Monday, August 17, 2015

As China Staggers, The World Trembles

Inside the palaces of Zhongnanhai, headquarters of the Communist Party, government and party officials seem to be hesitating. They obviously fear instability. But more importantly, interest groups that have long enjoyed the status quo are lurking in the systemic obscurity created by the single party. Now that China's economy is second only to the United States, the whole planet is counting on it to reform itself.
Reforming itself? Collectivists? Good luck with that.


Josh said...

In a totalitarian nation where the elite live in palaces and their 1.5 billion slaves are lucky to have a dirt floor to call their own, it's easy to believe they have about 1000 riots per week that need suppression via the military. ever hear about those in the news? No? I wonder why.

Now add to that already simmering pot the Chinese economy tanking, and I think we have the right mixture for revolution. I can't think of anything the chicom leadership fears more. If it gets scary enough for them they'll go to war to divert their slave's attentions. War would inflame the slaves against an external enemy of the masters choosing, and increase economic activity.'sPlanToConquer.htm

Chiu ChunLing said...

The thing that many international observers continually forget (or perhaps find inconvenient to admit) is that totalitarian regimes regard all aspects of their national 'prowess' as fodder for prestige which can be attributed to the regime to bolster legitimacy. And when one form of artificially inflated national 'excellence' proves impossible to sustain, alternatives will be sought.

China has been investing in military and asymmetric capabilities in preparation for the eventual failure of their pretense of a 'miracle economy'. The global impact of their market collapse and currency devaluations will be significant, but we overlook their clearly nominated replacement for the loss of national economic prestige at our peril.