Sunday, July 5, 2015

Let's just say they're being careful.

Is Texas’ Plan to Bring Home Its Stockpile of Gold Bars a Step Toward Secession?


Anonymous said...

The State of Texas is openly declaring lack of confidence in the Federal Government. Interesting.

What will also interest me is the counter-move by Obama and Co.


Anonymous said...

I'm with TX on this one. With the softness of all the world's currencies, the impending collapse of the world's economy, and the forthcoming "haircuts" in bank accounts (first Cypress, next Greece, then ??), it's good to have hard assets, close at hand.

Hard assets = gold, silver, food, guns, ammo, water, medical supplies, books, friends/family/militia/neighbors, commo (not cell phones). And a closed mouth. Not necessarily in that order.

A good philosophy to follow at all levels, from governments, to individuals and families.

B Woodman

Toastrider said...

Expect a reflexive, foolish, and embarrassing countermove from the current White House resident.

A -smart- player would simply refuse to react. Treat it as a nonissue, and watch the noise fade out. Unfortunately, the Resident is not smart, and cannot tolerate a challenge.

Anonymous said...

Texas is famous for bluffs. In any case, seccession might be a boon. All of youse might want to head for the newly independent RoT, and stand with them, before the Feds invade.
Of course you'll have to deal with Cruz and Perry's ambitions, and all those non-Texan companies, recently migrated to Texas, who don't really want to be separated from their markets.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike!

expatriate in place = secession

secession = fire the federal government

alberto alcala'


WarriorClass III said...

If every state seceded from the Union, and formed a more perfect union...