Friday, July 3, 2015

"These Disunited States."

Two countries.


PO'd American said...

The article stated: data from the University of Chicago’s General Social Survey to demonstrate that people moving from a liberal area to a conservative one and vice versa tend to have political attitudes that resemble those in their destination, not their old home.

I'm throwing up the bullshirt flag on this "so-called" study. The major cities in the south have been overrun by liberals from the north east and upper midwestern states. Just look at the voting records of the major southern cities.

Longbow said...

Nope. Two planets.

Anonymous said...

Just read "The Federalist Papers" and "Anti-Federalist" writings and you'll get the picture that this split has always been the case..And just look at what happened to the worst "Federalist" of them all - Hamilton..LOL

CB said...

Irreconcilable differences have created The Contiguous, but no longer united,
States of Amerika.

Anonymous said...

Politico comments are always a hoot and a holler. No better way to demonstrate the great divide than to see how they think when they can post in an echo chamber anonymously.

I am curious though. Once we determine that we really are two countries and new boundaries are drawn, does that mean we can invade hipsterland, take their expensive coffee machines and women, and reclaim the land as ours by conquest?