Thursday, August 13, 2015

I think I'm going to go into mourning.

Win 231/HP38 Being Phased Out


Earl Flanigan said...


Aelius Rex said...

Been using that W231 for pretty much everything pistol since the '80s. Still have a few 8lb cans, but now I have to start all over again.

Arkindole said...

I gravitated to Clays Universal a long time ago for pistols. Don't exactly know why, but you can always find it and the data are all over the place for different primers. It's sorta a goofy flake, but it burns clean as hell when put behind match primers. Some folks say it leaves residue on 45's, but I've never experienced that. Powders seem to be like smokes and vodka...everyone has (had) their favs.

Roger J said...

I used HP38 for years. Lately, I've been pleased with Accurate #2, which has a similar burning rate. Data are not exactly the same, but loads are close to my old HP38 loads, especially in smaller cases.

Mike in KY said...

I'm sorry. It's my fault. When I started reloading a few years ago I began with Win 231. It's the only thing the gun store had in stock at the time. Since it worked fine, I just kept using it exclusively.

That's why I'm probably responsible. As soon as I bought an AK, prices of cases of 7.62x39 doubled. As soon as I bought a .22LR pistol, ammo disappeared. As soon as I bought a Swedish Mauser, they announced the end of all surplus 6.5x55 ammo.

Hell, right when I perfected a mango-habanero hot sauce I had been working on, Kroger stopped stocking the damn mango nectar.

I'm cursed.

Fair warning: I just started using Tite-Group pistol powder for reloading. Y'all best stock up.