or the American people. He is an ego maniac who is only interested in himself! If the SOB runs as an independent, he will all but guarantee the election of the democrat, and the egotistical bastard knows it! Screw Trump! I have no use for him.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

So Pat, why don't you just secede. Or find yourself a nice island to take over, for your nice white, non-'Rothchild (sic)', confederate friends.

Anonymous said...

Trump is tapping into the anger felt by the honest working class the way obuma tapped into the anger of ne'er-do-wells and gays. How can I seriously trust someone who has given so much money to Hillary Clinton. The man owns casinos, and what bunch of fellas are traditionally known for being in the casino business? ..As for FOX complimenting themselves on their fine job - it's called a "circle-jerk". Which air head was it a while back on FOX saying "we're awesome" describing the u.S. in connection with torture? Well all these TV media megalomaniacs think they're awesome! I truly don't know how their heads fit into their respective buildings. And God forbid your opinion is different than O'Reilly's - you must be a "pin-head". Screw all these self-absorbed TV talking heads, they're there for one reason - to sway our opinions about everything from presidential candidates to what cereal tastes best..

Mark III said...

I'd be willing to cast a vote for a couple of these folks, which is a welcome feeling, as I haven't been able to bring myself to vote republican for a few cycles now. Voting 3rd party feels like pissing into the wind. Are any of them perfect? Nope. Not even close. But a couple are interesting, mostly pro-liberty and show a glimmer of taking the country in a different, better direction. Paul, Walker, even Trump, sound alright to me. As long as we don't wind up with Bush or that jackass from NJ, we'll be better off than we are now. It'll be interesting, anyway.

Mark III

Anonymous said...

Trump is a bad joke on the Republican Party (which lately has been a bad joke on us). He could very well be a Clinton Trojan Horse meant to disrupt the entire election to insure Hillary's victory. Trump supported a nationwide "assault" weapons ban that is all I need to know about Trump.

Anonymous said...

"He could very well be a Clinton Trojan Horse meant to disrupt the entire election to insure Hillary's victory. "

Bing we have a winner! Well said sir. Ditto on the assault ban.

The ballot box should be set on fire on the town green. That time has passed.

FedUp said...

"he is not a Republican and is not interested in helping the Republican Party or the American people."

It is my sincere belief that it is not possible for one to simultaneously serve the American People and the Repugnant Party as it exists today.

Anonymous said...

I have the misfortune to hope Trump can turn it all around. He may be a Hitlery plant. Maybe a wolf in Populist clothing. I am hoping not. .Don't care about nationwide ban on anything .I hold dear. As in Unconstitutional Ct. Non compliance is the only option.60 yrs old. Never been arrested. But, I am a newly minted felon here. Because of collectivist politicians. The red line in the sand is drawn. I just want to be left alone. But I can't, won't be what I can't be. Compromise, compliance, just puts a bad taste in my mouth. I got to respect the guy in the mirror. Looking back @ me. Guys like Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Alan Keyes, Ron Paul. Are the dark horses .I bet on and lost with. First and fore most . Iam an American Nationalist... The ideals set forth by the Founder's is my mantra and creed. America and its states, have gone in the wrong direction. Republican party bears more blame than the democratic ,as its holds more positions of power. The House has been under Republican control for 16 of the last 20 years. Majority of Supreme Court-are Republican appointees. I don't know about you...But nothing is more effective and dangerous in this world .Than an individual with nothing , earthly left to lose. The philistines[Gods of statism] have hijacked America. Without firing a shot. As with the Founder's , an Appeal to Heaven. Is warranted. Behind enemy lines. In Unconstitutional, collectivist, Ct. I will not comply. Nor stand down. AAA/O. 11B20.

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

So, if he can't handle a question from Kelly, how's he gonna handle Putin?

Anonymous said...

Eh, The Donald is a petulant bully who has already threatened to take his football and go home; "I'm not getting paid to do this!" in a whiny interview after making that stupid remark about Kelly.

If he can't handle the heat at this stage of the primary, he wont be taking the 3AM call, or if he does, I wouldnt want to be the US.MIL having to carry out his shoot from the hip order.

No, The Donald did his job- raised some uncomfortable topics to the fore, and now he needs to go back to ego-stroking himself someplace where people are nicer to him, as he complains.

DAN III said...

Geez, I shake my head in amazement at you effers bad-mouthing Trump. You seem to have forgotten the unconstitutional scum in the White House and what he has done to your Freedom & Liberty. You want to support the likes of Graham, Bush3, not-Natural-Citizens Jindal & Cruz, and the rest of those bastards who got to the stage being government elites and getting rich by telling YOU how you will live your lives. At least Trump was not a career politician ! That alone makes him the ONLY viable candidate, BAR NONE !

So, all you anti-Trump whiners keep on supporting the monarchies of the Bush and Clinton clans. We fought a revolution against a King once. There are those of us, 3%, willing to do again what you statists and collectivists will force upon us.

Screw Republicans.

Screw Democrats.

And screw you status quo, anti-Trump collectivists!