Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Desperate Alabama sheriffs shovel unadulterated horseshit in order to protect their gravy train.

AL.Com reports "Alabama sheriffs' group seeks more control of gun permits." This is pure crap. What this is about is the sheriffs want to protect the money gravy train that they support their departments with at the expense of Alabama firearm owners.
Herschel Smith comments:
So Alabama Sheriff’s have too much control over gun permits (when there shouldn’t be any such thing as a gun permit at all), and they want even more! Totalitarians don’t just live up North. They ensconce themselves wherever they’re allowed, and Alabama had better nip this in the bud. You don’t need boys like that hanging around causing trouble.


Anonymous said...

Time for Alabama to make the push for "Constitutional Carry". Get rid of your whole permit system. We have had it in AZ for several years with no adverse effects.

Anonymous said...

Florida's CCW fees are put into a fund that is dedicated to the operation and improvement of the CCW permit process and systems. A few years back the legislature saw that pile of money and decided it could be spent on other things. They got their hands slapped.

If you can't get constitutional carry (yet) in Alabama, perhaps taking the fees away from the sheriffs and putting them into a dedicated revenue stream might be worth doing. Florida's is under the Department of Agriculture (go figure) and law enforcement is out of the loop except for providing fingerprint services on a fee basis, usually at the same venue as the required CCW course. You are not required to use their services, but I suspect most do for convenience sake.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see a permission slip structure that is profitable for government at any level. It isn't the loot they aim to protect. It is the control, first, and second it is the "demand" for the positions, the bodies, needed to make the structure function. That is more UNION DUES collected and more pensions and more benefits to pay for, but who cares about that black hole, eh?

Yet the NRA sells the bill of goods that the permit structures are such a net boon of money to garner.

Which state then, which states even, can claim a net gain in dollars when all things from sickdays to pension payments to scheduled raises to maternity leave actually claim a PROFIT?

None. One reason why is that as soon as they DO, even if they could, they would experience a slaughter of their claim that permission slip structures are a means to eradicating "gun crime".

Permission slip structures a net loss, of both money out of our pockets for the permission slips, in taxes AND in rights usurped. Permission slip structures are a boondoggle, a fleecing, a corrupt taking ACROSS THE BOARD.

To "Florida" - On what authority does Florida "require" one to trade away their time and money for "required" courses? Yes, I understand several states play this game with "requirements" but I am asking a serious question. I do so hoping others will challenge that premise too..... cuz the true answer is that states do not HAVE the authority to impose "requirements" (because those are ummm INFRINGEMENTS!!!!

We must start telling the truth, at every turn. Challenging the litany of false premise(s) spewed by politicians and lobbyists must happen from manufactured crap like "assault weapons" to permission slip structures. And, we all must do so every place we find them in circulation.

Anonymous said...

Well, sheriffs are elected, aren't they? UNelect them. Every state gets what it's voting populace wants, eventually. This started a long time ago.

Time for Alabamans to stand up and VOTE, recall, repeat.