Sunday, July 5, 2015

Why the need for an armed citizenry is not obsolete.

Constitutional Ignorance and Dereliction


Anonymous said...

My grandfather was Swedish but spent his adult years in France. He was a man who would help anyone. Pull over on the side of the road and help change a tire for someone. I never heard him say a bad thing about anyone. But he kept a old rifle in the closet and pulled it out every month and cleaned it and checked the action. I asked him one day if he was planning to go hunting sometime. He said the rifle is not for the type of hunting I was thinking about and said it was for insurance. Not deer hunting. He said he hoped he never had to use it but if need be it was there and ready. I never really understood what he was talking about until I was much older.

Anonymous said...

Looks as if the moderators over there at Front Page are eunuchs. I questioned their accusation that NRA and GOA are responsible for the failure of the American people to be educated about guns and gun rights, directing the blame instead to parents and teachers falling to educate their children and the comment was moderated and then deleted.

Buck Cassidy said...

Dear leader knows best. Our only duty is to glorify the state. Leave all decisions to the state. Resistance is futal. Show nothing but love and fidelity to dear leader. Dear leader knows best in all matters. Resistance is futal. Trust dear leader in all things. Resistance is futal. Glorying the state is every citizens duty. Trust dear leader in all things.

Buck Cassidy said...

Trust dear leader in all matters. His judgment is far superior to yours. Every citizens duty, above everything, is to glorify the state. Trust dear leader. He knows what's best for us. All glory to the state. The state is all. The state is one. Trust dear leader in all matters.

Anonymous said...

You have to understand that, at least where the NRA is concerned, it goes like this. The NRA is the tool of the left, it is their whipping boy victim, with the intent being gaining the FUDD sympathy card. Why why why, the gun controllers sure do hate the NRA, that must mean I support the NRA (cuz I am against the gun controllers). Collectivists biggest scare is folks calling out the NRA for exactly what it is - the biggest gun CONTROL group in the country. THink about it rationally, objectively. Every piece, literally EVERY PIECE of "legislation" it 'cooperates" on and "compromises" on is ITSELF - wait for it - GUN CONTROL!!!!

GOA? Well, not so much. Setting the two side by side as peers is more an effort to help the NRA gain legitimacy at a time when it loses credibility at every turn.

As for blaming parents, well, I agree with but only to a point. How does a Chicago parent do quality teaching when ownership was so infringed for so long? Where its a hundred mile round trip to go shooting - in the context of concrete jungle residency that sees folks go through life never owning a car?

The reason education about arms is lacking is quite straightforward. Simply put, the right to keep and the right to bear was INFRINGED, and for generations, and THAT led to those who would be called forth as the militia organized have been relegated to disorganized, untrained and, well, NOT WELL REGULATED. Indeed, the over century old "commerce" based gun control has done EXACTLY what the Second Amendment was stated it being there and adhered to would AVOID!

Infringement CAUSED the militia to be poorly regulated. Whodathunkit?
So then - it is UNDENIABLE. Those who infringe, INCLUDING those who "compromise" on infringement, are ABSOLUTELY responsible for the current state of preparedness. Is the NRA included there? YOU BETCHA. Sometimes TRUTH hurts....and this is one of those times.