Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"Although no one much wanted Michael around when he was alive, apparently everyone wanted a piece of him when he was dead."

Sudden death on Canfield Drive in Ferguson: Jesse Lee Peterson uncovers the real story of Michael Brown.


Anonymous said...

Just proves the old saying : Nits make lice.

Anonymous said...

They dont give a rats ass about Mike Browns death or his race..all they care about is the money making opportunity, creating the fake agenda to justify their own criminality and the excuse to destroy people and their lives..All they want is LICENSE to kill and a blessing they will not be prosecuted...just like SOMALIA AND KENYA AND ETHIOPIA where the tribal warfare reigns...they dont even give a good goddamn if they kill their OWN KIDS just so long as they can wantonlay destroy rape and kill....just like the African Continent acts.

Anyone who still think Obama is NOT the antichrist cannot see he blatantly supports this coming at us, he revels in the destruction to come, he wants this to happen, and not even to achieve any particular aim except to see America and its people fractured and destrpyed and blood in the streets, no matter WHOS blood it is...

Sign me, Neal Jensen