Thursday, August 13, 2015

John Kasich, the new media darling from the GOP pack, runs from his own record.

And it doesn't even mention Kasich's approval of "assault weapons bans."
Meanwhile, Ted Cruz refuses to play ‘good Republican’
Perhaps the above interaction, where Cruz hands a sex-obsessed "reporter" his head, explains this -- Many viewers wonder: Why is Fox News freezing out Ted Cruz?


Anonymous said...

Fox is freezing out Ted Cruz because the last thing they want is a minority candidate garnering wave support in runaway election. Absent conflict, media cannot crank up the election cycle for those advertising dollars. Old Media is BUILT upon conflict and division. Without that split, it falls asunder.

The saddest irony is that Cruz is the best (supposedly) constitutional adherent (until ya get to that born in Canada factor). Gotta sacrifice the constitutional provision to save the rest of it, right? Uh uh.

Cruz will be President. No doubt about it. Well, the Trump/Cruz tag team will be anyway. Heck, I could see 4 or 8 years of trump and 8 years of Cruz to follow. Unfortunately, that probably is the best shot America has at this point. Worst outlook for Old Media, though. Gee, why would muzzie controlled Fox News not want that?

Anonymous said...

Looks like he approves of Common Core, gay marriage and Obamacare too.

Black Rifle said...

cruz has moved up to #1 in my ranking; he was at 2, behind Rand.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me about Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz is a RINO Bushbot pretend "Conservative", who's entire political career has been at the behest of the leftwing Bush Crime Family. Many of you have already forgotten, that approximately one month ago, that Fraud Cruz was fully onboard the Treasonous 'Fast Trak' legislation and then when Cruz found out that the repubs had enough votes to pass the abominable 'Fast Trak' legislation without his vote, that Phony Cruz changed his vote at the last second and came out against it!

The CANADIAN FOREIGN born Ted Cruz, came out of virtually nowhere, to be a Conservative icon. How did that happen?

Cruz's wife Heidi Nelson Cruz is even worse. That monster has an even longer resume than her husband Ted's in working for the Bush's and Karl Rove and is now running the southwest region for Goldman Sach's. Heidi Nelson Cruz, is also a Big supporter of a NWO one world government, as she has worked on the Rockefellers 'Council of Foreign Relations' on the "Building a North American Community" ( One World government committee ).

Cruz's job for Bush/Rove and company, is to pretend to be "Conservative", in order to Try and keep American Conservatives glued to the Black Hole and hopelessness of the repub party and hold us in place, in the believe that with candidates like Cruz, Americans can still use the repub party as a vehicle to turn our Country Right again. That is, until all those Faux repub candidates:Kasich,Jindal,Christie,Gilmore etc. ( Who are all also working for Jebbie ) fall by the wayside in Rigged Primaries and then surrise, surprise...Another Bush emerges with the nomination. Whereby Jebbie, will try to pacify Conservatives by Nominating Rand Paul or Ted Cruz ( Again,both working for the Bush's all along ) for the VP spot.

We have to abandon the repub party and form a new Constitutionally Conservative Political Party to replace it with...The repub party is Dead as a "Conservative" entity!

Anonymous said...

To be entirely fair to Kasich, he has stated he believes now his vote for the 1994 "Assault Weapons Ban" to have been a mistake. He has been one of Ohio's most pro-gun Governors--ever.

Otherwise? He can't stop running to defend tens of millions of criminal wetbacks from people who speak unkind truths of them. He was very enthusiastic about Ohio's participation in Medicare. So, meh. He won't be getting my vote.

Anonymous said...

Remember Rand sacrificed his noble, liberty, loving ,Dad, Ron Paul. To keep his place @ the Rino /neo con table. When he espoused Mitt Romney , in 2012. Cruz is another has bind and fake ,liberty lover. The Nazi, Bush's , machine are as dirty as they come. They murdered, stole, election's for the CIA . All over the world. Infinitely dirtier than the Clinton's. Fake- War on drug's made them all billionaire's. Money laundering son of a bitches. Behind enemy lines. Ct . I will never comply. Nor stand down. AAA/O..11B20.

TheBohunk said...

One has to ask themselves why on earth would the Bush syndicate run a plant as a conservative when they can run a real Bush brother or any old RINO and probably win easier?

Sounds like there is some tinfoil that needs a little loosening around the comments section. Cruz is not perfect but he is a step in the right direction, and one of 3 maybe 4 candidates I'm willing to vote for.